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Description: Beyond Compare 4: Compare, sync, and merge files and folders
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Keywords: compare diff
Licenses: custom
Submitter: Musikolo
Maintainer: Musikolo
Last Packager: Musikolo
Votes: 91
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First Submitted: 2011-07-27 22:54 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-03-18 21:45 (UTC)

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feilong commented on 2022-06-25 03:20 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-25 03:22 (UTC) by feilong)

I have a same problem, exit code -216 After install this aur, it can't open,I do the follow step and get -216 error.

  • add /usr/lib/beyondcompare/ to last line /etc/ (also try to install lib7zip by yay -S lib7zip and this line, but it not work also)
  • do yay -S qt4

this is the log file dump by command strace /usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare 2>/tmp/trace

eismog commented on 2022-06-21 11:37 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-21 11:40 (UTC) by eismog)

I've got the same exit code - 216.

$ bash -x bcompare
+ BC_LIB=/usr/lib/beyondcompare
+ export BC_LIB
+ EXEC=/usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare
+ '[' -n '' ']'
+ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/beyondcompare
+ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/beyondcompare
+ grep -q 'not found'
+ ldd /usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare
+ '[' '' = true ']'
+ '[' 0 -gt 0 ']'
+ /bin/bash -c 'exec -a bcompare /usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare  > /dev/null 2>&1' bcompare
+ EXIT=216
+ '[' 216 = 99 ']'
+ exit 216

GDB message:
─── Output/messages
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Using host libthread_db library "/usr/lib/".

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x0000000000889f83 in ?? ()
─── Assembly
 0x0000000000889f83  ? mov    %eax,(%rsi)
 0x0000000000889f85  ? lea    0x8(%rsp),%rsp
 0x0000000000889f8a  ? ret    
 0x0000000000889f8b  ? add    %al,(%rax)
 0x0000000000889f8d  ? add    %al,(%rax)
 0x0000000000889f8f  ? add    %dl,0x41(%rbx)
 0x0000000000889f92  ? push   %rsp
 0x0000000000889f93  ? push   %r13
 0x0000000000889f95  ? lea    -0x190(%rsp),%rsp
 0x0000000000889f9d  ? mov    %rdi,%rbx

─── Stack
[0] from 0x0000000000889f83
[1] from 0x00007fffffffcb30
[2] from 0x0000000000889c0a
[3] from 0x00007fffffffd690
[4] from 0x00007ffff7fbe090
[5] from 0x00007ffff7fbea90
[6] from 0x00007ffff7fbf990
[7] from 0x00007ffff7f75000
[8] from 0x00007ffff7f76a60
[9] from 0x00007ffff7f39000

jamespharvey20 commented on 2022-06-06 01:37 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-06 01:46 (UTC) by jamespharvey20)

I recommend not running this program as root, for good security practice. That said, if you want to do it anyway and are willing to take the risks that it eats your hard drive, read along.

When attempting to run as root, the GUI window will appear but without any contents. This was reported upstream in 2015 at but its developers decided it was a KDE bug. They reported it to Fedora as a KDE bug at but Fedora decided it was an application side bug, and they gave the good advice to not run GUI apps as root.

A workaround is:

$ sudo QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM=native bcompare

Again, run a GUI as root at your own risk. (FWIW, it worked fine for me.)

This workaround only works on a local machine. Over a ssh session, even with X forwarding, it will give "X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication." I didn't work through what the workaround for that would be, but it'll have something to do with /root/.Xauthority and/or xauth.

For a moment, I considered that the /usr/bin/bcompare bash script could be updated to check for root permissions and automatically export this environment variable. But, I see that bash script comes from upstream so is probably best left alone. Also, it's probably not a good idea to make it easier for people to run the program as root without understanding the dangers.

Musikolo commented on 2022-04-25 04:10 (UTC)

@eliminater74, it might sometimes be useful to use the strace command from a terminal the following way:

$> strace bcompare

I hope it helps!

eliminater74 commented on 2022-04-20 23:20 (UTC)

I keep geting: "usr/bin/bcompare: line 47: 42996 Segmentation fault (core dumped) /bin/bash -c "exec -a $0 $EXEC $ARGS > /dev/null 2>&1" $0"

any ideas?

byteatom commented on 2022-04-10 13:30 (UTC)

it seems that the context menu for kde5 depend on kinit package

Musikolo commented on 2022-03-18 21:46 (UTC)

Updated to version


dimavs commented on 2022-02-18 21:27 (UTC)

BTW, I've fixed my issue - just switched to Wayland. So, it doesn't work with X11, but it is fine in Wayland.

dimavs commented on 2022-02-15 10:14 (UTC)

I've got the same exit code - 216. Where I can check the logs? Funny thing, it doesn't work on my home computer, but works fine on my work PC.

G4Zz0L1 commented on 2022-01-23 15:36 (UTC)

I've got a similar output of that guy in that thread, even without config folder and after recompile and reinstall of bcompare, but nothing useful.

Runtime error 216 at $000000001D20207F

If it works for everyone else it means it has to be something on my end, but I don't know how to debug a runtime error...

mattalxndr commented on 2022-01-19 21:10 (UTC) (edited on 2022-01-19 22:01 (UTC) by mattalxndr)

I'm getting an 32-bit binary installed on my 64-bit system:


Also, there are missing dependencies for some of these files:

File "/usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare" from package "bcompare" is missing dependency ""
File "/usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare" from package "bcompare" is missing dependency ""
File "/usr/lib/beyondcompare/" from package "bcompare" is missing dependency ""
File "/usr/lib/beyondcompare/" from package "bcompare" is missing dependency ""
File "/usr/lib/beyondcompare/qt4/" from package "bcompare" is missing dependency ""

Also, the install script is raising an error (but ultimately succeeding):

==> Starting package_bcompare()... line 211: kde4-config: command not found
Please place the following in your .bashrc or .cshrc (etc.)
export PATH=/home/matt/.cache/yay/bcompare/src/install/bin:$PATH
Executable is /home/matt/.cache/yay/bcompare/src/install/bin/bcompare

Musikolo commented on 2022-01-17 17:34 (UTC)

@G4Zz0L1, I don't know reason why you're getting that error, but I found this link that could be useful.

I hope it helps.

G4Zz0L1 commented on 2022-01-17 11:10 (UTC)

This package started reporting error 216 when run (graphically or from the console) with no other output. Any idea how to debug it or why it happens?

