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Description: Beyond Compare 4: Compare, sync, and merge files and folders
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Keywords: compare diff
Licenses: custom
Submitter: Musikolo
Maintainer: Musikolo
Last Packager: Musikolo
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First Submitted: 2011-07-27 22:54 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-03-08 02:08 (UTC)

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Musikolo commented on 2023-04-09 15:36 (UTC)

@xiota, I guess the same question applies for i686 architecture. Although you're certainly right, I see no reason why to discontinue offering what upstream supports. Since both architectures and environment desktops are packaged individually, everyone can pick and choose whatever they are interested in. Besides, we shouldn't forget about other Arch-based distros that could take advantage of it.

I hope it makes sense.

xiota commented on 2023-04-09 06:31 (UTC) (edited on 2023-04-09 06:31 (UTC) by xiota)

Should the -kde4 package be removed, since kde4 isn't available anymore.

Musikolo commented on 2022-09-27 12:14 (UTC)

@G4Zz0L1, @eismog, @dimavs and others getting the exit code 216 error, please report it upstream at . I think that's the only way we are gonna find a solution for this. We need a single place upstream where to record as much detail as possible. Please share as much info as you can (X library, graphic driver, fonts, traces, etc.). I'll help as much as I can, but since the issue only occurs on a very small set of users, we need your help to troubleshoot it.

I hope this makes sense to you.


G4Zz0L1 commented on 2022-09-27 09:47 (UTC)

The infamous error it's still on? I've the same situation of @dimavs, it works on my work pc, but doesn't on my home pc.

Ashark commented on 2022-07-02 02:05 (UTC)

@Musikolo Thanks for your work. But I kindly wanted to ask not to add "enjoy" comment at each version update. See

feilong commented on 2022-06-25 03:20 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-25 03:22 (UTC) by feilong)

I have a same problem, exit code -216 After install this aur, it can't open,I do the follow step and get -216 error.

  • add /usr/lib/beyondcompare/ to last line /etc/ (also try to install lib7zip by yay -S lib7zip and this line, but it not work also)
  • do yay -S qt4

this is the log file dump by command strace /usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare 2>/tmp/trace

eismog commented on 2022-06-21 11:37 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-21 11:40 (UTC) by eismog)

I've got the same exit code - 216.

$ bash -x bcompare
+ BC_LIB=/usr/lib/beyondcompare
+ export BC_LIB
+ EXEC=/usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare
+ '[' -n '' ']'
+ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/beyondcompare
+ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/beyondcompare
+ grep -q 'not found'
+ ldd /usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare
+ '[' '' = true ']'
+ '[' 0 -gt 0 ']'
+ /bin/bash -c 'exec -a bcompare /usr/lib/beyondcompare/BCompare  > /dev/null 2>&1' bcompare
+ EXIT=216
+ '[' 216 = 99 ']'
+ exit 216

GDB message:
─── Output/messages
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Using host libthread_db library "/usr/lib/".

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x0000000000889f83 in ?? ()
─── Assembly
 0x0000000000889f83  ? mov    %eax,(%rsi)
 0x0000000000889f85  ? lea    0x8(%rsp),%rsp
 0x0000000000889f8a  ? ret    
 0x0000000000889f8b  ? add    %al,(%rax)
 0x0000000000889f8d  ? add    %al,(%rax)
 0x0000000000889f8f  ? add    %dl,0x41(%rbx)
 0x0000000000889f92  ? push   %rsp
 0x0000000000889f93  ? push   %r13
 0x0000000000889f95  ? lea    -0x190(%rsp),%rsp
 0x0000000000889f9d  ? mov    %rdi,%rbx

─── Stack
[0] from 0x0000000000889f83
[1] from 0x00007fffffffcb30
[2] from 0x0000000000889c0a
[3] from 0x00007fffffffd690
[4] from 0x00007ffff7fbe090
[5] from 0x00007ffff7fbea90
[6] from 0x00007ffff7fbf990
[7] from 0x00007ffff7f75000
[8] from 0x00007ffff7f76a60
[9] from 0x00007ffff7f39000

jamespharvey20 commented on 2022-06-06 01:37 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-06 01:46 (UTC) by jamespharvey20)

I recommend not running this program as root, for good security practice. That said, if you want to do it anyway and are willing to take the risks that it eats your hard drive, read along.

When attempting to run as root, the GUI window will appear but without any contents. This was reported upstream in 2015 at but its developers decided it was a KDE bug. They reported it to Fedora as a KDE bug at but Fedora decided it was an application side bug, and they gave the good advice to not run GUI apps as root.

A workaround is:

$ sudo QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM=native bcompare

Again, run a GUI as root at your own risk. (FWIW, it worked fine for me.)

This workaround only works on a local machine. Over a ssh session, even with X forwarding, it will give "X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication." I didn't work through what the workaround for that would be, but it'll have something to do with /root/.Xauthority and/or xauth.

For a moment, I considered that the /usr/bin/bcompare bash script could be updated to check for root permissions and automatically export this environment variable. But, I see that bash script comes from upstream so is probably best left alone. Also, it's probably not a good idea to make it easier for people to run the program as root without understanding the dangers.

Musikolo commented on 2022-04-25 04:10 (UTC)

@eliminater74, it might sometimes be useful to use the strace command from a terminal the following way:

$> strace bcompare

I hope it helps!

eliminater74 commented on 2022-04-20 23:20 (UTC)

I keep geting: "usr/bin/bcompare: line 47: 42996 Segmentation fault (core dumped) /bin/bash -c "exec -a $0 $EXEC $ARGS > /dev/null 2>&1" $0"

any ideas?