path: root/opennebula.service
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-11-10small fixesSledge Sulaweyo
2017-09-20Update to upstream 5.4.1sulaweyo
2017-09-07service changes to ensure service restarts on every exit code and as well ↵sulaweyo
restarts dependant services
2017-09-01Cleanup stale lock file in opennebula.serviceGeorg Brunmayr
Fix wrong service call in opennebula-oneflow.service
2017-08-24Service units are now a lot closer to upstreamsulaweyo
Logrotate and tmpfiles taken over from upstream
2017-08-13Upgrade to upstream version 5.4.0, dropped prebuilt gem packages - install ↵sulaweyo
command provided to pull gems
2016-09-12remove execs from services that are already done in prerequisite, remove ↵Sledge Sulaweyo
mysql service unit, add onegate service unit
2016-09-09Fix unit references in .service filesJeremy Audet
This prevents errors like the following from being logged when e.g. `systemctl daemon-reload` is executed: Sep 09 16:30:33 beech systemd[1]: [/usr/lib/systemd/system/opennebula-mysqld.service:5] Failed to add dependency on opennebula, ignoring: Invalid argument Sep 09 16:30:33 beech systemd[1]: [/usr/lib/systemd/system/opennebula.service:4] Failed to add dependency on opennebula-mysqld, ignoring: Invalid argument
2016-09-03Add addition unit for requiring mysqlRafael Reggiani Manzo
This allows the default unit to not require MySQL and thus keep it minimal. On the other hand, the second one enables easier management for installations with MySQL.
2016-07-25* add oneflow and econe servicesGeorg Brunmayr
* add dependency to opennebula to sunstone service * add dependency to mysqld to opennebula
2016-05-25Improve systemd service filesRafael Reggiani Manzo
Now they take care of creating run and lock dirs as well as only getting up after other basic required network services. Thanks to sulaweyo at AUR comments.
2016-02-17Fix systemd service fileRafael Reggiani Manzo
2016-02-17Fix systemd service fileRafael Reggiani Manzo
It was trying to perform a su which froze requiring password.
2016-02-17Import original PACKAGE from AUR3Rafael Reggiani Manzo
This is a good starting point.