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Description: Amazon Workspace Client
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Submitter: stilvoid
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First Submitted: 2019-12-19 16:00 (UTC)
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stilvoid commented on 2024-04-12 13:50 (UTC) does seem to be the latest version published on the Workspaces website

dxxvi commented on 2024-04-12 10:29 (UTC)

I'm getting OLD_CLIENT_VERSION too. I really hope that the maintainer will have some free time to update this as I don't know how to do it.

r3k4mn14r commented on 2023-12-20 12:51 (UTC)


I am getting a "OLD_CLIENT_VERSION" error when trying to login. I have the most recent version of the package installed. Any ideas?

[ERR] WorkSpacesClient.Common.UseCases.CommonGateways.WsBroker.PerformResourceAction.AllocateResourceResponse Error. Code: OLD_CLIENT_VERSION; Message: Client version is too old.; Type: com.amazonaws.wsbrokerservice#InvalidInputException

janek commented on 2023-11-12 18:47 (UTC)

@thew: thanks, this sounds promising. There might be a way to spoof the lsb-release using the env variable LSB_OS_RELEASE.

It can be pointed to a different lsb_release file. Maybe its respected by the workspace client. Haven't had the time to try this yet.

If this happens to work, we could just ship the custom lsb_release file with this package

thew commented on 2023-11-10 14:11 (UTC) (edited on 2023-11-10 14:13 (UTC) by thew)

I was able to get past the:



By editing /etc/lsb-release and applying the following so the workspaceclient binary would play along:





janek commented on 2023-09-27 21:56 (UTC) (edited on 2023-09-27 21:58 (UTC) by janek)


I'm working on getting the new focal 2023.x release to run on arch so can use both old PCoIP and new WSP protocols. But, the new .deb files have a different file structure and as of now I wasn't able to get PCoIP to work yet.

I get an error saying to install the client on Ubuntu 20 when I try to connect.


I assume, that the client tries to find the pcoip library but isn't able to find it or it doesn't work together with shared lib versions on arch. Log isn't helpful unfortunately.

I’ll keep trying to find a fix in the next few days.
If anyone figures it out, please share a diff or create a PR at

Note that the current AUR release still includes the latest version from the official deb-repository, aligning with other platforms like Flatpak.

The current AUR release does still contain the latest version of the official deb-repository which is the same version on flatpak and other platforms.
It's not deprecated/broken - just doesn't support WSP.

row commented on 2023-09-27 10:50 (UTC)

Posting in case others hit this - after a recent round of system package updates, my Workspaces login page no longer showed text login boxes so I was unable to login; the registration code page before that was OK, and I tried clearing out my local Workspaces homedir config files to no avail. Mousing over the window showed a presence text widgets due to the cursor changing, but I wasn't able to click/type.

I believe the error seen is related to the recent bug report in , and the workaround there (setting environment variable WEBKIT_DISABLE_DMABUF_RENDERER=1) worked for me. Similar to other environment variable fixes, this can be prepended into the desktop shortcut Exec line (e.g., Exec=WEBKIT_DISABLE_DMABUF_RENDERER=1 /usr/share/amazon-workspaces/workspacesclient %u)

The error messages on the console when loading the login page were:

[~]$ amazon-workspaces 
src/nv_gbm.c:99: GBM-DRV error (nv_gbm_bo_create): DRM_IOCTL_NVIDIA_GEM_ALLOC_NVKMS_MEMORY failed (ret=-1)

Failed to create GBM buffer of size 370x341: Invalid argument
src/nv_gbm.c:99: GBM-DRV error (nv_gbm_bo_create): DRM_IOCTL_NVIDIA_GEM_ALLOC_NVKMS_MEMORY failed (ret=-1)

Failed to create GBM buffer of size 370x341: Invalid argument
src/nv_gbm.c:99: GBM-DRV error (nv_gbm_bo_create): DRM_IOCTL_NVIDIA_GEM_ALLOC_NVKMS_MEMORY failed (ret=-1)

Failed to create GBM buffer of size 370x341: Invalid argument
Failed to create EGL images for DMABufs with file descriptors -1, -1 and -1

I am using an older version of the AUR package ( as I am affected by a (more minor) client bug in newer versions, however, I similar behavior on the current AUR package version, as well.

arslanone commented on 2023-09-12 08:26 (UTC)

Whatever is easily doable that gives us the latest build would be much appreciated. Jobs depend on this software.

row commented on 2023-09-07 23:37 (UTC)

Regarding the recently released 2023.x Workspace client versions - it looks like there's two current Linux .deb packages available. The Ubuntu 20.04 package supports both PCoIP and WSP Workspaces, whereas the Ubuntu 22.04 package only supports WSP. Given that Linux Workspace clients only previously supported PCoIP up until this recent release, it likely makes sense for the next incremental update for the AUR package to use 20.04 package (if possible), since the Workspace type would otherwise be directly coupled to the client being updated.