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2017-04-08fix menu.lstyar
we changed the kernel image filename before and we still want old Xen hosts to work (although i migrated mine and can't test anymore)
2017-04-03bring back legacy menu.lst for nowyar
2017-04-01remove legacy grubyar
2015-12-09remove journal=updateyar
ext3 code has been removed, so everything uses the ext4 code, which doesn't support this option
2015-07-03kmem, swap accountingyar
swap accounting is still disabled by default, but now possible kmem stuff was just enabled by vanilla arch: it's not clear why these were bundled together, actually. maybe they made a mistake.
enable kernel address space layout randomization but only in the primary boot option - not in the rescue or backup boot options
2015-07-03don't use a fallback imageyardenac
there's hardly any modules anyway, and linode's kernel is always available
2015-07-03boot from vanilla Arch kernel if availableyardenac
2015-07-03mount ro & rescue lineyardenac
2015-07-03Fix read-only booting problemstwomyn
ro in menu.lst was just a stupid goof barriers were a more subtle problem - best to do everything explicitly here barrier=0 means turn them OFF, which means MORE FAILSAFE filesystem these journaling settings may prove to be bad, but we will try them.
2015-07-03console kern parameter fixes bootlogdRubba Reduppa
2015-07-03config tty printkRubba Reduppa
2015-07-03before doing make/nconfig stuffRubba Reduppa
Rebased to include from descendent commit to make AUR4 happy: linux-linode.install linux-linode.preset