Musikolo commented on 2021-12-21 15:01 (UTC)

Updated to version


Musikolo commented on 2021-08-18 00:47 (UTC)

Updated to version


kistlin commented on 2021-08-17 17:03 (UTC)

Patch for

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index e85ab1f..92460d2 100644
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@

 pkgname=('bcompare' 'bcompare-kde5' 'bcompare-kde4' 'bcompare-nautilus' 'bcompare-thunar' 'bcompare-cinnamon' 'bcompare-mate')
 arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@ depends=('fontconfig' 'libsm' 'libxcursor' 'libxft' 'libxinerama'  'libxrandr' '
 options=('!strip') # Do not strip binaries because it breaks them down

  prepare() {

Musikolo commented on 2020-10-08 00:32 (UTC)

Updated to version


Musikolo commented on 2020-09-22 02:26 (UTC)

Updated to version


P.S: @mederel, thanks for your support!

mederel commented on 2020-09-13 15:25 (UTC) (edited on 2020-09-13 15:26 (UTC) by mederel)

Follows a patch diff to update to 4.3.6:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 9d60054..fac7bc8 100644
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@

 pkgname=('bcompare' 'bcompare-kde5' 'bcompare-kde4' 'bcompare-nautilus' 'bcompare-thunar' 'bcompare-cinnamon' 'bcompare-mate')
 arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@ depends=('fontconfig' 'libsm' 'libxcursor' 'libxft' 'libxinerama'  'libxrandr' '
 options=('!strip') # Do not strip binaries because it breaks them down

  prepare() {

stonyboy commented on 2020-07-15 06:35 (UTC)

Thanks @Musikolo, the BC context menus are working again in Thunar!

Musikolo commented on 2020-07-15 04:24 (UTC)

Updated to version Added support for thunarx-3.


stonyboy commented on 2020-07-14 09:19 (UTC)

I am really looking forward to the new 4.3.5 version, as Scooter Software has now fixed the Thunar context menus according to this email I got this morning:

We've released a Beyond Compare context menu that supports Thunar 1.8/GTK3 in Beyond Compare 4.3.5.

BC 4.3.5 download:

Chris Kennedy
Scooter Software

Musikolo commented on 2020-03-01 00:13 (UTC)

Updated to version


Musikolo commented on 2019-12-08 22:12 (UTC)

Updated to version


Musikolo commented on 2019-11-08 03:57 (UTC)

Updated to version


Musikolo commented on 2019-10-25 02:58 (UTC)

Updated to version qt4 dependency removed as it's no longer required.


XAVeRY commented on 2019-10-24 22:27 (UTC)

It looks like 4.3.1 ships all the Qt4 dependencies alongside the binary - perhaps the qt4 dependency is no longer needed.

Musikolo commented on 2019-10-10 02:02 (UTC)

Updated to version


Aerion commented on 2019-07-16 16:19 (UTC)

@rku I wondered the same thing about the need for Qt 4 as it has been unsupported since 2015, so I contacted Scooter Software today.

This was their response:

"We're working on a Qt 5 version of Beyond Compare. As an intermediate step, we might release a version of Beyond Compare 4 for Linux that includes Qt 4 in the package for distributions that no longer support it.

Beyond Compare 4.2.10 on Mac is only available as a 32-bit application. Apple will drop support for 32-bit apps in macOS 10.15 (September or October). Work on a 64-bit Mac version has dominated our development calendar. Once we have a the 64-bit Mac version of BC officially released then we'll be able to schedule more time on other issues, such as Linux Qt 5 support or bundling of Qt 4."

So it looks like we will be stuck with Qt 4 for a while longer, although a Qt 5 version is coming. All in all good news then.

renehsz commented on 2019-06-06 11:01 (UTC)

@Musikolo it works now, perfect!

Musikolo commented on 2019-06-01 02:53 (UTC)

@renehsz, I understand now what the was.

Please, try again and let me know if the issue persists.

Thank you.

renehsz commented on 2019-05-31 14:50 (UTC) (edited on 2019-05-31 14:50 (UTC) by renehsz)

@Musikolo If your /bin/sh is symlinked to /bin/bash (which is default on Arch Linux, but can be changed), then the script runs fine, but if it is symlinked to a non-bash but still posix-compliant shell like dash, it will cause a syntax error. A possible fix is simply calling the script with bash instead of sh to make sure it always runs with bash:

<   sh --prefix="${_install_dir}"
>   bash --prefix="${_install_dir}"

Musikolo commented on 2019-05-31 00:54 (UTC)

@renehsz, if you know a way to solve that issue, please feel free to share a possible fix. Since I don't know what exact issue you are having, I'm unable to solve it.

Thank you.

renehsz commented on 2019-05-30 18:20 (UTC)

I think the script doesn't seem to work with a posix compliant but non-bash shell. So it should either be called with bash or the bashisms should be removed. I might be wrong though...

Musikolo commented on 2019-05-30 02:57 (UTC)

Updated to version


Musikolo commented on 2019-05-07 01:47 (UTC)

@rku, yes, it is required. This is what you get when qt4 is missing:

[musikolo@MyPC ~]$ bcompare 
Some Shared Libraries were not found (0x00007ffe3f6f4000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd9397a000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd93967000) => /usr/lib/beyondcompare/ (0x00007fcd9352b000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd9350a000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd93345000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd93340000) => /usr/lib/beyondcompare/ (0x00007fcd92f31000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd92df2000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd92bdb000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd92a4b000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd92a31000)
        /lib64/ => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007fcd939c5000) => not found => not found => not found => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd92a05000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd928bf000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd928ba000) => /usr/lib/ (0x00007fcd928b2000)

rku commented on 2019-05-06 06:25 (UTC)

Is qt4 dependency required? qt4 is no longer in repos so it pulls in a lengthy build from aur.

Musikolo commented on 2019-03-10 05:53 (UTC)

@nathanandelson, you should find current and old versions of bcompare at

In keeping with the strace output you shared, I noticed a lot errors at the end of the trace when accessing the file. I'm not getting those errors when I run strace bcompare in my machine. I'm not sure if it could be related with the locale or something like that.

I hope it helps.

nathanalderson commented on 2019-03-07 20:26 (UTC)

@Musikolo, unfortunately scooter software doesn't seem to host older versions of beyond compare, so I can't running one of those. If you have a previous version stored somewhere you could share with me, that would be great. You can email me at my username at

I posted strace output as a gist in case anyone wants to take a look.

Musikolo commented on 2019-03-06 04:50 (UTC)

@nathanalderson, I would try installing the previous version to confirm whether the issue is still happening or not. If it happens, then you should check what you installed recently.

