Package Details: bacula-bat 7.4.5-1

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Package Base: bacula
Description: Bacula - A Network Backup Tool (management GUI)
Upstream URL:
Licenses: AGPL3
Submitter: None
Maintainer: MarcinWieczorek
Last Packager: MarcinWieczorek
Votes: 30
Popularity: 0.662085
First Submitted: 2014-04-25 13:59
Last Updated: 2017-03-05 23:32

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mfulz commented on 2017-07-23 17:21

Patch for the last 7.4.7 version. I've to test the 9.0.x when I've got some spare time before I'll switch. Will create an aur for it, if everything will be smooth.

--- PKGBUILD_OLD 2017-07-23 19:17:08.859149620 +0200
+++ PKGBUILD 2017-07-23 19:18:12.396152238 +0200
@@ -7,41 +7,32 @@

_dir_backends=("${pkgbase}-dir-sqlite3" "${pkgbase}-dir-mariadb" "${pkgbase}-dir-postgresql")
-pkgname=("${pkgbase}-common" "${pkgbase}-console" "${pkgbase}-fd" "${pkgbase}-bat" "${pkgbase}-sd" "${pkgbase}-dir" ${_dir_backends[@]} "${pkgbase}-dir-mysql")
+pkgname=("${pkgbase}-common" "${pkgbase}-console" "${pkgbase}-fd" "${pkgbase}-sd" "${pkgbase}-dir" ${_dir_backends[@]} "${pkgbase}-dir-mysql")
arch=(i686 x86_64)
pkgdesc="${pkgbase^} - A Network Backup Tool "
-optdepends=('openssl: network encryption between daemons')
+#optdepends=('openssl: network encryption between daemons')
makedepends=('sqlite' 'libmariadbclient' 'postgresql-libs' 'qt4')
- 'bacula-sd.service'
- '00-qmake4.patch'
- '01-basename.patch')
+ 'bacula-sd.service')

- 'a682cd35bf2a85fd7274f4241a91483c53c43f37'
- '58a60e8af9b4735c564c7223c2bf0c25803927f3'
- 'ff9549b8ea326654bad5987c820f6dfd629fce54')
+ 'a682cd35bf2a85fd7274f4241a91483c53c43f37')


-prepare() {
- cd "${srcdir}/${pkgbase}-${pkgver}"
- patch -Np3 -i "${srcdir}/00-qmake4.patch" || true
- patch -Np2 -i "${srcdir}/01-basename.patch" || true
build() {
cd "${srcdir}/${pkgbase}-${pkgver}"
+ env CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/include/openssl-1.0 \
LDFLAGS=-L/usr/lib/openssl-1.0 \
./configure \
- --enable-bat \
--enable-smartalloc \
--prefix=/usr \
--sbindir=/usr/bin \
@@ -54,6 +45,7 @@
--with-systemd=/usr/lib/systemd/system \
--with-logdir=/var/log/${pkgbase} \
--with-working-dir="${_workdir}" \
+ --with-openssl=/usr/lib/openssl-1.0 \

make DESTDIR="${srcdir}/install" install

barkley128 commented on 2017-07-21 10:12

It's and old version (9.0.1 is already out) and it doesn't compile on my Arch.
Something wrong with the ./configure step.

maleckii commented on 2016-09-12 05:34

Unfortunately, I am no longer using Arch Linux and must disown this package.

mfulz commented on 2016-09-11 10:39

Could you update the package to 7.4.3 it fixes the issues with actual gcc and the crashes during status.

badbytes commented on 2016-07-13 19:06

==> Starting package_bacula-bat()...
~/aur_build/bacula/install ~/aur_build/bacula/src
cp: cannot stat 'usr/bin/bat': No such file or directory
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package_bacula-bat().

SebiH commented on 2016-07-05 10:57

Has anyone tried this with a recent version of GCC (e.g. gcc-6.1.1-2)?

bacula-sd seems to crash on startup due to either a bug within bacula-sd or GCC. I've filed a bug report against bacula [1], but he points towards GCC (since it works fine with -O0, or a previous version of GCC, e.g. gcc-5.4.x).

Haven't read about this anywhere else. Is this just an issue on my setup?

[1]: (login is anonymous/anonymous)

ektich commented on 2016-03-27 17:14

alsa-utils 1.1.0-2 has been released that fixes the name conflict on /usr/bin/bat. There is no need to apply my patch anymore.

ektich commented on 2016-03-21 10:14

I've opened bug report against alsa-utils:

ektich commented on 2016-03-09 17:51

I agree, if alsa-utils will rename their binary there's no point in temporarily renaming bat in here. I should warn people using my patch that it is somehow incomplete: it won't modify the /usr/share/applications/bat.desktop file, rendering the icon in the menu unworkable. I think to make it work again one should change "Exec" line to be "Exec=/usr/bin/bacula-bat -c /etc/bacula/bat.conf"

maleckii commented on 2016-03-09 17:21

From what I can gather in discussions on both the Debian mailing lists and the alsa-utils upstream lists, this should be handled by patching alsa-utils upstream. There is an upstream patch under review for alsa-utils, but they haven't yet reached consensus on the new name for their /usr/bin/bat.

I don't think it would be proper to rename this package's binary because alsa-utils is likely to change their name in the near future and going back and forth would cause confusion. In the meantime, feel free to apply ekitch's patch to PKGBUILD as a temporary workaround. That said, I am also unsure what Arch's policy is on situations like this.

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