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2 daysUpdate to v2.13.3.Donald Webster
2023-10-26Update to v2.13.2.Donald Webster
2023-08-25Update to v2.13.1.Donald Webster
2023-08-04Switch WantedBy to multi-user.Donald Webster
2023-07-14Update to v2.12.5.Donald Webster
2023-05-23Update to v2.12.4.Donald Webster
2023-04-15Update to v2.12.3.Donald Webster
2023-03-18Update to v2.12.2.Donald Webster
2023-03-15Update to v2.12.1.Donald Webster
2023-03-14Update to v2.12.0.Donald Webster
2023-01-03Remove all depends included in release.Donald Webster
2023-01-03Remove extra s.Donald Webster
2023-01-03Add depends based on requirements.txt.Donald Webster
2022-12-22Update to v2.11.1.Donald Webster
2022-11-07Update to v2.10.5.Donald Webster
2022-09-05Update to v2.10.4.Donald Webster
2022-08-10Update to v2.10.3.Donald Webster
2022-07-06Update to v2.10.2.Donald Webster
2022-06-01Update to v2.10.1.Donald Webster
2022-05-23Update to v2.10.0.Donald Webster
2022-04-11Update to v2.9.7.Donald Webster
2022-04-11Update to v2.9.6.Donald Webster
2022-03-26Update to v2.9.5.Donald Webster
2022-02-12Update to v2.9.4.Donald Webster
2022-02-09Update to v2.9.3.Donald Webster
2022-02-08Update to v2.9.2.Donald Webster
2022-02-08Update to v2.9.1.Donald Webster
2022-02-03Add optdepends for pyopenssl and pycryptodomex.Donald Webster
2022-02-03Remove already included dep python-pytz.Donald Webster
2022-01-04Update to v2.8.1.Donald Webster
2021-12-15Update to v2.8.0.Donald Webster
2021-11-29Looks like python-setuptools is a runtime dep, not a make dep.Donald Webster
2021-10-15Update to v2.7.7.Donald Webster
2021-08-31Update to v2.7.6.Donald Webster
2021-07-15Update to v2.7.5.Donald Webster
2021-06-19Update to v2.7.4.Donald Webster
2021-05-23Update to v2.7.3.Donald Webster
2021-04-24Update to v2.7.2.Donald Webster
2021-04-22Update to v2.7.1.Donald Webster
2021-04-10Update to v2.7.0.Donald Webster
2021-03-17Update to v2.6.10.Donald Webster
2021-03-17Update to v2.6.9.Donald Webster
2021-03-08Update to v2.6.8.Donald Webster
2021-03-07Cleanup PKGBUILD.Donald Webster
2021-03-07Update to v2.6.7.Donald Webster
2021-02-06Update to v2.6.6.Donald Webster
2021-01-09Update to v2.6.5.Donald Webster
2020-12-20Update to v2.6.4.Donald Webster
2020-12-19Update to v2.6.3.Donald Webster
2020-12-06Update to v2.6.2.Donald Webster