Package Details: brother-hl2270dw 2.1.0_2-5

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Package Base: brother-hl2270dw
Description: Brother HL-2270DW CUPS Driver
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: jrmrjnck
Maintainer: mh00h (jrmrjnck)
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First Submitted: 2015-08-10 03:04 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2019-09-13 05:28 (UTC)

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WTravisH commented on 2022-06-25 13:29 (UTC)

I was able to get this driver working over IPP with a fixed IP address using the following setup:

lpadmin -p Brother_HL2270DW -E -v "ipp://PRINTER_IP_ADDRESS/ipp/sock1" -m HL2270DW.ppd

Worth noting that the URL path is different from the default one listed in the Arch CUPS docs.

mattalxndr commented on 2020-08-08 15:16 (UTC)

The dependency "lib32-glibc" was not installed automatically.

SeeSpotRun commented on 2019-12-01 03:05 (UTC)

"<</.HWMargins[17. 12. 17. 12.]>>setpagedevice"

I had the same problem; it's working again now after rebuilding this package and also uninstalling and reinstalling the printer.

pauper commented on 2019-11-12 20:28 (UTC)

"<</.HWMargins[17. 12. 17. 12.]>>setpagedevice"

Same here, the update has not fixed this issue for me.

laurenth commented on 2019-10-31 09:32 (UTC)

Hi, there's something wrong and I can't figure out what. When I try to print something (let's say the printing test page) I get a blank page with :

<</.HWMargins[17. 12. 17. 12.]>>setpagedevice

on top. What can I do ? Thanks

mh00h commented on 2019-09-13 05:13 (UTC)

Updated, thanks for doing the heavy lifting all :)

moormaster commented on 2019-09-07 10:06 (UTC)

Cannot install the ppd file for the same reasons as stated below - please update the HL2270DW.patch file

zxcv commented on 2019-08-31 22:29 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-31 22:31 (UTC) by zxcv)

I think there is a typo in last comment. And it should look like this:

[/usr/share/cups/model]$ diff HL2280DW.ppd HL2280DW.ppd.bak
< *DefaultMargins: Corrected
> *DefaultMargins: Custom 282c282
< *Margins Corrected/Corrected (set with 'alignmargins'): "<</.HWMargins [0 0 0 0] /Margins [0 0]>>setpagedevice"
> *Margins Custom/Custom (set with 'alignmargins'): "<</.HWMargins [0 0 0 0] /Margins [0 0]>>setpagedevice"

jadedpasta commented on 2019-08-23 03:31 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-23 03:34 (UTC) by jadedpasta)

I had to modify HL2280W.ppd in this way:

[/usr/share/cups/model]$ diff HL2280DW.ppd HL2280DW.ppd.bak
< *DefaultMargins: Corrected
> *DefaultMargins: Custom 282c282
< *Margins Corrected/Corrected (set with 'alignmargins'): "<</.HWMargins [0 0 0 0] /Margins [0 0]>>setpagedevice"
> *Margins Custom/Custom (set with 'alignmargins'): "<</.HWMargins[0 0 0 0] /Margins[0 0]>>setpagedevice"

in order to complete my printer setup with this command:

sudo lpadmin -p BrotherHL2280DW_AppSocket -E -v "socket://" -m HL2280DW.ppd

I'm not sure if this is correct, but it worked for me.

steadybright commented on 2017-07-04 17:31 (UTC) (edited on 2017-07-05 04:05 (UTC) by steadybright)

Thank you martyg, I should mention that the printer is connected to an ARM installation of Arch running on a Pogoplug device. So I'm not sure how the 32/64-bit issues may relate to this. Again, my Windows 10 machines can print to this printer without issue. Why do the Linux machines fail to print to it? sb

martyg commented on 2017-07-04 03:13 (UTC)

This post will give you a sequence of things to check. I always dig out this bookmark whenever I mess with this drive in Linux.

steadybright commented on 2017-07-04 01:16 (UTC) (edited on 2017-07-04 01:17 (UTC) by steadybright)

Good Evening, For some reason, I am unable to print from any of my linux machines (I'm using CUPS) with the resulting .ppd from this package. The linux machines don't seem to know the documents aren't printing. Even the linux box the printer is connected to (USB) isn't able to print to this printer, although it doesn't complain. However, my 5 Windows 10 machines print to this printer (http...) using this package's .ppd just fine. When I modify the printer in the host CUPS setup to use the generic PL6 .ppd, the linux boxes can print to the printer again (including the printer host) and the Windows 10 machines still can print as well. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this may be happening? Thanks, sb

bvanheu commented on 2016-03-30 01:34 (UTC) (edited on 2016-03-30 01:34 (UTC) by bvanheu)

I own a HL2270DW printer and when printing the default CUPS test page, the right margin is 1mm off (see the following ascii art). It's pretty obvious with the test page because of the black frame around the page. |--7mm--|... Printer test page...|--6mm--| Anyone have the same problem? I don't have any offset configured on the printer.

sergiodlc commented on 2015-09-14 19:11 (UTC)

I just created and uploaded a package for the HL-2280DW based on this one. Thank you very much! I'll be maintaining it for the time being. I'll keep track of comments on this package to check if there's something to update in the HL-2280DW one.

jrmrjnck commented on 2015-08-25 04:39 (UTC)

Thanks mh00h! You're now the maintainer.

mh00h commented on 2015-08-24 23:12 (UTC)

I can help you test and maintain this, as I own this printer.

jrmrjnck commented on 2015-08-10 03:56 (UTC)

Sorry for the late AUR4 migration - it looks like I lost all the comments and votes :( I actually don't own this printer anymore, so if someone else would like to become maintainer, please speak up. I can continue as maintainer for now, but obviously I can only help with packaging issues.