Package Details: cdesktopenv 2.3.2-1

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Description: CDE - Common Desktop Environment
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Licenses: LGPL2.1
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First Submitted: 2012-09-13 22:30 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2020-01-18 08:31 (UTC)

Latest Comments

ekollof commented on 2022-02-07 16:27 (UTC)

I've got a PKGBUILD for 2.4.0 here (last version before the switch to autotools)

cheroveobosco commented on 2021-12-16 19:11 (UTC)

Missing file /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin makes it unviable to start the display manager. Referenced in

Kadzi commented on 2021-08-02 09:53 (UTC)

Hi, file doesn't have execution bit set after installation. You install it with 'install -Dm644 ...' at the end of PKGBUILD.

yjftsjthsd commented on 2021-07-20 03:49 (UTC)

I apologize in advance for the delay in this next version; switching to autoconf will take a bit more effort than just a version bump.

bidulock commented on 2021-05-27 10:56 (UTC)


Here is the build log from makechrootpkg:

yjftsjthsd commented on 2021-05-27 06:38 (UTC) (edited on 2021-05-27 06:38 (UTC) by yjftsjthsd)

@bidulock, it works for me on a clean VM. Can I ask you for steps to reproduce, exact error message(s), and (if reasonably possible) ideally a typescript?

bidulock commented on 2021-05-24 07:46 (UTC)

Will not build in a clean chroot.

peep commented on 2020-10-24 14:16 (UTC)

This package is slightly out of date. The warning that rpcbind must be set to insecure mode has been obsolete for a while now. It can be removed because rpcbind no longer requires insecure mode for modern versions.

yjftsjthsd commented on 2019-11-18 21:37 (UTC)

Commenting here in case it's useful to anyone else: I've created a cdesktopenv-git AUR package ( that's based on this. Tested and works on my machine™;)

Cknight70 commented on 2019-10-13 05:41 (UTC)

An update would be nice

hrauch commented on 2019-06-11 23:09 (UTC)

Could you please update the pkg to 2.3.0? TIA.

kdu commented on 2015-04-22 23:34 (UTC)

That's dthello. It's a know bug on 64 bit Archlinux and no one has found the cause or the solution.

Trist commented on 2015-04-16 11:20 (UTC)

Not sure if anybody else is getting this. 64-bit user here. Upon startup, it seems to run fine, but a window is up on start saying The desktop messaging system could not be started. It says some more, such as edit hostname and I tried it, the command Hostname prints the hostname I changed it to in /etc/hosts and I changed it for this session too with hostnamectl. Around this error are various boxes, all errors, each saying "Could not connect to ToolTalk TT_ERR_INTERNALInternal error (bug)". Googling seems to print a bunch of results for Solaris and HP-UX.

nessus commented on 2015-03-10 19:17 (UTC)

Sorry, its not something I've been working on because I only run CDE on a 32bit machine. When I tried to install this package in a 64 bit VM I got an error message when the desktop started up stating that the message passing daemon couldn't be started. I don't know if the correct modules built succesfully or not and I don't have time to investigate further at the moment.

yuvadm commented on 2015-03-09 15:58 (UTC)

Is there any word on 64-bit support? Please update wiki page with details

nessus commented on 2014-12-02 18:45 (UTC)

I've adopted this package and uploaded an updated PKBUILD based on the previous work done. It works for me on x86 systems (not tested thoroughly on x86_64 yet). One important point - you have to edit /etc/conf.d/rpcbind to add "-i" to the list of startup options to run it in insecure mode. NB - I have no idea how many holes this will open up in your machine's security - you run it at your own risk.

scjet commented on 2014-08-17 12:46 (UTC)

CDE 2.2.2 has been out for a couple weels now. :D

commented on 2014-08-16 18:16 (UTC)

Sorry, i've changed my notebook to 64bit version. I have no other way to test this, so i'm disowning. Wasn't able to get it running anyway...

ivo commented on 2014-06-30 09:41 (UTC)

@BlindPenguin Check if you have installed xterm, also configured the hostname on the machine. You may also need a dtsession in the directory /usr/dt/bin, look in "$srcdir/cde-$pkgver/programs/dtsession/" To run /usr/dt/bin/Xsession and CDE is needed all of this .

commented on 2014-04-05 15:32 (UTC)

I don't think it makes much sense to startx again, if the login manager already did that. Tried it to make sure and as expected it didn't work. Command "sudo systemctl start dtlogin" works nice. But login to CDE itself fails.

gnidorah commented on 2014-03-27 16:51 (UTC)

> As said, i wasn't able to start this thing Use "startx /usr/dt/bin/Xsession" instead of just "/usr/dt/bin/Xsession" in your script.

commented on 2014-03-16 19:45 (UTC)

Updated. As said, i wasn't able to start this thing. Maybe you have more luck. If someone has an idea or solution, just tell me.

commented on 2014-03-12 20:42 (UTC)

Actually i didn't have any issues at building. I'm having more trouble to get it running... Not sure if it's me or the program.

kdu commented on 2014-03-12 20:37 (UTC)

Build issues are fixed in the latest git.

commented on 2014-03-07 20:43 (UTC)

Thanks for the information. Wasn't able to update it yet, since i didn't have access to my computer. In the next few days i will try to get it done. Wish me luck. :D

kdu commented on 2014-03-07 20:38 (UTC)

The maintainer should be aware that CDE no longer compiles with GCC 4.8.

iiiypuk commented on 2014-03-02 17:18 (UTC)

Update, please :)

ChrisTX commented on 2013-10-03 15:22 (UTC)

It's still documented as does not work for 64-bit: I've tried it out and had the same result of dthello just showing a blue screen, so I guess this is still accurate.

commented on 2013-09-13 20:58 (UTC)

Updated. I don't know if it's working on 64 bit systems, since i don't have it here. Anyway.. if there's some error with the build, then just leave a comment here.

commented on 2012-09-15 12:23 (UTC)

Some parts of CDE are not stable on x86_64 yet but feedback is welcomed. Added cde.desktop entry.

Splith commented on 2012-09-14 15:02 (UTC)

Great package but you've not got x86_64 as a host in the PKGBUILD? Also it'd be useful to other users if you could include this