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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-06-12update pkgrelErik Kurzinger
2020-06-12replace pipewire dependency with libpipewire02Erik Kurzinger
2020-01-29Update to Weston 8.0.0Erik Kurzinger
2019-09-27Add patches to fix display hotpluggingMiguel A. Vico
2019-08-26Update to weston 7.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2019-06-24Update to weston 6.0.1Miguel A. Vico
2019-06-21Include recent fixesMiguel A. Vico
2019-03-27Update to weston 6.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2019-03-26Fix build failure due to pango pkgconfig not listing gobject-2.0 libsMiguel A. Vico
2019-01-16Include recent fixesMiguel A. Vico
2019-01-04Use wayland-eglstream-protocols from egl-waylandMiguel A. Vico
2018-12-18Use autoreconf to regenerate configure scriptMiguel A. Vico
2018-08-24Update to weston 5.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2018-06-25Make depend on egl-wayland instead of egl-wayland-gitMiguel A. Vico
2018-04-11Update to weston 4.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2017-09-29Bump pkgrel version numberMiguel A. Vico
2017-09-29Add egl-wayland-git as dependencyMiguel A. Vico
2017-08-09Update to weston 3.0.0Miguel A. Vico
2017-07-07Process stream attach requests with wl_eglstream_controllerMiguel A. Vico
2017-04-11Remove no longer needed --enable-libinput-backend configure optionMiguel A. Vico
2017-04-11Actually apply the modeset fix patch (sorry)Miguel A. Vico
2017-04-11Add modeset fix when vt-switchingMiguel A. Vico
2017-02-27Update to weston 2.0.0Miguel A. Vico
Some of the patches are no longer required as they were merged upstream. The rest were rebased on top of weston 2.0.0 and conflicts resolved. Signed-off-by: Miguel A. Vico <>
2016-12-12Update to Weston 1.12.0 with patches from ↵Aaron Plattner
git:// nvidia_head_rebase_1.12
2016-09-21Update to Weston 1.12.0Aaron Plattner
2016-06-06Update to Weston 1.11.0Aaron Plattner
Fetched patches from the nvidia_r364 branch of git:// and then rebased on top of the 1.11.0 tag. Signed-off-by: Aaron Plattner <>
2016-03-23Apply Miguel's patches to add support for EGLStreamsAaron Plattner
See Use weston-launch -- --use-egldevice to start. Signed-off-by: Aaron Plattner <>
2016-03-23Initial import of weston-1.10.0-1Aaron Plattner