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2016-04-25Adding cfengine3.service systemctl fileVanush "Misha" Paturyan
Masterfiles included in this package are attempting to restart cfengine3.service on a bootstrap. This patch introduces cfengine3.service file that depends on existing cf-execd, cf-monitord and cf-serverd services
2016-02-20version 3.7.2 and a new maintainerVanush Misha Paturyan
- version 3.7.2 is upstream's LTS version - depends on lmdb instead of qdbm/tokyocabinet - depends on pam - installs stock policy into /usr/share/doc/cfengine/CoreBase - on install copies stock policy into /var/cfengine/masterfiles
2014-04-07cfengine: using /var/cfengine instead of /var/lib/cfengineVanush Misha Paturyan
creating symlins in /var/cfengine/bin auto-detecting optional dependencies during build adding 'acl' to list of optional dependencies
2013-11-14cfengine: lots of changes and 3.5.2Kuba Serafinowski