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2018-11-07upgpkg: vtuner-client 2.1_gec05cde-5Tomasz Maciej Nowak
* simplify makefile * fix few build warnings
2018-09-06upgpkg: vtuner-client 2.1_gec05cde-4Tomasz Maciej Nowak
* align add-arm-targets.patch to x-tools provided by ArchLinuxArm * modify package descriptions * replace double quotes with single ones where possible * fix indentations in loading/unloading script * add usage options to config files for convenience
2017-02-02vtuner-client: depend on vtunerc-dkmsTomasz Maciej Nowak
2016-05-26add aarch64Tomasz Maciej Nowak
2016-01-10Initial commitTomasz Maciej Nowak