Another interesting option that could be very helpful is launching bcompare with strace:

strace bcompare

I hope it helps.

nathanalderson commented on 2019-03-05 16:34 (UTC)

I'm hitting a core dump while trying to run beyond compare on my system. I have described the issue in detail here:

I can't reproduce it in a vanilla Arch docker image, so maybe it's an interaction with some other package I have installed. Any thoughts?

rku commented on 2019-01-17 07:54 (UTC)

Hey @Ivellios it seems like copying lib is not necessary at all. I enabled option in settings (never knew it was there. duh!). It did not work immediately but after fiddling a bit more (which included restarting dolphin and closing bcompare) lo and behold menu became visible.

Musikolo commented on 2019-01-17 02:54 (UTC)

Updated to version


Ivellios commented on 2018-11-09 01:57 (UTC)


Yes as you mentioned, KDE Plasma only needs bcompare-kde5. However "makepkg -si" in bcompare will install the entire group, i.e. bcompare and the extension for all DEs, that's why I still made the change to bcompare-kde4, which actually point bcompare-kde4 and bcompare-kde4 extension to same library so that Plasma doesn't get confused.

Uninstall all other extensions except bcompare-kde5 works fine on Plasma, and no other manual settings required.


Musikolo commented on 2018-11-08 02:01 (UTC)

@Ivellios, I'm not completely sure I'm understanding well, but if you have KDE Plasma, you only need bcompare-kde5 package. You shouldn't have installed bcompare-kde4, if this is causing conflicts with Dolphin.

Thank you.

Ivellios commented on 2018-11-07 08:50 (UTC) (edited on 2018-11-07 12:28 (UTC) by Ivellios)

plasma-desktop 5.14.3-1
dolphin 18.08.2-1

Finally made context menu work in KDE Plasma 5 + Dolphin.
As @Musikolo said, already enabled in "Tools -> Options -> File Manager Integration", and in "Dolphin -> Control -> Configure Dolphin -> Services", beyond compare service already enabled, but still not shown in right click context menu.

> pacman -Ql bcompare-kde4  
bcompare-kde4 /usr/  
bcompare-kde4 /usr/lib/  
bcompare-kde4 /usr/lib/kde4/  
bcompare-kde4 /usr/lib/kde4/  
bcompare-kde4 /usr/share/  
bcompare-kde4 /usr/share/kde4/  
bcompare-kde4 /usr/share/kde4/services/  
bcompare-kde4 /usr/share/kde4/services/bcompare_ext_kde.desktop  
> pacman -Ql bcompare-kde5
bcompare-kde5 /usr/
bcompare-kde5 /usr/lib/
bcompare-kde5 /usr/lib/qt/
bcompare-kde5 /usr/lib/qt/plugins/
bcompare-kde5 /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/
bcompare-kde5 /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kfileitemaction/
bcompare-kde5 /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kfileitemaction/

See what's missing? There is no service file for bcompare-kde5.

If you check bcompare_ext_kde.desktop, it will load library However if you check the library, you will get: qtplugininfo: No plug-in meta-data found: Failed to extract plugin meta data from './'. If you check kde5 plugin:

qtplugininfo /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kfileitemaction/

you will get:

IID "org.kde.KPluginFactory" Qt 5.6.2 (release)
User Data: {
    "KPlugin": {
        "Icon": "bcomparefull32",
        "MimeTypes": [
        "Name": "Compare/Merge files with BeyondCompare",
        "ServiceTypes": [
    "MimeType": "application/octet-stream;inode/directory;"

The "Name" string matches what listed in Dolphin service.

So it looks Dolphin loads the kde4 service file, but only kde5 library works.

Simply solution:

cp /usr/lib/kde4/ /usr/lib/kde4/
cp /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kfileitemaction/ /usr/lib/kde4/

Now you can use Beyond Compare from context menu.

Musikolo commented on 2018-10-30 04:28 (UTC)

Just found the way to make KDE Plasma 5 service menus working. It is required to enable File Manager Integration under Tools -> Options from Beyond Compare interface.


Musikolo commented on 2018-10-30 03:45 (UTC) (edited on 2018-10-30 03:55 (UTC) by Musikolo)

Updated to version 4.2.8. Integrated new KDE Plasma 5 dynamic service menus, although unfortunately it still does not work.


stonyboy commented on 2018-10-22 20:31 (UTC)

I have now reported the issue mentioned below to Scooter Software.

The problem is now on their todo list for an upcoming BC release. No ETA at the moment.

stonyboy commented on 2018-10-21 15:10 (UTC)

I have not been able to see the context menus in Thunar lately.

Looking at the installed Thunar extensions on my system, it looks like bcompare is the only one that tries to use the thunarx-2 interface, where all the other extensions are using thunarx-3.

I suspect that this is why there are no menus showing up. Has anybody else seen something similar?

Musikolo commented on 2018-09-16 01:51 (UTC)

@scooterchris, thanks for the heads up!

The bug is now solved.

Please, let me know if you have any further issues.

Thank you!

scooterchris commented on 2018-09-14 17:29 (UTC)

The 4.2.6 AUR doesn't install HTML help to the correct location so opening Help > Contents fails.

Help files on 64-bit Linux should be installed in /usr/lib64/beyondcompare/help/, but the AUR installs help in the folder /usr/share/doc/beyondcompare/, this causes Help > Contents to fail.

Help should be placed in the help subfolder of the executable's folder or there should be a symlink in that folder pointing to the help folder.

Workaround for 64-bit Arch: ln -s /usr/share/doc/beyondcompare/ /usr/lib64/beyondcompare/help

Musikolo commented on 2018-07-14 02:37 (UTC)

Updated to version


Musikolo commented on 2018-06-21 05:08 (UTC)

@rku, I've tried really hard to get a new bcompare-kde5 package ready. However, no matter what I do it doesn't work. I can see the service listed under Dolphin --> Control --> Configure Dolphin... --> Services, but when you right click one or more files, there is nothing in the service menus (Actions). I've tried everything single thing I've been thought about, and nothing worked.

The situation it's a bit strange: 1.- The desktop file is installed under /usr/share/kservices5 which matches the output of kf5-config --path services command. I've seen other services being installed under /usr/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus but this changes nothing. 2.- The binary plugin file is installed under /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins. However, the output of kf5-config --path qtplugins is /usr/lib/plugins/:/usr/lib/qt/plugins/plugins/ in my machine. None of these two directories exist. Nonetheless, I've noticed all KDE plugins I've got installed are located under /usr/lib/qt/plugins. No matter which location I use for the plugin, it doesn't work.

So, I've got the feeling that either the KDE5 BCompare service menu is buggy or KDE Arch Linux has something wrong in the plugin system (not very likely though).

If anybody has additional ideas, those would be more than welcome.

I'll let you know as soon as I get any update.

