path: root/zoneminder.install
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-05-17v=1.32.3, r=2Alexandros Michalopoulos
2018-12-09v=1.32.3,r=1Alexandros Michalopoulos
2018-10-16v=1.32.2,r=3 - Added spawn-fcgi & multiwatch to the mix so ZoneMinder can ↵Alexandros Michalopoulos
utilize more than 1 simultaneous CGI threads when running on Nginx
2018-10-15v=1.32.2,r=2Alexandros Michalopoulos
2018-10-15v=1.32.2,r=1Alexandros Michalopoulos
2018-10-06v=1.32.1,r=3 - ZoneMinder can now be run without MariaDB (for use in remote ↵Alexandros Michalopoulos
database scenarios), Apache added as first-class citizen (preferred over Nginx if both are installed)
2018-10-03v=1.32.1,r=2Alexandros Michalopoulos
2018-10-02v=1.32.1,r=1Alexandros Michalopoulos
2016-01-10httpd-zoneminder.conf: PHP7Troy Will
zoneminder.install: PHP7
2015-08-07Change PID location to /run/zoneminder/zm.pidTroy Will
2015-08-06PKGBUILD: fix PID directory permissionTroy Will
2015-07-27Add an Apache httpd.conf configured for mod-php and cgi and zoneminder to ↵Troy Will
/usr/share/doc/zoneminder/httpd.conf.zoneminder pkgrel=2
2015-07-26Initial importTroy Will