Package Details: adobe-air 2.6-1

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Package Base: adobe-air
Description: Crossplatform desktop applications build using proven web technologies
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: Spider.007
Maintainer: Spider.007
Last Packager: lfleischer
Votes: 376
Popularity: 0.934650
First Submitted: 2008-05-12 19:35
Last Updated: 2015-06-19 12:17

Latest Comments

Spider.007 commented on 2017-01-19 19:09

@felandral Please stop complaining if you don't understand what this package does or contains

felandral commented on 2017-01-11 14:04

@Spider.007 You can't say it is free if it contains - or "wraps" - non-free software. You should at least clarify that in the description (and read again the terms of the GPL).

Spider.007 commented on 2016-12-04 13:25

@felandral this package is a free wrapper around adobe-air-sdk; which itself is not free.

felandral commented on 2016-12-02 14:29

Are you really sure this is a GPL-licensed free software ?

thee233 commented on 2015-03-02 07:22

build terminates with ERROR: Missing package() function in /..../aur-adobe-air/./PKGBUILD
due to obsolte function build() in PKBUILD, to get it working it should be changed to package()

tapia commented on 2014-07-01 22:12

Isn't the latrst version for Linux 2.6?

MagicAndWires commented on 2013-03-13 05:01

@ peke:

That IS quite strange. To be honest, I'm a bit in over my head here.
For the moment, I installed the package and tried it on Cinnamon as well as GNOME and I'd say that that isn't the issue, as I get a blank UI in both cases, on top of that the only real error it throws are the TypeError's.

That said, I have no clue what COULD be causing the problems. I think your best chances are to run the command without the -nodebug flag, see what information you can get off that and take them to the adobe-air-sdk or devolo-dlan-cockpit packages, maybe they can help you better over there.

Either way, you wouldn't be able to get it working with this script, since it pretty much calls the exact same command.


Sorry, it wasn't my intention to imply that, I just figured I'd share my "fix" to circumvent the binaries since it's served me pretty well.

Spider.007 commented on 2013-02-28 09:21

@felixonmars, I still wonder how it got disowned since I didn't do it. Thanks!

felixonmars commented on 2013-02-28 09:12

I take this package since it had been orphaned for weeks (and I use it), and have disowned it now if you are still interested.

Spider.007 commented on 2013-02-28 08:47

How the fuck did felixonmars take this package from me without me knowing?

Anonymous comment on 2013-02-17 19:15

Hi Toost_Inc, welcome to the loop.

thanks for your comment. When I ran your suggested commands, the application open UI but it doesn't works while terminal retrieve the next error message:

(adl:1832): Gtk-WARNING **: Imposible encontrar el motor de temas en la ruta al _modulo: «adwaita»,
I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/etc/opt/Adobe/certificates/AIR/crypt//config.xml"
Unable to parse Document: /etc/opt/Adobe/certificates/AIR/crypt//config.xml.
Unknown desktop manager, only Gnome and KDE are supported
.Error: EncryptedLocalStore database access error
TypeError: Error #1009
TypeError: Error #1009

regarding "/etc/opt/Adobe/certificates/AIR/crypt//config.xml" I've not this path on my system.

in the other hand it says "only Gnome and KDE supported" and I'm running cinnamon. Is this the problem? May be it is also related with my 64 bytes system?

felixonmars commented on 2013-02-17 06:03

So it has nothing to do with this package, as I said in the previous comment. Packages like devolo-dlan-cockpit should just depend on adobe-air-sdk only, and use the adl command line you gave in their launcher scripts.

MagicAndWires commented on 2013-02-17 04:57

hey peke, I had the same problem with a game I installed but managed to fix it.

The problem lies in that devolo runs through a custom binary file instead of it being a regular .air script, which this launcher script is meant for. What you'll want to do instead of that is run adl manually. in case of devolo cockpit it would be:

/opt/adobe-air-sdk/bin/adl -nodebug /opt/devolo/dlancockpit/share/META-INF/AIR/application.xml /opt/devolo/dlancockpit/share/

(provided you kept the default install paths for both packages)
or alternatively compress the entire /opt/devolo/share folder to a .zip and renaming it to a .air then running adobe-air on it (you'll snatch a couple of unneeded files in your .air but that won't hurt).