Thank you!

rku commented on 2018-06-20 06:59 (UTC)

Thank you for the update. This version introduced context menu option for plasma5 desktop. Could we get that in aur package as well?

Musikolo commented on 2018-06-20 02:40 (UTC)

Updated to version


@Konpai, thank you for your support! ;-)

Konpai commented on 2018-06-19 22:35 (UTC)

@Musikolo I second what @a216 said. Thank you for keeping this going!

Musikolo commented on 2018-02-11 17:03 (UTC)

@a216, my pleasure! ;-)

a216 commented on 2018-02-10 21:42 (UTC)

Thanks for keeping this up to date, you're awesome!

Musikolo commented on 2018-02-01 04:41 (UTC)

Updated to version


Musikolo commented on 2017-09-04 03:36 (UTC)

Updated to version Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2017-05-24 02:35 (UTC)

Updated to version Enjoy!

vith commented on 2017-05-12 01:52 (UTC)

Ah ok. I guess it was upstream's mistake. It only said I was running a beta on the upgrade notice, not on the about dialog. Thanks.

Musikolo commented on 2017-05-12 01:08 (UTC)

Updated to version Enjoy! @Vith: You can see the changelog of every stable release at

vith commented on 2017-05-11 18:02 (UTC)

> Your installed version is 4.2.0 beta for Linux build 22302 I was only expecting release versions from this package, am I mistaken?

Musikolo commented on 2017-05-02 00:47 (UTC)

Updated to version Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2016-10-09 21:50 (UTC)

Updated to version Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2016-09-04 06:35 (UTC)

Updated to version Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2016-08-20 03:53 (UTC)

Updated to version Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2016-05-28 05:20 (UTC)

Updated to version Enjoy!

Salzi commented on 2016-03-23 07:53 (UTC)

@vith: Thank you. That was the problem.

vith commented on 2016-03-22 09:35 (UTC)

@Salzi: in pacman 5: "the ability to build a single package in a PKGBUILD has been removed" Sounds like your AUR helper isn't up to date.

Salzi commented on 2016-03-22 07:35 (UTC)

Can not update to the new version. Get the error: makepkg: invalid option '--pkg' ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build bcompare. I installed only bcompare without an optional package.

Musikolo commented on 2016-03-19 05:10 (UTC)

Updated to version 4.1.5-21031. Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2016-03-10 03:23 (UTC)

Updated to version 4.1.4-20978. Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2015-12-24 23:52 (UTC)

@vith: You should have kde4-config if you want to use bcompare-kde package. In that case, you should have kdelibs available, as shown in the next command: [musikolo@MyPC ~]$ pacman -Qo /usr/bin/kde4-config /usr/bin/kde4-config is owned by kdelibs 4.14.15-1 If you aren't interested in KDE at all, please just ignore the error altogether because the script it's assuming the file existence when checking KDE version. It seems to be a small bug, but nothing be worried about. Please, let me know if anything else is needed. Thanks for you feedback.

vith commented on 2015-12-24 13:26 (UTC)

Seems to work fine but I saw this weird message when installing with `pacaur -S bcompare`. Is that expected? ==> Starting package_bcompare()... line 184: kde4-config: command not found ====================================== Please place the following in your .bashrc or .cshrc (etc.) export PATH=/tmp/pacaurtmp-vith/bcompare/src/install/bin:$PATH ====================================== Executable is /tmp/pacaurtmp-vith/bcompare/src/install/bin/bcompare

Musikolo commented on 2015-11-19 06:01 (UTC)

Updated to - bcompare-gnome renamed as bcompare-nautilus - bcompare-xfce renamed as bcompare-thunar - added bcompare-nautilus and bcompare-mate packages - yaourt issues should be gone (not tested though) Enjoy!

Wesley_Chan commented on 2015-11-18 02:28 (UTC)

@Musikolo, @blueyed, Please change Line 48 to cd "bcompare-${pkgver}" to enable yaourt style installation. sha256sum for 32-bit: bdf5f3c32782c60516554fcbfa34f84f3e46ea0757bda2f1a4cd8670fb748864 64-bit: 7e820508f5fbc9fe97e2f1b5e7fe020cd213399f011c9808e78a3d9eafb4913f Thank you.

blueyed commented on 2015-11-12 01:13 (UTC)

"bcompare-gnome" fails to install with "pacaur -S bcompare-gnome". This is likely true for all extra packages (see similar reports for yaourt): ==> Validating source files with sha256sums... bcompare- ... Passed ==> Extracting sources... -> Extracting bcompare- with bsdtar ==> Starting prepare()... /tmp/pacaurtmp-daniel/bcompare/PKGBUILD: line 48: cd: bcompare-gnome- No such file or directory ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare().

Wesley_Chan commented on 2015-10-26 08:12 (UTC)

@Musikolo, I've never tried to use Thunar in KDE. My apology. I have no problem in naming the packages. Here's context menus for Cinnamon and MATE2/3. Tested. But in the case of MATE, I think ScooterSoftware made a mistake. The directory should be "extension2" rather than "extension3". A pull request has been made to the GitHub. To make it work, a small patch can be applied to But I suppose we should wait for the upstream. Hope this helps.

Musikolo commented on 2015-10-23 04:39 (UTC)

@Wesley_Chan: I'm open to any suggestion, of course, but you cannot use Thunar in KDE unless you have all Xfce core libs installed. So, in the end, every window manager has its our file explorer and every file explorer depends on the window manager it was created for. On top of that, it's true that for Gnome and Xfce, we could use bcompare-nautilus and bcompare-nemo names, but this is not the case for KDE, because the service menus are not for Dolphin only, they are for any KDE-compatible file explorer. So, I don't see the point in using the file explorer name in some cases and the window manager in others. I think that by using the window manager it's (reasonably) clear what its package is intended for. Lastly, there used to be some people complaining about the fact that service menus were installed all the time and they didn't want to have them at all. Having all service menus in one package is not as flexible as having it in separate packages. You could find people that wants to have service menus for Nautilus, but don't want to have it for Nemo. For this reason, I truly believe that having everything separate is the best option. Does it make sense to you?

Wesley_Chan commented on 2015-10-23 01:23 (UTC) (edited on 2015-10-23 01:59 (UTC) by Wesley_Chan)

@Musikolo, I'm sorry but shouldn't it be bcompare-thunar, bcompare-nemo, bcompare-nautilus etc.? I mean, you can definitely use nemo as file manager in Gnome, or thunar in KDE. It should be named after FM, rather than DE. What do you think? P.S.: And what is a person supposed to do if he uses both nemo and thunar? He couldn't possibly install both the packages. So please re-consider separating them. Thanks. P.S. again: Oh, I can see those separate packages are only installing menu entries. Sorry. Still, I personally think it's better all-in-one. The latest version support more than that now. I'll try to do an update. Thanks.

