path: root/i915-vga-arbiter.patch
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-29Update to 5.19.12.arch1-1Mark King
2022-03-29Update to 5.17.1.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2021-09-11Update to 5.14.2.arch1-2Kenneth Kasilag
2021-01-29diff remake (regitified)Mark Weiman
2020-12-30basic 5.10.x changes at 5.10.2-testKatelyn Schiesser
2020-10-18Update to 5.9.1.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-08-15Update to 5.8.1.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-06-13Update to 5.7.2.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-04-06Update to 5.6.2-arch1! :tada:Katelyn Schiesser
2020-02-26Update to 5.5.6.arch1Katelyn Schiesser
2020-02-16Update to 5.5.3.arch1-1: i915 patch rewrite for new intel_vga, acs patch reba...Katelyn Schiesser
2019-10-08Update to 5.3.5-arch1-1Mark Weiman
2018-12-12Update to 4.19.8.arch1-1Mark Weiman
2018-06-24Update to 4.17.2-1Mark Weiman
2018-04-20Update to 4.16.3-1Mark Weiman
2018-02-07Update to 4.15.1-1Mark Weiman
2017-12-13Update to 4.14.5-1Mark Weiman
2017-09-29Update to 4.13.3-1Mark Weiman
2017-07-29Update to 4.12.3-1Mark Weiman
2017-06-22Update to 4.11.6-1Mark Weiman
2017-03-10Update to 4.10.1-1Mark Weiman
2017-02-10Update to 4.9.8-1Mark Weiman