Anonymous comment on 2013-02-08 21:34

Hi felixonmars, thanks for your attention.
Apparently not. When I tried to install devolo-dlan-cockpit, adobe-air appears like a dependency. No possible to install devolo without it. After installing when I run devolo system retrieve this message "This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which cannot be found.
Please download the latest version of the runtime from,
or contact the application author for an updated version".

felixonmars commented on 2013-02-08 16:08

I guess packages depending on this should go use adobe-air-sdk directly, as this package is only a launcher script...

Anonymous comment on 2013-02-05 10:13

I need this package to use devolo-dlan-cockpit. Nobody interested to adopt and update it,

Marcel_K commented on 2012-11-02 22:32

Please quote $srcdir and $pkgdir to allow for quotes in directory names.

Anonymous comment on 2011-10-10 11:50

Can adobe-air run on lxde?

Anonymous comment on 2011-09-06 18:20

If you have problem with "Error loading the runtime ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)" you have to install lib32-gtk2 :)

To maintainer - you have to add this to package dep :)

Spider.007 commented on 2011-06-26 11:51

@dongfanglu @demula the adobe-air-sdk package seems to be broken, but I cannot find a quick fix for it

Anonymous comment on 2011-06-26 04:51

adobe-air: Extracting application to directory: /tmp/adobeair.1Tco9UdbFz
adobe-air: Attempting to start application
Error loading the runtime ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)
adobe-air: Cleaning up temporary directory
adobe-air: Done

Anonymous comment on 2011-05-27 09:18

I think it's broken for me... I just installed it and try to install tweetdeck and I got this:

Error loading the runtime ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

I'm using gnome3 and gnome-shell from the stable repo.

Spider.007 commented on 2011-04-28 13:08

Thanks for the links, I will look into it

computerquip commented on 2011-04-28 08:26

Method 2 Example:

computerquip commented on 2011-04-28 08:25

Making a package that is not containing the SDK will probably require a RPM (for at least the length of the installation) and a dummy files. I'm confused as to why they're limited to RPM and DEB systems. If they're going to provide the straight tools for a certain distro, why not make it convenient for others?

Temporary solutions: Grab the binaries made for other distros - or - fake an RPM environment.

Anonymous comment on 2011-04-17 19:18

Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: “oxygen-gtk”

Anonymous comment on 2011-04-15 22:22

I have whis error:
Gtk-WARNING **: Загружаемый модуль тем не найден в module_path: "oxygen-gtk"

Oxygen-gtk is installed and work fine with gtk apps.

cpcgm commented on 2011-02-26 11:29

Can you change the package to the real thing (not SDK)? (

Spider.007 commented on 2010-11-28 12:14

I have clarified the description; this package follows a custom version-scheme since it contains nothing that is actually from adobe-air. Therefore there is no need to follow the adobe-air-sdk versioning

Anonymous comment on 2010-08-29 11:54

This package should be renamed, as this is not adobe air. It is a script to run an .air application trouh the sdk, and this is far from being the same thing. Anyone having had real adobe air in other distributions, will be dissapointed after installing this, if they think they have the real deal.

Anonymous comment on 2010-08-26 18:05

please add unzip as a dependancy. Also 2.0.3 is out, as I'm sure you know.

Xavion commented on 2010-07-29 05:54

You haven't been working quickly enough, since my original request was posted over a fortnight ago. In fact, you couldn't even be bothered responding to it, until you noticed that this package was orphaned. The version was bumped for consistency purposes, to match that of what the "adobe-air-sdk" package should be.

Spider.007 commented on 2010-07-28 07:18

and I have been working on a proper package which doesn't need the SDK.

Also since this package contains no logic at all, I don't see why it would need a version bump?

Spider.007 commented on 2010-07-28 07:17

how the **** did this package get orphaned?

Xavion commented on 2010-07-28 07:09

I've updated the PKGBUILD to v2.0.2 and I've asked the maintainer of the "adobe-air-sdk" package to do the same. Once he does, perhaps our 'depends' array should become "depends=("${pkgname}-sdk=${pkgver}")".

Xavion commented on 2010-07-28 07:07

I've updated the PKGBUILD to v2.0.2 and I've asked the maintainer of the "adobe-air-sdk" package to do the same. Once he does, perhaps our 'depends' array should become "depends=("${pkgname}-sdk=${pkgver}".

dcelasun commented on 2010-07-27 20:15

@Xavion: You should ask in the mail list for a TU to orphan this package. Then you can claim and update it.

Xavion commented on 2010-07-11 09:29

Due to a serious security vulnerability, Adobe wants users to upgrade their AIR to v2.0.2. If only for this reason, please either update this package or orphan it soon.