path: root/zfs.install
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-03-12Removed "zfs.install"Iacopo Isimbaldi
Useless with new version of dkms
2016-01-15Updated zfs.installIacopo Isimbaldi
Now invoke mkinitcpio if "zfs" hook is present in mkinitcpio.conf file
2016-01-11Updated zfs.install and hookIacopo Isimbaldi
Dropped "mkinitcpio-dkms" dep, replaced by zfs hook
2015-12-29Updated to pkgver Isimbaldi
2015-10-04Bump to version Isimbaldi
2015-08-08Dropped "-git" suffixIacopo Isimbaldi
2015-07-08AUR4 Initial CommitIacopo Isimbaldi