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2018-10-29Tweak dkms.confMichael Lass
* use all available CPU cores for compilation * do not append KERNELRELEASE to make (see man 8 dkms) * unify use of quotation marks
2018-06-21Do not attempt to load MAKEFLAGS from makepkg.confMichael Lass
The current version of dkms.conf causes issues with pacman's dkms hook if MAKEFLAGS are not set in makepkg.conf. While it would be possible to work around this issue, hijacking makepkg.conf like this is probably not a good idea anyway. If people want to use certain flags for all build processes, they can globally export MAKEFLAGS in their environment. Thanks to seally1186 for tracking down this issue!
2017-09-12Fix build with Linux 4.13Michael Lass
Also remove GCC workaround as the underlying bug was fixed.
2017-06-01Add fix for gcc bugMichael Lass
The following error flaws the check for gid in the group_info struct. For now we just set the corresponding define manually. /var/lib/dkms/openafs/ internal compiler error: Segmentation fault struct group_info _test; printk("%x\n", &_test.gid); ^~~~~~~~~~
2015-06-08Initial commitMichael Lass