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2021-04-27Updated to 29.2.0WorMzy Tykashi
2020-09-22Updates to mozconfigWorMzy Tykashi
2020-06-07Update mozconfigWorMzy Tykashi
2020-05-24Use gcc8 for nowWorMzy Tykashi
2019-07-25Update to 28.6.1, gcc9WorMzy Tykashi
2019-07-03Update to 28.6.0WorMzy Tykashi
2018-08-17Use gcc 8 instead of 5WorMzy Tykashi
2018-08-16Updated to 28.0.0WorMzy Tykashi
2017-08-23Remove build job limit and add glibc 2.26 fixWorMzy Tykashi
2017-03-18Updated to 27.2.0WorMzy Tykashi
2017-02-01re-enabled gstreamer in mozconfig (will be removed in 27.2)WorMzy Tykashi
2017-01-31Modified mozconfig as per upstream recommendationsWorMzy Tykashi
2016-11-22Updated to 27.0.0WorMzy Tykashi
2016-08-23Updated to Tykashi
2016-08-06Upstream mozconfig recommendationsWorMzy Tykashi
2016-07-28Disabled system nss, removed redundant optionsWorMzy Tykashi
2016-07-28Disabled safe-browisngWorMzy Tykashi
2016-05-10Updatetd to 26.2.2WorMzy Tykashi
2016-04-08Updated to 26.2.1WorMzy Tykashi
2016-04-05Update mozconfigWorMzy Tykashi
2016-01-31Updated for 26.0.1WorMzy Tykashi
2015-06-10Copied from non-gitWorMzy Tykashi