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Description: Adobe Acrobat Reader is a PDF file viewer
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Maintainer: Geballin
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First Submitted: 2008-05-15 19:18
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tuckerboniface commented on 2018-08-26 18:48

I applied @olvie's patch to bundle the old harfbuzz and glib libs, acroread should work now.

fordprefect commented on 2016-05-17 19:35

There are reports about this software dying after 15s again.
known workarounds:
• use another pdf-reader whereever possible
• use acroread windows version in wine (HowTo:
• remove /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/plug_ins/EFS.api (this might have unknown consequences regarding your data and software functionality, especially related to internet connectivity)
• comment out the ipv6 line (::1) in /etc/hosts (this might impair your ipv6 connectivity and functionality of locally communicating programs)

This package *is not* out-of-date, it serves outdated software.

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szmaszmo commented on 2020-03-21 21:10

The problem from @dwatzke with loading glyphs still exists, I am getting the same backtrace. Tried to install acroread-fonts and acroread-fonts-systemwide, but no luck. Any ideas?

Geballin commented on 2020-03-10 22:49

I added dependencies listed by @valkheim and added lib32-at-spi2-atk to remove the message Failed to load module "atk-bridge"

@ujihisa On one machine, I have the same problem, opening preferences crash acrobat. Don't know why since on 2 other ones, it is working. But pdf opening and showing is working.

@dwatzke It's very strange, except freetype and cairo, all the other library are fixed versions that are working for me. You can't even launch the app and see the interface ?

Don't forget Acroread is still here only for some uncommon pdf that can't be opened and rendered on moderns pdf reader like xpdf or evince. This is a very old application, known to be instable and, even if I do my best to keep it usable on modern systems, the goal is to keep it opening and rendering pdf

ujihisa commented on 2020-03-08 17:21

I installed the following pacages, but I still see acroread to crash when it tries to open "Preferences" or open certain PDF files.

lib32-atk lib32-libcanberra lib32-mesa lib32-gtk-engine-murrine
lib32-cairo lib32-libxinerama lib32-libxi lib32-libxrandr lib32-libxcursor lib32-libxcomposite lib32-fribidi lib32-libthai

acroread output

$ acroread 

(acroread:19524): Gtk-WARNING **: 10:19:18.550: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "adwaita",

(acroread:19524): Gtk-WARNING **: 10:19:18.552: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "adwaita",

^ by the time acroread has not crashed yet. When I do the above actions, it crashes with no additional messages.

$ ACRO_CRASHLOG=1 acroread

(acroread:19794): Gtk-WARNING **: 10:20:30.884: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "adwaita",

(acroread:19794): Gtk-WARNING **: 10:20:30.886: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "adwaita",
Crashlog has been dumped in /tmp/acroCrashLogs/0308_1020_aghuTW

$ cat /tmp/acroCrashLogs/0308_1020_aghuTW
/bin/acroread [0x850ab41] [@0x8048000] [0xf7f36ad0] [@0xf7f36000]

valkheim commented on 2020-03-07 11:29

@jj_p Yes I had this problem. I solved it by installing libs32-atk. But also lib32-mesa, lib32-cairo, lib32-lixinerama, lib32-libxi, lib32-libxrandr, lib32-libxcursor, lib32-libxcomposite, lib32-fribidi, lib32-libthai.

jj_p commented on 2020-03-06 23:17

I've just installed the package, and when I lauch it I get

/opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/bin/acroread: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Has anyone had this problem before?

Geballin commented on 2020-02-19 08:34

@dwatzke @mueslo @zoe I updated lib32-librsvg-2.44.9-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz path. It's all working for me.

zoe commented on 2020-02-17 19:10

Error 404 for the file :


As dwatzke says, replacing it in PKGBUILD by :


does the job

dwatzke commented on 2020-02-12 15:13

@Geballin: it crashes for me too, using ACRO_CRASHLOG=1 just generated an empty file into the dir you mentioned

so I tried to adjust the exec to launch it via gdb and got sigsegv with this bt:

(gdb) bt
#0  0xf3020090 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#1  0xf302a84f in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#2  0xf302a9ad in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#3  0xf3030801 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#4  0xf301c542 in hb_ot_layout_lookup_collect_glyphs () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#5  0xf3293a0d in ?? () from /usr/lib32/
#6  0xf32940aa in ?? () from /usr/lib32/
#7  0xf32949ef in ?? () from /usr/lib32/
#8  0xf3247199 in FT_Load_Glyph () from /usr/lib32/
#9  0xf521810d in ?? () from /usr/lib32/
#10 0xf5218e9d in ?? () from /usr/lib32/
#11 0xf51bc35e in ?? () from /usr/lib32/
#12 0xf51bc59d in cairo_scaled_font_glyph_extents () from /usr/lib32/
#13 0xf51bd0f8 in cairo_scaled_font_text_extents () from /usr/lib32/
#14 0xf52b4534 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#15 0xf52b4d7d in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#16 0xf4f50b72 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#17 0xf3044109 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#18 0xf300073a in hb_shape_plan_execute () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#19 0xf2fffe9f in hb_shape_full () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#20 0xf2fffef5 in hb_shape () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#21 0xf4f585a1 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#22 0xf656cae0 in pango_shape_full () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#23 0xf6570c99 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#24 0xf65717cf in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#25 0xf6571ed4 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#26 0xf6577397 in pango_layout_get_unknown_glyphs_count () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#27 0xf6764592 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#28 0xf6767319 in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#29 0xf653127b in g_type_create_instance () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#30 0xf65104ff in ?? () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#31 0xf6511d84 in g_object_new_with_properties () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#32 0xf65125b0 in g_object_new () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#33 0xf67690e0 in gtk_entry_new () from /opt/Adobe/Reader9/Reader/intellinux/lib/
#34 0x08555a90 in _start ()

dwatzke commented on 2020-02-12 15:10

lib32-librsvg-2.44.9-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz can be downloaded here:

I replaced this in my pkgbuild and then it went fine

mueslo commented on 2020-02-12 12:22

building fails because cannot be found