Musikolo commented on 2015-10-21 04:39 (UTC)

@petrovo: You are right. It should be fixed now. Thanks for your support! ;-)

petrovo commented on 2015-10-20 14:05 (UTC)

The problem really is that the package is created and in the file "/usr/bin/bcompare", 1st line, is into the path "BC_LIB" added the installation directory before "/lib/beyondcompare". Correctly be only: BC_LIB=/lib/beyondcompare I can't find where it is in the scripts.

Salzi commented on 2015-10-20 06:14 (UTC)

I was unable to install bcompare-kde- with yaourt: /tmp/yaourt-tmp-salzi/aur-bcompare-kde/./PKGBUILD: line 48: cd: bcompare-kde- No such file or directory The installation with makepkg was successful.

Musikolo commented on 2015-10-20 05:26 (UTC)

@petrovo: Could you please try with makepkg instead of yaourt?

petrovo commented on 2015-10-20 05:12 (UTC)

Hi @Musikolo, after installation 64-bit version/Openbox i have in /usr/bin/bcompare this line BC_LIB=/tmp/yaourt-tmp-petrovo/aur-bcompare/src/install/lib/beyondcompare Directory not found. Thanks for the advice, repair Peter

Musikolo commented on 2015-10-20 04:40 (UTC)

Added support for i686 platform, plus Gnome and Xfce service menus. There is now a separate package for the service menus of each window manager. @Wesley_Chan: Thanks a lot for your support!

Wesley_Chan commented on 2015-10-19 01:15 (UTC) (edited on 2015-10-19 01:39 (UTC) by Wesley_Chan)

Dear @Musikolo, Well, I can help test it today. The bcompare-beta package was stolen from yours. I'm currently using Thunar and it works. Maybe you want to do a merge. PS: Yeah, it works. Cheers,

Musikolo commented on 2015-10-16 03:46 (UTC)

@Wesley_Chan: I'm trying to update the package to support i686 build as well. However, I have no longer any i686 PC in which to try. I'm planning to set up a i686 VM to cover this kind of situations in the future. This, however, it take me some time... In addition, I'm a KDE user, so I have no way to know where Thunar and GTK context menu files should be place. Any help is more than welcome. Thank you!

Wesley_Chan commented on 2015-10-14 01:50 (UTC)

Dear @Musikolo, i686 source seems to be missing from the PKGBUILD. Nautilus and Thunar context menu support is also missing. Would you please fix it? Thanks. Since there is a "bcompare-beta" package, I think they should be conflicted with each other. It would be nice if you can merge them back. Cheers,

Musikolo commented on 2015-10-12 22:13 (UTC)

@vinibali: I have verified both dependencies. You are right in that qt4 is a required dependency, so I have added it to the depends entry. However, gtk2 is not a dependency because I have been able to run the bcompare without having gtk2 installed at all. If you have any case scenario in which it's needed, I would appreciate further details to re-evaluate. Thanks a million for your feedback! ;-)

vinibali commented on 2015-10-12 18:36 (UTC) (edited on 2015-10-12 18:37 (UTC) by vinibali)

hi. still needs to install qt4 and gtk2 packages manually.

Musikolo commented on 2015-10-02 04:00 (UTC)

Updated to version 4.1.1 build 20615! @Zrax: thanks for your contribution ;-)

Zrax commented on 2015-09-29 16:59 (UTC)

Here's my version with libs in the right directory and the updated dependencies:

Zrax commented on 2015-09-28 18:37 (UTC)

4.1.x is out and now includes a 64-bit build

Wesley_Chan commented on 2015-09-22 04:05 (UTC)

Hi everyone. I made a latest beta [here]( based on your script. Thank you and hope you find it useful.

rku commented on 2015-09-18 12:13 (UTC)

service menus on KDE5 no longer work (for quite some time now). they used to work though.

Musikolo commented on 2015-03-26 03:03 (UTC)

Updated to version 4.0.7 build 19761. Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2015-02-18 04:27 (UTC)

Updated to version 4.0.5 build 19480. Enjoy!

capjo commented on 2015-02-16 14:30 (UTC)

New version 4.0.5 build 19480 was released. Here are my changes to make the PKGBUILD file work. pkgname=bcompare pkgver= pkgrel=1 pkgdesc="Beyond Compare 4: Compare, sync, and merge files and folders" arch=('i686' 'x86_64') url="" license=('custom') groups=('utility') makedepends=('sed') source=("${pkgname}-${pkgver}.tar.gz") md5sums=('ec267607f57352d846ee2370dcaed735') sha1sums=('ecf580a0cbdcd5ae23440bea1b8dc4c9db79c4e2')

Musikolo commented on 2015-01-17 03:42 (UTC)

Updated to version 4.0.4 build 19477. Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2015-01-12 01:28 (UTC)

Updated to version 4.0.3 build 19420 Enjoy!

Firef0x commented on 2014-12-01 14:25 (UTC)

I've added the binary package to my own repository. Pls visit and add my repository, then execute sudo pacman -Syu sudo pacman -S bcompare to install the package. For change of the PKGBUILD and other files, pls see Making an issue or a pull request is also welcomed. 我已经将打好的包添加到我的仓库里面。 请访问 并添加我的仓库,然后执行 sudo pacman -Syu sudo pacman -S bcompare 来安装本包。 查看 PKGBUILD 和其它文件的更改,请访问 欢迎众大神指导及推送代码!

Firef0x commented on 2014-12-01 14:21 (UTC)

For who needs the Beyond Compare 3.x version, pls feel free to try the following package: This package is for those who don't want to upgrade their Beyond Compare 3 license or who is using a cracked license.O(∩_∩)O The PKGBUILD is almost the same as the one in package 'bcompare' version 3.3.12. I just update it to version 3.3.13 and add a file 'bcompare.install' which is imported in 'bcompare' version 4.0. 各位需要 Beyond Compare 3.x 版本的大神,请试用以下包: 本软件包提供给那些不想升级 Beyond Compare 3 注册码的用户和那些在使用网上流传的注册码的用户。O(∩_∩)O PKGBUILD 文件基本与包 ”bcompare“ 版本为 3.3.12 的该文件相同。 我仅仅升级软件至 3.3.13 并且增加一个在 “bcompare” 版本 4.0 中引入的文件 “bcompare.install”。

Musikolo commented on 2014-11-25 03:43 (UTC)

Updated to version 4.0.2 build 19186. Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2014-11-11 23:39 (UTC)

Updated to version 4.0.0 build 18847. Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2014-07-03 04:24 (UTC)

Updated to version 3.3.12 build 18414. Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2014-04-06 04:16 (UTC)

Fixed issue for i686 architecture. No changes for x86_64. Enjoy!

