Package Details: algodoo 1.x.x.latest-4

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Package Base: algodoo
Description: A physics simulator program for education and fun (based on phun)
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Licenses: custom:commercial
Submitter: mickael9
Maintainer: jose1711
Last Packager: jose1711
Votes: 10
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First Submitted: 2010-06-30 02:55
Last Updated: 2016-08-14 20:29

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vita_cell commented on 2017-03-26 14:06

trsm.o cblas_dgemm.o cblas_dsymm.o cblas_dsyrk.o cblas_dsyr2k.o cblas_dtrmm.o cblas_dtrsm.o cblas_cgemm.o cblas_csymm.o cblas_chemm.o cblas_cherk.o cblas_cher2k.o cblas_ctrmm.o cblas_ctrsm.o cblas_csyrk.o cblas_csyr2k.o cblas_zgemm.o cblas_zsymm.o cblas_zhemm.o cblas_zherk.o cblas_zher2k.o cblas_ztrmm.o cblas_ztrsm.o cblas_zsyrk.o cblas_zsyr2k.o cblas_globals.o cblas_xerbla.o xerbla.o
ar: /home/vita/CBLAS/lib/LINUX/cblas_LINUX.a: No existe el fichero o el directorio
make: *** [Makefile:235: all] Error 1

File doesn't exist

Zeniff commented on 2016-11-07 18:33

==> Starting package()...
gcc -O3 -DADD_ -fPIC -I/home/user/CBLAS/src -c cblas_srotg.c
gcc -O3 -DADD_ -fPIC -I/home/user/CBLAS/src -c cblas_isamax.c
gfortran -O3 -fPIC -c sdotsub.f
make: gfortran: Command not found
make: *** [Makefile:244: sdotsub.o] Error 127
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build .

Hi~ First I ran into above error, so I installed gcc-fortran, which had gfortran, and it got a bit better, but... then I got this:

gcc -O3 -DADD_ -fPIC -I/home/user/CBLAS/src -c cblas_xerbla.c
cblas_xerbla.c: In function ‘cblas_xerbla’:
cblas_xerbla.c:10:11: warning: type defaults to ‘int’ in declaration of ‘RowMajorStrg’ [-Wimplicit-int]
extern RowMajorStrg;
gcc -O3 -DADD_ -fPIC -I/home/user/CBLAS/src -c xerbla.c
ar r /home/user/CBLAS/lib/LINUX/cblas_LINUX.a cblas_srotg.o (...lots of cblas_*.o stuff here...) cblas_globals.o cblas_xerbla.o xerbla.o
ar: /home/user/CBLAS/lib/LINUX/cblas_LINUX.a: No such file or directory
make: *** [Makefile:235: all] Error 1
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build algodoo.
==> Restart building algodoo ? [y/N]

So, I checked, but I already had cblas (ver 3.6.1-2 up to date).
Does anyone know what to try from here? Thanks..:(

amar commented on 2016-06-25 23:29

Any idea where to get the latest Linux download? package() fails because there's nothing in

Edit: Nvm, works pretty well in wine.

loserMcloser commented on 2015-06-14 17:58

Can still download Algodoo 1.8.5 for linux here

Ville.Kovacs commented on 2014-08-15 14:48

==> Making package: algodoo 1.x.x.latest-2 (Fri Aug 15 17:46:32 EEST 2014)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
-> Found algodoo.desktop
==> Validating source files with md5sums...
algodoo.desktop ... Passed
==> Extracting sources...
==> Starting build()...
==> Entering fakeroot environment...
==> Starting package()...
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().

jose1711 commented on 2013-04-21 07:34


Anonymous comment on 2013-04-20 21:29

Oh... Mea culpa, I didn't checked it. I remembered there was a Linux version earlier... And as I see, now it is not possible even to download the old version. :(

jose1711 commented on 2013-04-17 19:27

do you see a linux version for download?

Anonymous comment on 2013-04-17 18:52

Algodoo 2.1 is out and is for free -

jose1711 commented on 2013-02-08 20:18

@Xemertix: could you please try again with an updated version of libcurl-gnutls? tx. jose

Xemertix commented on 2013-02-06 21:06

$ algodoo
/usr/share/algodoo/algodoo.bin: /usr/lib/ version `CURL_GNUTLS_3' not found (required by /usr/share/algodoo/algodoo.bin)

Anonymous comment on 2013-02-03 22:12

@jose1711 I have tried modifying it, but, to be honest, this is the first time I've even looked at a PKGBUILD file... :/
I only made things worse...

jose1711 commented on 2013-01-28 22:06

@oldtimeyjunk: could you please try to modify the pkgbuild so that it runs on 64bit architecture? i have no place to test it. j

Anonymous comment on 2013-01-28 22:02

ERROR: algodoo is not available for the 'x86_64' architecture.
Note that many packages may need a line added to their PKGBUILD
such as arch=('x86_64').

jose1711 commented on 2012-12-22 22:37

@Nudin: what's the error message?

Nudin commented on 2012-11-18 23:32

Seems not to work under 64-bit OS.

jose1711 commented on 2011-07-29 21:43

i finally managed it to run. haven't really tested it yet but this is what i did: (warning: truly nasty stuff!)

from the directory where the algodoo binary resides:
ln -s /usr/lib/ lib/
ln -s lib/
ln -s lib/
ln -s lib/
ln -s lib/
ln -s /usr/lib/ lib/

the game complains: /lib/ no version information available (required by ./algodoo.bin) but it runs nonetheless

jose1711 commented on 2011-06-04 10:56

1.8.5 is out

mickael9 commented on 2011-04-16 10:55

I contacted them, waiting for their reply.

jose1711 commented on 2011-04-16 05:46

this is an e-mail i adressed to algodoo a week ago. so far no response :-(

i've just purchased algodoo 1.8.5. too bad i did not try demo first because i'm not able to run it on my linux (arch linux, i686) desktop. please is there a chance you can compile with libraries staticaly linked? furthermore even if you're setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to a directory containing libraries, there are missing ones:

- - only seems to be found on debian(-based) systems. and it requires a other dependencies:,,
- is required but is included in lib/
- - it would be great if algodoo could use of libjpeg-turbo as well..

thank you. j

Anonymous comment on 2010-12-06 21:24

I am a robot. This is not an official message. AUR guidelines suggest to not include binaries. Examples:
The tarball is alarmingly large: 979KB. Feel free to disregard this as you would any other comment. This robot will not post here again.

mickael9 commented on 2010-09-10 22:48


jose1711 commented on 2010-09-04 21:16

could you please add desktop file? thank you, jose

roobre commented on 2010-07-01 18:56

I wasn't able to run it when I downloaded from the official page.
With this package, everything works Ok.

Nice Work!
And Thank U!

Anonymous comment on 2010-06-30 20:58

This 'game' is pretty severely crippled until you buy it.