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2018-09-12* MOD: inconsolata to inconsolata-gUwe Hermann
2017-10-09* MOD: update inconsolata to inconsolata-gUwe Hermann
2017-05-24* MOD: slock to i3lock, tags now 4-bitwiseUwe Hermann
2017-05-15MOD: * change standard terminal to termite, cleanup of config.def.h filesuleenucks
2017-02-24put xfreerdp on tag 3uleenucks
2017-02-14pidgin instead of gajim at workuleenucks
2017-02-01changes to the config files to respect upstreams changes,uleenucks
2016-11-11Using Inconsolata as my main font now, replaced proggyoptis and erusfontuleenucks
2016-09-26abiword and gnumeric on tag 4uleenucks
2016-09-17google-chrome-beta now called Google-chrome-betauleenucks
2016-08-12cleanup, updates to configurationuleenucks