DaveCode commented on 2014-03-22 02:57 (UTC)

PPS make i686 stick the easy way

DaveCode commented on 2014-03-22 02:40 (UTC)

> Unfortunately, I don't have an i686 computer that I can use to test it out. PS You can install Arch i686 on a cheap USB key and boot a 64-bit PC with it. I do it all the time for admin/backup/rescue work. The USB stick is "universal" that way.

DaveCode commented on 2014-03-22 02:34 (UTC)

i686 broken

Musikolo commented on 2014-03-19 00:42 (UTC)

Updated to version 3.3.10 build 17762. There are some changes for i686 packaging. If you find something wrong, please, let me know. Enjoy!

petrovo commented on 2014-03-18 17:59 (UTC)

Please change for other to the latest version bcompare- Thanks Peter

Musikolo commented on 2014-03-18 04:36 (UTC)

@Shura: Could you please confirm whether the following PKGBUILD works for you? Unfortunately, I don't have an i686 computer that I can use to test it out. - Please, let me know as soon as possible. If everything is OK, I'll submit an update. Thanks for your contribution!

Musikolo commented on 2014-03-08 00:56 (UTC)

Version 4 is beta, not final. Unflagging.

shura commented on 2014-02-16 20:29 (UTC)

Your PKGBUILD doesn't work on i686 installations. Please substitute it with: # Maintainer: Musikolo <musikolo {at} hotmail [dot] com> # Contributor: Magician <magician21 ett lycos daht com> # Contributor: Petrovo # Contributor: Pierre-François Gomez # Original PKGBUILD file from: # - # - pkgname=bcompare pkgver= pkgrel=3 pkgdesc="Beyond Compare 3: Compare, sync, and merge files and folders" arch=('i686' 'x86_64') url="" license=('custom') groups=('utility') makedepends=('sed') if test "$CARCH" == x86_64; then depends+=(lib32-glibc lib32-expat lib32-fontconfig lib32-freetype2 lib32-gcc-libs lib32-libice lib32-libsm lib32-libstdc++5 lib32-libxcb lib32-libx11 lib32-libxau lib32-libxcursor lib32-libxext lib32-libxfixes lib32-libxft lib32-libxinerama lib32-libxrandr lib32-libxrender lib32-zlib) else depends+=(glibc expat fontconfig freetype2 gcc-libs libice libsm libstdc++5 libxcb libx11 libxau libxcursor libxext libxfixes libxft libxinerama libxrandr libxrender zlib) fi source=("${pkgname}-${pkgver}.tar.gz") md5sums=('7a974ed65ecf6eaedfa072c5f34a38d4') options=('!strip') # Do not strip binaries because it breaks them down optdepends=() backup=() package() { # Prepare the directory skeleton needed for mkdir -p "${pkgdir}/usr/share/applications" mkdir -p "${pkgdir}/usr/share/doc" mkdir -p "${pkgdir}/usr/share/mime/packages" mkdir -p "${pkgdir}/usr/share/pixmaps" # Set up service menus echo -n "Do you want to install KDE service menus globally? [Y/n] " read key if [ "$key" != "n" -a "$key" != "N" ]; then echo -n "Including KDE service menus in the package..." mkdir -p "${pkgdir}/usr/lib/kde4" mkdir -p "${pkgdir}/usr/share/kde4/services/" echo " Done!" else echo "KDE service menus will NOT be included in the package." fi # Apply some fixes on before run it cd ${pkgname}-${pkgver} sed -i 's|/usr/|${PREFIX}/usr/|g' ./ --prefix="${pkgdir}" # Move some directories to usr cd "${pkgdir}" mv bin usr/ if test "$CARCH" == x86_64; then mv lib32 usr/ else mv lib usr/ fi # Fix wrong path sed -i "s|"${pkgdir}"|/usr|g" usr/bin/bcompare #Clean unneded files if test "$CARCH" == x86_64; then pushd usr/lib32/beyondcompare/ > /dev/null else pushd usr/lib/beyondcompare/ > /dev/null fi rm -f RPM-GPG-KEY-scootersoftware scootersoftware.repo kde_context_menu mv help "${pkgdir}/usr/share/doc/beyondcompare" mv README "${pkgdir}/usr/share/doc/beyondcompare/" rm -rf ext popd > /dev/null # Clean some mime files pushd usr/share > /dev/null mv mime/packages . rm -rf mime/* mv packages mime/ popd > /dev/null } Thanks.

petrovo commented on 2014-01-04 05:47 (UTC)

Hello, I don't need for my system dependency lib32-libstdc++5. I have in usr/lib32/ version 6 from Peter

cconrad commented on 2013-12-01 13:33 (UTC)

Thanks for packaging this! Great product.

pef commented on 2013-11-14 19:32 (UTC)

Ok, I was just missing some 32bit libs from multilib. Here is the patch : it adds the libraries listed in the README file. --- PKGBUILD 2013-11-14 20:27:03.860790508 +0100 +++ 2013-11-14 20:28:46.000000000 +0100 @@ -14,6 +14,9 @@ license=('custom') groups=('utility') makedepends=('sed') +if test "$CARCH" == x86_64; then + depends+=(lib32-glibc lib32-expat lib32-fontconfig lib32-freetype2 lib32-glibc lib32-gcc-libs lib32-libice lib32-libsm lib32-libstdc++5 lib32-libxcb lib32-libx11 lib32-libxau lib32-libxcursor lib32-libxext lib32-libxfixes lib32-libxft lib32-libxinerama lib32-libxrandr lib32-libxrender lib32-zlib) +fi source=("${pkgname}-${pkgver}.tar.gz") md5sums=('7a974ed65ecf6eaedfa072c5f34a38d4') options=('!strip') # Do not strip binaries because it breaks them down

pef commented on 2013-11-14 18:41 (UTC)

@Musikolo Hello, I have exactely the same error as @oman002 when run from the command line. x86_64 as well. I did follow your advice and used makepkg instead of yaourt, to no avail. [pef@pefix bcompare]$ curl -so pastebin [pef@pefix bcompare]$ pacman -Ql bcompare |diff -u pastebin - --- pastebin 2013-11-14 19:38:04.096386301 +0100 +++ - 2013-11-14 19:38:08.279542637 +0100 @@ -1,4 +1,3 @@ -[musikolo@MyPC ~]$ pacman -Ql bcompare bcompare /usr/ bcompare /usr/bin/ bcompare /usr/bin/bcompare [pef@pefix bcompare]$ bcompare /usr/bin/bcompare: /usr/lib32/beyondcompare/BCompare: No such file or directory

Musikolo commented on 2013-08-23 09:33 (UTC)

@oman002: I do have this file since it is part of the package. Are you sure you built the package fine with no errors? You should have exactly these files: If you used yaourt to build the package, try using makepkg instead. Regards.

oman002 commented on 2013-07-13 22:57 (UTC)

When I run bcompare on my x86_64 system I get: /usr/bin/bcompare: /usr/lib32/beyondcompare/BCompare: No such file or directory /usr/lib32/beyondcompare/BCompare does exist. Any ideas?

