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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-11-04updpkg: ubports-installer-git 0.6.0_beta.r0.g4712efb-1ml
2020-08-22updpkg: ubports-installer-git 0.4.18_beta.r4.g40b1a03-1ml
2020-03-03upgpkg: ubports-installer-gitMatthias Lisin
2019-10-30upgpkg: ubports-installer-git 3e68c62aMatthias Lisin
- Update disable-update-check.patch - Force use of system android-tools
2019-10-12Replace obsolete patches.Matthias Lisin
2019-08-11upgpkg: ubports-installer-git 0.2.5 bumpMatthias Lisin
Resort to electron4 since electron (6) doesn't work.
2019-03-23updpkg: ubports-installer-git 0.2.1_beta.r0.*Matthias Lisin
Adjusting patches. Sadly we are forced to download the electron :( I'm sorry, this is JS.
2019-03-02upgpkg: ubports-installer-git 2Matthias Lisin
- Add android-udev to depends. - Update electron2 dependency to electron. (3) - Add jq to makedepends. - Use jq to patch json file (system electron dir and version). - Expand tabs to spaces. Lel. - Install desktop file. - Uninstall useless npm packages. - Remove electron-sudo and make app rootless.
2019-02-28initial: ubports-installer-gitMatthias Lisin