Package Details: aura-bin 1.4.0-1

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Package Base: aura-bin
Description: A secure package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR written in Haskell - Prebuilt binary
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL-3
Conflicts: aura, aura-git
Provides: aura
Submitter: fosskers
Maintainer: fosskers
Last Packager: fosskers
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First Submitted: 2013-05-12 11:50
Last Updated: 2017-10-07 23:28

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fosskers commented on 2017-05-31 14:16

Fixed, I had uploaded the wrong file to github.

nanohard commented on 2017-05-31 03:50

Filename is wrong, the format has changed. I think the MD5 is also different?

New filename format:


fosskers commented on 2017-05-31 03:05


pedrogabriel commented on 2017-05-17 12:48

Abs has been discontinued, I think you should drop it there too.

fosskers commented on 2016-10-27 14:18

Updated! Thanks for you patience, everyone.

erbridge commented on 2016-10-26 15:12

Package out of date.

ajknoll commented on 2016-09-21 01:29

I'm getting the same problem as @joshproehl :(

joshproehl commented on 2016-09-16 18:26

@fosskers I believe @despairblue may have found the file on the package website (, under sources, where it links to which returns a 404. (I know because I just fell for the same thing!)

Also, aura is still broken for me. Even after `pacman -R aura` and rebuilding from the PKGBUILD cloned from I am still getting:

> aura -Au
aura >>= Fetching package information...
aura >>= Comparing package versions...
aura >>= No AUR package upgrades necessary.
aura >>= No valid packages specified.

Is this still expected behavior, or is there some further steps that need to be taken to get aura working again?

birdspider commented on 2016-06-24 20:10

So, whats up with aura AUR search - didn't this work at some time ?

~ $ /usr/bin/aura -As "dwarffortress-iron"
__aur/dwarffortress-ironhand 0.42.06-1 (2 | 0.27)
____A single-player fantasy game. You control a dwarv....
~ $ /usr/bin/aura -As dwarffortress
~ $ /usr/bin/aura -As "dwarffortress"
~ $ /usr/bin/aura -As "dwarffortress-"
~ $ /usr/bin/aura -As "dwarffortress-i"
__aur/dwarffortress-ironhand 0.42.06-1 (2 | 0.27)
____A single-player fantasy game. You control a dwarv....

despairblue commented on 2016-05-17 07:27

@fosskers sry, the notification for your comment must have slipped through...

I think it was in the PKGBUILD, though it seems to have been fixed by now.

Thx for your awesome work on this!

fosskers commented on 2016-04-22 16:02

@despairblue where did you come about that link?

despairblue commented on 2016-04-22 08:17

@fosskers does not point to any file.

fosskers commented on 2016-03-29 14:32

It was an issue with the `aur` library that aura uses, which has been fixed now with `1.3.5`.


Internally, all requests were being sent to Recently the arch folks did an SSL certificate renewal, and didn't renew the aur4 subdomain. Thus the `aur` haskell library broke, and so did aura.

altercation commented on 2016-03-26 18:47

aura (via this aura-bin package) was failing for me suddenly. I uninstalled the package and reinstalled (via normal git clone of this package repo and makepkg) and it's working working again. I suspect clearning the aura cache might have had a similar effect. Just noting this here for anyone else seeing the same issue.

epidings commented on 2016-03-25 20:24

The new version 1.3.5 won't update my AUR packages:

> aura -Au
aura >>= Fetching package information...
aura >>= Comparing package versions...
aura >>= No AUR package upgrades necessary.
aura >>= No valid packages specified.

The former version 1.3.4 (with the fix from anks) finds several packages in need of an update:

> aura -Au
aura >>= Fetching package information...
aura >>= Comparing package versions...
aura >>= AUR Packages to upgrade:
atom-editor-bin : 1.5.4-1 => 1.6.0-1

fosskers commented on 2016-03-24 20:44

Fixed! Thanks for your patience, everyone.

uiae commented on 2016-03-22 13:50

Thanks anks!

anks commented on 2016-03-21 19:15

In case you were getting the following error:

aura >>= The following are not AUR packages ...

Here's some hackish fix:

sudo sed -i 's/https:\/\/\//https:\/\/\/\x00/' /usr/bin/aura

The error is caused (probably) by the recent change of certificates, correct me if I am wrong.

fosskers commented on 2015-11-20 22:37

If you take a look at the PKGBUILD, you'll that the $CARCH variable is being used in the source file. The AUR software strips those out when it posts them here, as $CARCH depends on the user's system and the server has no way to know it.

svalmont commented on 2015-11-20 20:18

Links are broken.

l3dx commented on 2015-09-28 15:32

@Shibumi where should I change the domain? As in modify the source code and compile it myself?

Shibumi commented on 2015-09-28 15:01

Change domain to:

normally should work too. Seems that the redirect does not work

l3dx commented on 2015-09-27 10:05

Any solution to the problem with "FailedConnectionException "" 443"?

