Package Details: catppuccin-gtk-theme-mocha 1.0.3-1

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Package Base: catppuccin-gtk-theme-mocha
Description: Soothing pastel theme for GTK - Mocha
Upstream URL:
Keywords: catppuccin
Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: spookyintheam
Maintainer: catppuccin
Last Packager: catppuccin
Votes: 25
Popularity: 2.06
First Submitted: 2022-09-01 16:33 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-06-01 20:57 (UTC)

Latest Comments

shadow_absorber commented on 2024-05-28 18:59 (UTC)

there is an upstream messaage about -dark not working with gtk-3.0 but -Dark working

also setting the theme manually kinda works

mithrial commented on 2024-05-28 12:34 (UTC)

After the last update, the theme changed the names and it's not found by lxappearance, so I can't set it with this.

$ gtk-query-settings | grep gtk-theme-name
                     gtk-theme-name: "catppuccin-mocha-blue-standard+default-dark"

I've set this name in .config/gtk-{2,3,4}.0/settings.ini as well (where I've had it before) but it falls back to Adwaita for any gtk application (doesn't matter if 2, 3, or 4).

alexmurkoff commented on 2024-05-10 18:49 (UTC)

Bump to the 0.7.4 (Maintainer's EMail account seems to not exist anymore):

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 18bbbbb..abc0bd6 100644
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 # Maintainer: spookyintheam <>

 pkgdesc='Soothing pastel theme for GTK3 - Mocha'
@@ -21,20 +21,21 @@ source=("$pkgname-$$url/releases/download/v$pkgver/Catppuccin-M
-            'a3bcfb63ff419e104fafe0f65458450ccd9eae77a1a372c2b216db160f7c7df8'
-            '7d5dd42b15fb5338a9d500b2f9ed1a85e3a4c8786a73c441faf4de3e9eb88c67'
-            'edff5a4be48886234712d4de80a449ded70979c322b1cf417c23127bd32c59fd'
-            'ec7b80d9ccb844efd72ee0af62351f2a93d82845a2cc05a7e789bf10aa77aaea'
-            '9de9c7bbe89e16027473c32a82733a6d7f50c3b6db412f94c337556d44bca3b7'
-            'cb36825cb6a93ff7f6121b58b7c2e65bb4b6567aa8f1bb32e2241d8a6ee59515'
-            '9310baa5aaf4d5b4a13517c7c57092907a9d2d8a842d82f5c161c74b7d014975'
-            'cd9674f4e73c0fd1d5a50a044db8643644d21ca8224ccf383684620c625a7721'
-            'bb992f59678c760390c45a95a8d74c40a266b03603b6b017c98a925b5e9444d3'
-            'fa3b111886ecee1a7832f09e1555010ff3b10071e923a6c438dcc765df27f756'
-            'b31a61131306ff2165e8d63683e17deb77f011e8fdf80acdae9f40ff83aad5f7'
-            '3bc2cea4fb8094db356b8ce8a1098aff88ef4404331b40c3578962e3f3871369'
-            '24cd2963517add8a6e17fc07626fac6af309d5a13f280f44c11b9a9ff268495b')
+            'd04f800a46639cfd735bb577e6985c9c5fc0298d94abb3b986835690d7e79068'
+            '3a03dcd64cc7a08886e8a1500c9a1383d158757262ef91470be69103cdc7896e'
+            '543b359651444b873987818a52953d79026ea57c793a6664e5138736c26c17a0'
+            'c4927cffe24a9362f576b540d1c2fd2364b77b75f87e0e3908ebde780eea9fde'
+            '7a31f10893ff45f81763007ae6aca13f9a829c7ce04b3a58e0fb444510e11fc7'
+            '1f11d5d6b2092c6bb5eee66c943ef4d59088bea02f247e0ab2e96030a6f5e972'
+            '015a134d24b21e21a724be5517b17c473b28445eb6a9bddf3a54344334fd7e47'
+            'f77e2f79b7cfcd855c809252b2e74ec1c1ada8b5959c9d11fbc9aad94e015217'
+            'bf42a3611eaaa0facd975d4ce84c4c43c8b9857881b45508cdc0c7c2c8ddccda'
+            '7cf4c3d22e27c871c0cac812fec577e745b9d186698f59d1c81e035db5c43966'
+            '60dc74fc8a423c6d7ec26afbaf7cd048b9c5dad3873450f655b2af93e346200b'
+            '561e3545fcb6fb49253afacd9c5e20fae4138d737a46819795e454057e48b425'
+            'baee7459ac1da079b29e2befa42a568811bbf64ab57d847cb9e37020abd15ee6')

g3tchoo commented on 2023-06-27 01:38 (UTC)

i'm not really sure why this package is so verbose with the paths. this can easily lead to issues mentioned by zax, as well as the current issue where the naming scheme has changed. wouldn't Catppuccin-<Flavor>-* be suffice?

felixsanz commented on 2022-12-30 16:28 (UTC)

why this flavor has gnome-themes-extra as dependency while others don't ? can it be removed?

zax commented on 2022-09-26 05:34 (UTC)

Lavender and peach seem to be missing from package() (despite being in source):

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 8259f24..b40c422 100644
@@ -39,9 +39,15 @@ package() {
                "Catppuccin-Mocha-Grey-hdpi" \
                "Catppuccin-Mocha-Grey-xhdpi" \
                "Catppuccin-Mocha-Grey" \
+               "Catppuccin-Mocha-Lavender-hdpi" \
+               "Catppuccin-Mocha-Lavender-xhdpi" \
+               "Catppuccin-Mocha-Lavender" \
                "Catppuccin-Mocha-Mauve-hdpi" \
                "Catppuccin-Mocha-Mauve-xhdpi" \
                "Catppuccin-Mocha-Mauve" \
+               "Catppuccin-Mocha-Peach-hdpi" \
+               "Catppuccin-Mocha-Peach-xhdpi" \
+               "Catppuccin-Mocha-Peach" \
                "Catppuccin-Mocha-Pink-hdpi" \
                "Catppuccin-Mocha-Pink-xhdpi" \
                "Catppuccin-Mocha-Pink" \

The Latte and Frappe packages seem to be missing a couple too

spookyintheam commented on 2022-09-16 06:22 (UTC) (edited on 2022-09-16 06:24 (UTC) by spookyintheam)

Thanks @lmartinez-mirror for the patch. I'd love to add you as a co-maintainer to all the packages. But just letting you know, we are planning on adding a single maintainer to represent all Catppccin AUR packages. So that new account will also be added as a maintainer to these packages later on. Adding you as a co-maintainer till then.

lmartinez-mirror commented on 2022-09-16 02:53 (UTC)

Hi, thanks for putting together these four packages.

I'd like to submit a patch for each one. Packages on the AUR that aren't suffixed with or use some VCS (-git for instance) must target stable releases. I've patched this package to target the latest release (as of writing this), but with subsequent releases, you as a package maintainer will have to update the pkgver and the checksums -- the latter can be done with the updpkgsums from the pacman-contrib package.

If you'd like, I'd be happy to co-maintain to ensure it's kept up-to-date.

You can find the patch here. I hope you find it useful.