Package Details: alienarena-svn r5655-3

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Package Base: alienarena-svn
Description: Multiplayer retro sci-fi deathmatch game based on Quake2
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Licenses: GPL
Groups: games
Conflicts: alienarena
Provides: alienarena
Submitter: None
Maintainer: lrustand
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First Submitted: 2008-03-04 18:20
Last Updated: 2019-08-02 18:04

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lrustand commented on 2019-08-02 18:12

I have hopefully resolved the issue now. Apparently the configure script requires additional arguments to set up the datadir path correctly. The configure line should look like this to install under the /usr prefix:

./configure --enable-maintainer-mode --prefix=/usr --datarootdir=/usr/share --datadir=/usr/share

I have posted a new pkgbuild with this change added, which from my testing seems to result in a correctly built package.

lrustand commented on 2019-08-02 15:29

For some reason the ./configure does not fully respect the prefix argument. I am currently looking into possibly fixes. In the meantime it is possible to either install to /usr/local or symlinking the data1 folder into /usr/local/share/alienarena/data1

alienarena-cc commented on 2019-08-02 06:26

I'm not using Arch linux, I tried this on a Manjaro vm but other complications prevented me from being able to properly test it. I'm waiting on feedback from another guy, will let you know. He was running the binaries directly. Your solution looks to be the right one.

lrustand commented on 2019-08-01 21:07

@alienarena-cc: I have updated the pkgbuild to make the binaries look for the data in the right place. The game can now correctly find the data directory when run directly from the binaries. I have now removed the wrapper scripts as they are no longer need, and install the binaries directly under /usr/bin. Could you see if the game installs and runs correctly for you with the updated pkgbuild?

lrustand commented on 2019-08-01 20:26

@alienarena-cc: did you run it via the supplied script /usr/bin/alienarena or directly running the binary /usr/share/alienarena/alienarena? The lines you refer to are there to install under /usr instead of /usr/local. This is the preferred installation prefix for Arch Linux packages. If you ran it from the binary directly, could you please try running the script instead? The game installs and runs fine for me, and the game loads the data just fine when I run the script in /usr/bin, but when I try to run the binaries directly I also get the same error as you.

I would prefer to install the game under /usr prefix, but if problems persist we can fall back to installing under /usr/local like you suggested.

alienarena-cc commented on 2019-08-01 18:40

The game binaries are unable to find the game data, this can be fixed by removing lines 55 - 59.

lrustand commented on 2019-07-27 16:55

Ok, thanks. Fixed the description and locked the revision number. ode has been removed from dependency list.

alienarena-cc commented on 2019-07-27 16:30

The description is incorrect, Alien Arenas engine (CRX) is based on ID Tech 2/Quake 2

ode can be removed from the dependencies list, Alien Arena builds it's own static ode library. You can opt during configure to use the system library, however this is not recommended. Unfortunately the way ode is built varies between distributions and on some it will cause crashes if ragdolls are enabled.

alienarena-cc commented on 2019-07-27 16:07

Sorry, should have explained. This is to keep your version in sync with the version on steam. In particular there are modifications to maps dm-violator.bsp and ctf-violator.bsp in the svn that haven't been pushed to steam yet, this causes errors when connecting to servers because the map the client has will be different to the one on the server. Maps are generally the only reason this would ever be a problem and after the next update I wouldn't expect the same scenario to happen again.

lrustand commented on 2019-07-27 15:58

What is the reason that it should be locked to svn revision 5655? I have compiled and run revision 5660 now, and it runs without problems on my machine.