Shibumi commented on 2015-09-18 16:19

Hi could you please compile aura-bin for 32bit systems too?
I really don't want to compile it from source this is a dependency-hell over 9000

mauritiusdadd commented on 2015-09-08 10:12

@vlad: note that aura-bin is available only for x86_64: the ${pkgname}-${pkgver}.tar.gz is the source package used by aura[1]. Therefore there is no need to use the architecture specific arrays.


mauritiusdadd commented on 2015-09-04 10:25

Hi, it seems that the link to the source package is broken (see the .SRCINFO), to fix this issue you have to change the source array from




drslmr commented on 2015-08-27 13:44

Ok, I see, it was too simple. It looks like aura -A <package> does rebuild the <package when explicitly named on the command line even if it exists in the cache. Sorry for the noise.

drslmr commented on 2015-08-27 08:59

Howto rebuild packages?
I just learned about aura and I like it a lot.
I'm using openafs and openafs-modules-dkms. These packages
have to be rebuild (even if still up to date) when a new kernel is
installed. What is the recommended way to do this rebuilding with aura?

pdizzle commented on 2015-08-11 16:29

Oddly enough, this seems to have mostly sorted itself out. I did reinstall aura-bin from the aur4 url, I don't know if that makes any difference at all. Still some packages give the FailedConnectionException error. After retrying several times, they will usually go through.

pdizzle commented on 2015-08-11 16:25

Oddly enough, this seems to have sorted itself out. I did reinstall aura-bin from the aur4 url, I don't know if that makes any difference at all.

pdizzle commented on 2015-08-11 15:52

just a couple of minutes ago I also received FailedConnectionException "" 443 for the package envypn-font

It seems that there is a disagreement about AUR packages to upgrade

pdizzle commented on 2015-08-11 14:56

just a couple of minutes ago I also received FailedConnectionException "" 443 for the package envypn-font

fosskers commented on 2015-08-11 13:48

Unfortunately I'm not getting the FailedConnectionException errors., that is usually a locale problem.

flamusdiu commented on 2015-08-10 12:24


Doesn't matter at the moment since == It might be switched at some point but not any kind of game breaker.

Tebro commented on 2015-08-10 08:32

Shouldn't aura search instead of now that aur4 is the standard? commented on 2015-08-08 14:44

Cannot upgrade some packages, getting:
aura: Cannot decode byte '\x6e': Data.Text.Internal.Encoding.streamDecodeUtf8With: Invalid UTF-8 stream

BeepDog commented on 2015-08-02 19:02

I too am getting @Binero's problem. Very often getting "FailedConnectionException." Specifically on the package "advcp", Nearly every time.

fosskers commented on 2015-04-21 06:13

When I attempted cross compilation some time ago it was quite a pain in the neck. Perhaps it's better now.

Razor.X commented on 2015-04-21 06:02

Would love an i686 package as well: I still have an older system or two that would benefit from this.

Pwanda commented on 2015-02-23 22:37

Wow, so grateful this exists. I was stuck in an infinite dependancy loop...

Anonymous comment on 2015-01-02 12:19

I'd be grateful for providing a i686 package.
Even with [haskell-core] building aura is annoying.

Binero commented on 2014-12-31 12:55

I'm getting these quite often while running aura:
aura: FailedConnectionException "" 443

Why's that?

fosskers commented on 2014-08-15 00:40

@aliencam: That's just the AUR incorrectly parsing the PKGBUILD, not to worry :)

@FSMaxB: Thanks for those instructions. Luckily, Aura2 (in development) won't have this architecture restriction :)

FSMaxB commented on 2014-08-14 21:45

@fosskers: It is possible to build i686 packages on a x86_64 system without the using a cross compiler. Just create a i686 container:

1. Create a copy of /etc/pacman.conf and change the architecture to i686 ( not auto )
2. Install the container using "pacstrap -d -C pacman.conf.copy /mnt/mycontainer_directory"
3. Boot into the container using "systemd-nspawn -bD /mnt/mycontainer_directory"
4. After logging in, change /etc/pacman.conf so that the architecture is once again "i686" instead of auto. It's important not to install any package before doing so.
5. Now you can use it just like a regular arch installation and build your packages inside it. If you want to stop the container, just shut it down with shutdown or systemctl poweroff.

I hope these instructions will allow you to build i686 packages.

aliencam commented on 2014-08-09 22:49

looks like your source URL is wrong?
listed as:
maybe should be:

fosskers commented on 2014-07-21 18:39 is out!

blinxwang commented on 2014-07-18 00:47

@fosskers gotcha. Waiting patiently until then.

fosskers commented on 2014-07-17 00:57

@blinxwang: aura 1.3 is coming out soon with a new AUR interaction library, so that should fix these issues.

blinxwang commented on 2014-07-17 00:01

I'm getting the error message "AUR API lookup failed. Please check your connection.", but my internet connection is fine, and I've tested it on 3 different networks but it gives the same message. Furthermore, everything was fine before today. Did the AUR API change?

fosskers commented on 2014-05-28 17:32

I myself don't know how to cross-compile, but apparently it's easier in recent versions of cabal. If you could figure out how that's done it would be a great help to many.

dvzrv commented on 2014-05-28 09:52

@fosskers: Would it be much of an effort to make this available to armv6h and armv7h as well? It would be cool to use this on embedded devices like raspberry pi or beaglebone black.
If so/not, let me know what I can do to be of help

catalin.hritcu commented on 2014-05-10 08:52

This is really a life saver. Having to install all those Haskell packages was a pain in the ass and it interfered with my preferred way of installing Haskell packages only using cabal-install.

fosskers commented on 2014-04-21 04:45

My pleasure.

digifuzzy commented on 2014-04-21 04:06

You are awesome!!!!
Thank you for building the 'bin' version of aura.
I had aura self-built before, but keeping haskell updated became a chore (espically with the upheavel in haskell updating we just encountered).

Thank you for making my life easier. :)

fosskers commented on 2013-07-05 08:42

@tredaelli: I'd like to have an i686 version, but I haven't found a great way to cross compile. Things keeping it from being a priority are the fact that most Arch users use 64 bit, and that the `-bin` version of aura gets 10 times less downloads than the normal one.

tredaelli commented on 2013-07-03 15:20

Why no i686 package available? :(