path: root/courier-mta.install
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-12-13Added handling for some files that were overwritten during upgradesNeil Romig
2017-12-07Move to version 0.78.2Neil Romig
2017-10-06Move to version 0.78.1Neil Romig
2017-08-19Upgrade to courier-mta-0.78.0Neil Romig
2017-08-14Tidied up variable names and quotes in PKGBUILD, minor change to .installNeil Romig
2017-08-14corrected typoNeil Romig
2017-08-13Tidy PKGBUILD and install script, introduce use of sysconftool, add ↵Neil Romig
mkdhparams, stop using pacman for backup, revert to openssl (matching courier-authlib), other minor tweaks
2015-07-13Update and migrate to AUR4Bernd Prünster