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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-21Polished man pages extension and added prefsdir= to the build instructionsvaldar
2020-01-20Updated some packaging stuff.valdar
2020-01-15Udated to 1.15.2valdar
2018-06-11Udated to version 1.13.13Andrea Tarocchi
2018-03-26Updated to version 1.13.12Andrea Tarocchi
2018-03-15Updated to 1.13.11 thanks to RoundCube.Andrea Tarocchi
2017-06-08updated to verion 1.13.8valdar
2017-01-19enanched PKBUILD with advices from shikivaldar
2017-01-19updated to verion 1.13.6valdar
2016-09-27Update to version 1.13.5 and dbus packagesvaldar
2016-05-31Patch added to make it compile with ggc 6.xvaldar
2016-03-11updated to version 1.13.4valdar
2016-01-07changed boost dependency versionvaldar
2015-12-28Updated to version 1.13.2valdar
2015-08-24updated to 1.13.1valdar
2015-07-03Initial commit migration to aur4valdar