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2017-09-13stop supporting i686yar
2017-07-10transparent_hugepage = madviseyar
2017-07-02config 4.12yar
2017-05-01config 4.11yar
this is absolutely necessary for linode's KVM and i totally screwed up not adding it before
on vanilla arch linode, /etc/mkinitcpio.conf has HOOKS="keyboard" and wants 'usbhid' module the initramfs hook gives errors without that module even after setting y, it still errored. so let's try setting it to 'm'
2017-02-20config 4.10yar
2016-12-11config 4.9yar
2016-11-20enable USB_HIDyar
otherwise a new linode will give you errors like ==> ERROR: module not found: `usbhid' ==> WARNING: errors were encountered during the build. The image may not be complete. error: command failed to execute correctly
2016-11-20configs for full KVM virtualization (not just para-)yar
per again: CONFIG_E1000=y CONFIG_ATA_PIIX=y
2016-11-20prepare configs for KVMyar
2016-10-08config 4.8.1yar
2016-07-29config 4.7yar
2016-06-28config 4.6.3yar
2016-03-18config 4.5yar
2016-01-10config 4.4yar
2015-12-11enable bpf()yar
as per upstream
2015-11-10config 4.3yar
2015-10-25multicast routingyar
2015-08-30config 4.2yar
2015-07-03config 4.1yar
2015-07-03kmem, swap accountingyar
swap accounting is still disabled by default, but now possible kmem stuff was just enabled by vanilla arch: it's not clear why these were bundled together, actually. maybe they made a mistake.
2015-07-03config 4.0yar
2015-07-03config 3.19 for x86_64yar
2015-07-03config 3.18yar
2015-07-03config 3.17yar
2015-07-03protect module memoryyar
CONFIG_DEBUG_SET_MODULE_RONX RO/NX protection for kernel modules
2015-07-03relocatable and randomizableyar
it seems that RELOCATABLE has been off since the very beginning, not sure why to randomize, it would still need kaslr passed on the kernel line (will test) randomize also needs dmesg_restrict & kptr_restrict, and even with that won't be safe for a long time...
2015-07-03config 3.16yar
2015-07-03prevent mmap below 64Kyar
2015-07-03re-enable IA32 emulationyar
this lets me cross-compile with makechrootpkg - i need this! there was no good reason to disable this. the arch bug was about the X32 ABI, not 32-bit emulation in general.
2015-07-03enable DM_THIN_PROVISIONINGyar
'needed for docker devicemapper graphdriver', says m0ikz
2015-07-03disable MEMCG_KMEMyar
'strongly discouraged by upstream'
2015-07-03config 3.15yar
2015-07-03-fstack-protector-strong (really this time)yar
2015-07-03Revert "-fstack-protector-strong" - required gcc still in [testing]yar
This reverts commit b5dc004de7a9785bbea257f96932faa5c8c90fbd.
2015-07-03enable yamayar
2015-07-03Disabled x32yar
"we are not providing any x32 userspace and there is no point for Arch in doing so"
2015-07-03allow 20 CPUs (on 64-bit)yar
2015-07-03config 3.14yar
2015-07-03re-enable X32 ABIyar
2015-07-03forgot to uncomment patch line - clean up that messyar
2015-07-03fix CVE-2014-0038 by disabling X32 emulationyar
2015-07-03config 3.13yar
2015-07-03make lxc-checkconfig happyyar
2015-07-03enable ethernet bridging, to allow docker containersyar
2015-07-03bump 3.12.1yardenac
2015-07-03bump 3.11.3yardenac