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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-03-22Version bumpTony Lambiris
2018-02-16Version bump/sync with core repoTony Lambiris
2017-12-26Version bump, sync with upstreamTony Lambiris
2017-12-08Sync with upstream, version bumpTony Lambiris
2017-11-23Sync to linux 4.14Tony Lambiris
2017-03-24Version bump for linux-macbookTony Lambiris
2017-02-10Version bump to 4.9.9Tony Lambiris
2016-11-03Version bumpTony Lambiris
2016-10-09Kernel version bumpTony Lambiris
2016-09-13Package bump to 4.7.3Tony Lambiris
2016-08-26Set CONFIG_USER_NS=y to kernel configsTony Lambiris
2016-08-19Bump version to 4.7.1Tony Lambiris
2016-08-12Bump to linux 4.7Tony Lambiris
2016-07-05Renaming linux-macbook-pro to linux-macbookTony Lambiris
2015-09-29Initial commitJustin Dray