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2017-05-31Refactor to include bundled Oracle JRE in package buildBen Alex
I've tried to avoid this as long as practical, but the recent option of JavaFX by TWS leaves little choice. This commit bundles the IB-provided Oracle JRE into the ib-tws package. It is kept in a private directory specifically for TWS use. Both IB Gateway and TWS now use the bundled Oracle JRE. The IB Controller sister package has also been updated to reflect this change.
2017-05-31Minimal changes to use Oracle JREBen Alex
This fixes the reported bug where launch halts at the "Processing startup parameters" stage. It now appears Oracle JRE is required. Some testing was performed with the java-openjfx package, which allowed launch but no interaction with the resulting application window was available. It is noted the ib-gw script to load IB Gateway appears to work without needing the Oracle JRE, but separating the packages is of limited value given the relatively limited number of expected deployments and the already high maintenance cost of this package.
2015-06-10Initial importBen Alex