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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-16chore: use official wlroots and swayAlex
2019-02-11Revert "fix: remove unwanted depends"Alex
2019-02-10fix: remove unwanted dependsAlex
2018-12-17fix: add --tags to pkgverAlexis
2018-12-17feat: add sway-git and fontawesome to optdependsAlexis
2018-11-09chore: update patchAlexis
2018-10-26add libappindicatorAlexis
2018-10-25add dbusmenuAlexis
2018-10-25add dbusmenuAlexis
2018-10-25add dbusmenuAlexis
2018-09-03Release 128.28c65c64Thomas Plaçais
2018-08-22Remove waylandpp and wireless_tools depends, add git add makedependsThomas Plaçais
2018-08-11Add a way to force valid commit download by uncommenting alternative sourceThomas Plaçais
2018-08-11Add missing dependencies for waylandpp, wireless_tools, and libpulseThomas Plaçais
2018-08-10Fix to match modification introduced in waybar#...Thomas Plaçais
2018-08-09Initial commitThomas Plaçais