Musikolo commented on 2013-06-21 20:43 (UTC)

@loki: Updated to version 3.3.8. Enjoy! @ericjxc: Can you please tell where you get the statement that lib32 has been renamed to lib from? Just want to know... What's your PC architecture: i686 or x86_64?

loki commented on 2013-06-21 08:51 (UTC)

3.3.8 available.

commented on 2013-03-11 17:19 (UTC)

Please note that lib32 folder has been renamed to lib. This is the diff output from my Changes to PKGBUILD. -------BEGIN FILE---------------------------- 50c50,51 < mv bin lib32 usr/ --- > mv bin usr/ > mv lib/beyondcompare usr/lib/ 56c57 < pushd usr/lib32/beyondcompare/ > /dev/null --- > pushd usr/lib/beyondcompare/ > /dev/null ------END FILE-----------------------------

Musikolo commented on 2013-03-09 18:49 (UTC)

@fantab: Updated to version 3.3.7. Enjoy!

fantab commented on 2013-03-09 18:32 (UTC)

3.3.7 is out... Please update.

Musikolo commented on 2013-03-02 01:54 (UTC)

Package updated: - Fixed "Trial information is corrupt" error - Removed lib32-qt package as no longer needed - Changed the build source from .deb to .tar.gz Enjoy!

commented on 2013-03-01 18:17 (UTC)

I've only changed the requirements from "lib32-qt" to "lib32-qt4" in PKGBUILD file and everything is working fine! Regards!

bakgwailo commented on 2013-02-28 06:56 (UTC)

Flagged as out of date as it requires lib32-qt, which is now lib32-qt4

phunni commented on 2013-02-22 12:16 (UTC)

I can confirm that flamusdiu's fix works for me.

flamusdiu commented on 2013-01-09 04:39 (UTC)

For some reason the checksums between the tar.gz and the .deb files are different. For the AMD64.deb file I get the checksum: 927352a353c43dc1453828d909a92fb4 while for the tar.gz I get: 24a53347bb86e62bf002e4dbe82ed630. If you unpack the tar.gz file and cd into directory then run the following command: "sudo mv BCompare /usr/lib32/beyondcompare/" it fixes the issue. Not sure if possible to have this file put into the PKGBUILD tar.gz file.

phunni commented on 2012-12-25 20:24 (UTC)

The application does not start up and work normally - at least, not if you don't have a license and wanted to use a trial license. I tried a version that I installed from a tar.gz from the official website and it runs without this error appearing.

Musikolo commented on 2012-12-21 19:26 (UTC)

@phunni & @Mahara: Yes, I can confirm the "Trial information is corrupt" error is occurring, but I cannot do anything since we only have the binary program. The same program version didn't show this error before and I don't know what might be causing it now. Anyway, after displaying the error, the application starts up and works normally. I hope the problem is fixed upstream in the next release. Thanks for your notice. Regards.

phunni commented on 2012-12-21 12:25 (UTC)

Not to be a pain, but is there any progress on the "Trial information is corrupt" error?

commented on 2012-11-27 10:25 (UTC)

"Trial Information is corrupt" is also present on the first run on the latest ArchLinux x86_64 with KDE.

Musikolo commented on 2012-09-14 23:53 (UTC)

@rbellamy: I don't have Gnome, so if you find a fix, I'll be happy to include it. Regards.

rbellamy commented on 2012-09-14 00:14 (UTC)

Any possibility of getting the Nautilus integration working? I too am getting the "Trial Information is corrupt" error.

phunni commented on 2012-08-10 16:01 (UTC)

Also getting the trial information is corrupt error

Musikolo commented on 2012-07-20 16:58 (UTC)

Updated to version 3.3.5! Best regards.

shaurz commented on 2012-05-31 19:45 (UTC)

Missing a few dependencies: lib32-libxinerama lib32-libxcursor lib32-libxft Also when I run it, it says the trial information is corrupt.

BertiBoeller commented on 2012-05-21 22:49 (UTC)

Hi Musikolo, I can confirm your dependency list but I needed to have 'lib32-libsm' installed also. Otherwise Beyond Compare wouldn't start. Best regard.

Musikolo commented on 2012-04-22 19:26 (UTC)

@BertiBoeller: It's true that lib32-qt is no needed, but lib32-zlib isn't either. However, I have find out that the following is needed: depends=('lib32-libxinerama' 'lib32-libxcursor' 'lib32-libxft' 'sh') Can you please confirm nothing else is required? I will release a new update when confirmed. Besides, I need to do some tests on i686 architecture too. Thanks for your contribution! Best regards.

BertiBoeller commented on 2012-04-19 20:21 (UTC)

/usr/lib32/ is provided by lib32-zlib. When I remove this library on my system I have the same error. lib32-qt3 is definitely not needed to run Beyond Compare. Namcap unfortunatley wasn't able to find this dependency.

commented on 2012-04-19 19:16 (UTC)

System x64. Installation works without error. When launching, I got an error message: Some Shared Libraries were not found => (0xf77b0000) => /usr/lib32/ (0xf7774000).... It seems to come from some missing QT lib. Therefore, I manually install lib32-qt3. It works after that. I think you should set back the dependance. BTW, also got directly the key requirement (without having any trial period). Thanks a lot

BertiBoeller commented on 2012-03-12 10:03 (UTC)

@Musikolo: Thanks a lot! Regarding the service menus: It would have been nice if there were some more opinions. Maybe it's just me who likes the user preferences settings better...

Musikolo commented on 2012-03-10 18:33 (UTC)

@BertiBoeller: Removed unneeded lib32-qt3 dependency for x86_64 architecture. Thanks for your notice. @Everybody: In order to find a solution the different opinions regarding whether KDE service menus should or shouldn't be installed globally, I have included a question in the build script asking you for this. By default, they will be installed. So, if you do not want them to be installed, simply reply No to the question. I hope everybody is happy with these changes. Regards.

