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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
4 daystelegram-tg-git: bump pkgrelj.r
5 daystelegram-tg-git: fix for libtd 1.7.10j.r
2021-12-13telegram-tg-git: bump pkgrelj.r
python3 was updated, so rebuild is needed
2021-12-05telegram-tg-git: use latest python-telegramj.r
2021-05-31telegram-tg(-git): python-setuptools as run depj.r
Apparently python-setuptools is also needed during run time
2021-04-22telegram-tg(-git): bump to 0.11.0j.r
patches for python-telegram version are not needed anymore
2021-04-21telegram-tg(-git): add optdependsj.r
upstream added a few more optdepends, now we reflect them here
2021-04-19telegram-tg-git: remove patch for new libtd versionj.r
Upstream included it
2021-03-16telegram-tg-git: remove prefix from versionj.r
2021-02-22telegram-tg-git: fix compatibility with new libtdj.r
2020-12-29Bump telegram-tg-git to v0.7.0.r3.06f7c5b-3j.r
Adds patch to use be able to use newer python-telegram verions
2020-12-08Bump pkgrel to rebuild with new python versionj.r
2020-11-21upgpkg: telegram-tg-git v0.5.0.r7.7a9e312-1j.r
2020-07-23Remove dephell because there is nowj.r
2020-06-29Update to versioning with tagsj.r
2020-06-23Add optdepsj.r
2020-06-23Init packagej.r