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2021-08-06Upgrade to version 21.08.02Behnam Momeni
Build tool is changed from grunt to gulp. The sozi-tools_texts2paths sub-package is also renamed to the sozi-extras_texts2paths in order to match with its upstream name.
2021-04-01Upgrade to version 21.02Behnam Momeni
2020-05-28Upgrade to version 20.05Behnam Momeni
2019-04-26Updating to 19.04Behnam Momeni
2018-02-10Updating to upstream version 18.01Behnam Momeni
2017-07-28Updating to upstream version 17.06Behnam Momeni
2017-04-24Updating to upstream version 17.02Behnam Momeni
Supporting npm dependency loops. Adding a gnome desktop entry file.