path: root/dict-freedict-eng-fra.install
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-04-29Adapt to changes in aur-fd-scriptsEinhard Leichtfuß
Package mostly unchanged.
2018-03-31Use sources instead of binariesEinhard Leichtfuß
Binary packages are now to be found as dict-freedict-*-bin. Also, update to version 0.1.6. Furthermore, replace `cp' by `install' and thereby remove the need for explicitly creating the directory to copy the docs in, which might have been pointless in the case of no such file to be copied existing.
2015-08-23Added restart of dictd after removal in install filerespiranto
2015-08-10Improved the .install file and made dictd optionalrespiranto
- automated dictd configuration - notification if dictd is not installed - (re-)start dictd upon first install - restart dictd after each upgrade if it was running
2015-08-08Initial importrespiranto