BertiBoeller commented on 2012-03-10 14:06 (UTC)

@Musikolo: Regarding the service menus: I think this depends on the preferences of the user. If you have lots of programs which install entries in the service menu it can become cluttered and you can't disable the "Edit" and compare with file menu entries. But it's your package so it's up to your preference what you chose as default. It should be save to remove the "lib32-qt3" dependency. I've installed Beyond Compare without that dependency and it seems to run just fine. Namcap doesn't complain also.

Musikolo commented on 2012-03-07 22:08 (UTC)

@fnine: Thanks for your notice. There was a bug while building the package on i686 architecture, but the new PKGBUILD file sorts it out. The issue didn't affect x86_64 users, so no changes for them. Regards.

fnine commented on 2012-03-07 11:59 (UTC)

I just ran into this. Package installation fails with "==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build()". Reason is that you hide the error message, but not the error :-) Adding "|| true" to the kde_context_menu line fixes this. Regards, /alex

Musikolo commented on 2012-03-05 19:42 (UTC)

@BertiBoeller: I'm aware about the error caused while trying to find the 'menu.ini' file, but I didn't find any problem because of this: the service menus were generated fine. That's why the script hides this error by using 2> /dev/null. If find anything wrong with this, please, let me know. Regarding the fact of installing the service menus globally, I think when you install a package as root (or with sudo) the purpose is to put it at the service of all the users of that PC. Otherwise, the user should do his own local installation, rather than relying on a global one. Besides, I don't see anything wrong in making the service menus available to everyone as the binary of the package is also available to everyone: would it make any sense to put the binaries available to all users and not to do the same with the service menus? I don't think... Regards.

BertiBoeller commented on 2012-03-04 17:46 (UTC)

Hello, thanks for the package! If you're installing bcompare for the first time the part with the ServiceMenus will fail because the script looks for a file called 'menu.ini' in '~/.beyondcompare' and '/usr/lib/beyondcompare'. If you haven't run Beyond Compare and saved your settings the file won't exist and the build of the package will fail. On a multi user system it probably wouldn't be a good idea to make these configurations global anyway. Regards.

Musikolo commented on 2012-03-03 18:39 (UTC)

@adam.bococz: Included system KDE service menus, so now there is no need to have ~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus directory. They are installed at /usr/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus instead. Regards.

commented on 2012-03-03 13:45 (UTC)

It could be nice if you could add execution of cript which creates right-click actions in KDE, script is located in package /usr/lib/beyondcompare/kde_contect_menu, before you run it you must create dir called ServiceMenus in ~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/ otherwise it fails... BTW. ScooterSoftware provides that deb package as 30-day trial, after that period you have to enter serial number... when I install that deb on ubuntu, it works as trial, so twopumpchump was right that it is unexpected behaviour.

Musikolo commented on 2012-03-01 21:41 (UTC)

Updated to version 3.3.4. Regards.

Musikolo commented on 2012-02-02 21:56 (UTC)

@twopumpchump: This package is commercial, what means that if you want to run it you need key code. The usual way to get key code is to buy it. Thus, what you get is the expected behaviour.

commented on 2012-01-31 03:27 (UTC)

When i try to open I get error "the trial information is missing or corrupt" and cannot open program unless i buy it...anybody else?

Musikolo commented on 2012-01-13 19:26 (UTC)

@Petrovo: I have included your tip. So, now deb2targz is no longer needed as make dependency. Thanks. @Everyone else: For those having the version 3.3.3 already installed, there is no need to rebuild the package again as it's equivalent at binary level. Best regards.

petrovo commented on 2012-01-07 11:32 (UTC)

deb2targz is out see. My inspiration with ar from Notice: This is my first attempt with PKGBUILD. But the program runs. # Extract all files from .deb file, set default permissions and move them to the pkg dir ar x $FILE_BASE_NAME.deb tar xzf data.tar.gz -C $pkgdir # C lean up unneded files for

jsivak commented on 2011-09-28 17:59 (UTC)

BeyondCompare is updated to 3.3.2 build 14050. Patch for PKGBUILD below: --- PKGBUILD 2011-09-28 13:57:24.440369193 -0400 +++ PKGBUILD-updated 2011-09-28 13:55:21.661522311 -0400 @@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ # - pkgname=bcompare -pkgver= +pkgver= pkgrel=1 pkgdesc="Beyond Compare 3: Compare, sync, and merge files and folders" arch=('i686' 'x86_64') @@ -21,14 +21,14 @@ depends=('lib32-qt' 'lib32-qt3' 'sh') source=("${pkgname}-${pkgver}_amd64.deb") noextract=("${pkgname}-${pkgver}_amd64.deb") - md5sums=('c143f9e272ea8238a1081b89319dd98d') + md5sums=('b3140ad34dcf53704ded9bd7509222d2') elif [ "${CARCH}" = 'i686' ]; then ARCH='i386' depends=('sh') source=("${pkgname}-${pkgver}_i386.deb") noextract=("${pkgname}-${pkgver}_i386.deb") - md5sums=('c17eb84d2c038456ef1a82a5b29b9a26') + md5sums=('26369521fe0294426f88691513224118') fi build() {

Musikolo commented on 2011-08-30 22:19 (UTC)

All architectures are now supported. For x86_64 architectures some lib32 packages are required. If you find anything that can be improved, please, do not hesitate to let me know. Enjoy!

Musikolo commented on 2011-08-25 22:16 (UTC)

Hi, I'll try to do my best at the beginning of the next week. It turns out impossible for me to do anything at all sooner. Regards.

jsivak commented on 2011-08-25 17:29 (UTC)

Forgot to say "build bcompare for x86_64".

jsivak commented on 2011-08-25 17:28 (UTC)

I was able to build bcompare using the following changes (inspired from --- PKGBUILD 2011-08-25 13:26:21.495281647 -0400 +++ bcompare_aur_PKGBUILD 2011-08-25 13:19:26.899691256 -0400 @@ -5,13 +5,13 @@ pkgdesc="Beyond Compare 3: Compare, sync, and merge files and folders" pkgrel=1 # Only i686 architecture supported so far :-( -#arch=(i686 x86_64) -arch=(i686) +arch=(i686 x86_64) +#arch=(i686) url="" license=(GPL3) groups=('utility') -makedepends=() -depends=() +makedepends=( 'lib32-qt' 'lib32-qt3' 'sh') +depends=('sh') options=() source=(${pkgname}-${pkgver}.tar.gz) sha256sums=('6243016e888dca46fd8195f90c45d106b0ce5f8b0490ffc3e178890ac60b92fb')