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2017-01-21Some PKGBUILD clean-upKevin Brodsky
* Remove unnecessary dependencies (the qt5 packages already depend on all the needed libraries). * Add xnviewmp.desktop as a source. * Remove xnviewmp.install which was not used anyway.
2017-01-21updpkg: 0.84-3Kevin Brodsky
The second release of 0.84 doesn't have libcu 54 at all... Thanks fuan_k for reporting this!
2017-01-20updpkg: 0.84-2Kevin Brodsky
New upstream release. It fixes the libicu issue (and now provides both 54 and 56, just in case...). Some people complained about font issues when using the system Qt libs, so let's revert to using the bundled ones, now that they work again.
2017-01-17updpkg: 0.84 + remove bundled libsKevin Brodsky
The bundled libs are broken in 0.84, some Qt 5 libraries are 5.6.1 and others 5.6.2, the former depending on icu 54 and the latter on icu 56, which is not even provided. Since it actually works with the system libs, let's remove all that mess. It may break at some point, but at least for now it's the easiest option (and it's also much better to use the system libs). Also added some cleanup (we use our own desktop file).
2016-10-09updpkg: 0.83Kevin Brodsky
Adopted the package and bumped to 0.83.
2016-07-19bump to 0.81Martin Poljak
2016-04-01bump to 0.79Martin Poljak
2016-03-29package version bumpMartin Poljak
2016-03-29fixed according to suggestionMartin Poljak
2016-02-23updated to 0.78Evan Penner
2015-11-02Updated checksumsEvan Penner
2015-10-28update to 0.76.1Evan Penner
2015-10-28Updated PKGBUILDBlack Forest
2015-10-28fixed installEvan Penner
2015-10-28updated sourcesEvan Penner
2015-10-28Updated dependenciesEvan Penner
2015-10-28updated to latest upstreamEvan Penner
2015-09-23Release 0.72-3: Readd 64-bit support, could be annoying with multiarchChris Down
2015-09-23Release 0.72-2: Update md5sum (changed upstream)Chris Down
Also removed 64-bit version since there seems little point.
2015-08-07Release 0.72-1Chris Down