path: root/unifi-video.service
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-02-18Revert "Run unifi-video as unifi-video user and group."Donald Webster
This reverts commit d34bb97adc03a96efe7869b86526970ffbf425e2.
2017-02-18Run unifi-video as unifi-video user and group.Donald Webster
2016-07-22Update to 3.3.0Donald Webster
Removed ulimit from start script. Removed --verbose from service file. Changed systemd Type to simple, added --no-detach.
2016-04-18Add more restart logic to systmd service file.Donald Webster
2016-04-18Switch service type to forking, remove --nodetach from start/stop.Donald Webster
2016-04-18Initial commit, moving package to 'unifi-video' instead of 'unifi-video-bin'.Donald Webster