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2020-07-06pgo must add -lgcov to ldflags when rebuilding against profile dataQue Quotion
2019-11-01In theory, some systems may not have nproc; getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN is alle...Que Quotion
2019-11-01Add multiprocessing to upx/png/svg and fix upx case statement.bartus
2019-07-10United Maintenance Plan: restructure all libmakepkg scripts (replace tabs wit...Que Quotion
2019-02-14remove testing cruftQue Quotion
2019-02-14Warn about skipping binaries with filetypes that may not support UPX compress...Que Quotion
2018-11-06Updated for pacman with extendible buildenvQue Quotion
2016-03-23A hint of things to come: makepkg-optimize2 is ready and waitingQue Quotion