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2019-07-10Rename -> to ensure it is run LAST. New option: rice (...Que Quotion
2019-07-10United Maintenance Plan: restructure all libmakepkg scripts (replace tabs wit...Que Quotion
2019-07-09After doing no less than a million unit tests, confirmations, and building a ...Que Quotion
2019-07-05Account for clang in lto flags; reduce gcc lto compile time with -fno-fat-lto...Que Quotion
2019-03-08fix typo in which caused flags not to be setQue Quotion
2018-11-06Updated for pacman with extendible buildenvQue Quotion
2018-08-30Migrate makepkg-optimize2 into makepkg-optimize; this is the best way to deal...Que Quotion