path: root/aegir.install
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-05Moved aegir home to /var folder as its variable data.James An
2015-11-11Added post-install/upgrade statements to force a system-wide shared drush con...James An
2015-11-11Changed install file to create aegir user on both package install and upgrade.James An
2015-11-11Fix pre/post_upgrade() functions in install file to return true regardless ou...James An
2015-08-08Changed the aegir root to be inside the /usr/share/webapps folder, changed th...James An
2015-08-05Refactored package to work better out-of-the-box.James An
2015-08-04Fixed installation bugs.James An
2015-08-04Moved all systemd unit changes to their own aegir service units, set aegir us...James An
2015-06-30Added support for ruby-mailcatcher as the smtp-forwarder for the aegir packag...James An
2015-06-30Changed aegir package to further automate basic configuration of such a web s...James An
2015-06-30Added to aegir post-install check for outgoing mail functionality and post-up...James An
2015-06-30Changed aegir config files and rewrote the install file with consistent instr...James An
2015-06-30Added new aegir AUR package for Aegir Systemd target.James An
2015-06-30Added incomplete draft of Aegir package.James An