Package Details: catalyst-total-hd234k 13.1-38

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Package Base: catalyst-total-hd234k
Description: AMD/ATI legacy drivers. catalyst-dkms+ catalyst-utils + lib32-catalyst-utils
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Licenses: custom
Conflicts: catalyst, catalyst-daemon, catalyst-dkms, catalyst-generator, catalyst-test, catalyst-utils, libcl, libgl, nvidia, nvidia-utils, xf86-video-ati, xf86-video-radeonhd
Provides: catalyst=13.1, catalyst-dkms=13.1, catalyst-libgl=13.1, catalyst-utils=13.1, dri, libatical=13.1, libcl, libgl, libtxc_dxtn, opencl-catalyst=13.1
Submitter: Vi0L0
Maintainer: Vi0L0
Last Packager: Vi0L0
Votes: 33
Popularity: 0.001575
First Submitted: 2012-06-12 16:59
Last Updated: 2016-10-19 19:52

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Sources (33)

  • 3.5-do_mmap.patch
  • 4.2-fglrx-has_fpu.patch
  • 4.2-kolasa-fpu_save_init.patch
  • 4.2-ubuntu_buildfix_kernel_4.2-modified.patch
  • 4.3-gentoo-mtrr.patch
  • 4.3-kolasa-seq_printf.patch
  • 4.4-arch-block_signals.patch
  • 4.6-arch-get_user_pages-page_cache_release.patch
  • 4.7-cpu_has_pge-hd234k.patch
  • arch-fglrx-3.7.patch
  • arch-fglrx-acpi_handle.patch
  • arch-fglrx-authatieventsd_new.patch
  • atieventsd.service
  • catalyst.conf
  • cold-fglrx-3.14-current_euid.patch
  • dkms.conf
  • fglrx_gpl_symbol.patch
  • foutrelis_3.10_fix_for_legacy.patch
  • gcc5-something_something_the_dark_side.patch
  • gentoo_linux-3.10-proc.diff
  • kolasa-3.19-get_cpu_var.patch
  • lano1106_fglrx_intel_iommu.patch
  • lano1106_kcl_agp_13_4.patch
  • makefile_compat.patch
  • makesh-dont-check-gcc-version.patch
  • makesh-src_file.patch
  • ubuntu_buildfix_kernel_4.0.patch
  • ubuntu_buildfix_kernel_4.1.patch

Latest Comments

ElNinijo commented on 2016-12-02 16:04

Hi Vi0L0

I have the same problem like @Moggele
When I install kernel from 4.8.x line my Xserver freeze but when i back to 4.7.x everything is perfect

Vi0L0 commented on 2016-11-24 16:52

was it working on previous kernel of 4.8 line?

Moggele commented on 2016-11-23 12:34

I have an [AMD/ATI] R700 [Radeon HD 4850 X2] have installed the new kernel 4.8.10 fglrx Compiles but if i try to run XServer the whole system freez. I get no errors in Xorg or by loading the Kernel Module i switched back to the LTS kernel evering worked fine

Megameneer commented on 2016-09-07 13:56

I am using an ATI Radeon 4650. I used the technique described in the Arch wiki: running this script:
for x in $(objdump -d $DRIVER|awk '/call/&&/EnableLogo/{print "\\x"$2"\\x"$3"\\x"$4"\\x"$5"\\x"$6}'); do
sed -i "s/$x/\x90\x90\x90\x90\x90/g" $DRIVER

I haven't tried to use a different control file. I could do that if I find the time for it: the control files older than 13.1 are quite hard to find.
I also have to say that aticonfig --initial didn't work for me. But the driver works fine without running it, except for the Unsupported hardware logo of course.

Vi0L0 commented on 2016-08-29 06:17

What's your graphics card? About copying control file - from which catalyst release are you taking it?

Megameneer commented on 2016-08-28 19:20

Please keep updating this package! I need it for gaming, and I can assist you in testing. It works fine, save for a few things. SuperTuxKart does not start and I can't get rid of the AMD Unsupported hardware logo. When I try to fix it using the common fix around the Internet that you should replace the content of a certain file with some other binary looking code, I can't get X to run anymore, it gives error messages upon startup. Reinstalling Catalyst works again.

Vi0L0 commented on 2016-08-17 17:40

I added 4.7 kernel patch

Don't have supported hw, can only tell that it's compiling well

Can someone confirm if its working fine? - This is my showstopper from updating oldie hd234k repo... Pretty please

Vi0L0 commented on 2016-08-02 11:41

Ah yes, the "custom kernel" section of the wiki... is kinda old and geeky I would say. Leave it.

Just install this (catalyst-total-hd234k) package and dependencies (like dkms) and it will do the job. As I mentioned earlier DKMS will try to compile fglrx module, whenever it's needed

As for catalyst-utils - it is a component of this package, as noted in description and "Provides" table. But in fact wiki is wrong about it, catalyst-utils is not needed to compile the kernel module. Without catalyst-utils catalyst won't work at all, but you can compile module without it. You just need something like catalyst-dkms (it's also part of this package) which provides sources, lib and instructions to perform compilation.

Megameneer commented on 2016-08-02 10:26

The page on the AUR wiki mentions that I need catalyst-utils to compile catalyst on a custom kernel, and that catalyst-utils is not supported by the 234k branch. What do I need to do to compile it on the 234k branch?

Vi0L0 commented on 2016-08-01 17:03

What is the reason of changing deps? Do you want to remove linux? Sure you can, but keep in mind that there's always some probability that linux-zen will fail in some way, and by keeping standard linux you will leave yourself an easier way to access/fix your system then.

Just install linux-zen, check if fglrx module compiles on it, add zen to bootloader, reboot to zen and run some GL app/game :) - imho this is the easiest way of testing zen+fglrx combo

BTW just in case: you may have as many kernels as you want, ARCH won't add kernel automatically to the bootloader (at least my doesnt do that)), DKMS will try to build fglrx module for every present kernel, don't forget to install kernel headers

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