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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-23Update dependenciesOleg Shparber
2017-09-23Fix indentationOleg Shparber
2017-02-19Replace PKGBUILD to use CMakeOleg Shparber
2016-10-10Use qmake-qt5 instead of qtchooserOleg Shparber
2016-10-02Another attempt to have meaningful stacktraceOleg Shparber
2016-10-01Enable debug infomationOleg Shparber
2016-09-23zeal-git: Remove unused Qt WebKit flagOleg Shparber
2016-05-04Remove zeal-git.install in favour of update-desktop-database hookOleg Shparber
2016-04-16zeal-git: Conflict with 'zeal' packageOleg Shparber
2016-04-16zeal-git: Use Qt WebKitOleg Shparber
2015-11-28zeal-git: Run xdg-icon-resource after installationOleg Shparber
2015-11-28zeal-git: Force Qt 5Oleg Shparber
2015-08-18zeal-git: Add xcb-util-keysyms dependency and HTTPS sourceOleg Shparber
2015-05-13zeal-git: Remove old commentsOleg Shparber
2015-05-11zeal-git: Add qt5-x11extras to dependenciesOleg Shparber
2015-04-21zeal-git: Update pkgver() to use git tagsOleg Shparber
2015-04-06zeal-git: Add qt5-imageformats dependency for TIFF supportOleg Shparber
2015-03-30Add missing URL comment to multiple packagesOleg Shparber
2015-01-22zeal-git: Add libarchive to dependenciesOleg Shparber
2015-01-12zeal-git: Fix build with recent upstream changesOleg Shparber
2015-01-11zeal-git: Update repository addressOleg Shparber
2015-01-05zeal-git: Fix PKGBUILD parsing problemOleg Shparber
2014-11-18zeal-git: Update to work without libappindicator, clean PKGBUILDOleg Shparber
2014-11-18zeal-git: Add original PKGBUILDOleg Shparber