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Description: CUPS Canon UFR II LIPSLX CARPS2 printer driver for LBP iR MF ImageCLASS ImageRUNNER Laser Shot i-SENSYS ImagePRESS ADVANCE printers and copiers
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Keywords: Canon Printer
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Lone_Wolf commented on 2016-02-24 20:33

i'm not surprised pacaur (and likely any aur helper) has problems building this.

The reason for the versioned dependency on cndrvcups-common-lb is that a cndrvcups-lb version ONLY works with 1 specific cndrvcups-common-lb version .

The correct way to build them goes like this :

build new cndrvcups-common-lb
remove old cndrvcups-lb version (if present on system)
install new cndrcups-common-lb
build & install new cndrvcups-lb version

Easiest way to build this with pacaur : use 2 commands like this :
pacaur -S cndrvcups-common-lb
pacaur -S cndrvcups-lb

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svg1234 commented on 2014-04-13 04:04

Have a Canon MF4150. Just migrated to x86_64 yesterday so figured I would need to upgrade the canon driver. But I could not get this one to work. It compiled without error. Pulled in the correct lib32's. CUPS recognized the printer. Everything looked as it should. The print jobs would go through as if they had been printed - no errors - but nothing would come out on the printer. No data received by the printer. Xsane worked perfectly, so I knew communication between the PC and the printer was ok. I wish I knew why this didn't work. I spent MANY hours trying to get it to work (because I figured it was a problem due to the 32-->64 migration). Finally, I gave up, removed the packages, and installed the bin package. It worked perfectly. :) Anyway. Just thought I'd let oyu know. Thank you just the same for your efforts.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2014-03-21 13:29

updated and cleaned up PKGBUILD

pngaudioguy commented on 2014-02-21 09:12

Thanks for the response. I had considered digging in and trying to find what was missing, but it sounds like that route has already been pursued. My understanding is that Debian/Ubuntu is also moving away from the ia32-libs and going to the multiarch approach where individual libraries are listed as 32 bit dependencies where necessary, so hopefully if that transpires the specific dependency needed will become clear and we can add that. If I feel inspired, I may throw together a quick VM and see with just the base system installed if I can seek a little better.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2014-02-20 22:45


there may be a dependency missing or a specific version needed, but it's been investigated and we can't find it.
Everything found by ldd for every file in the package is covered by the deps.
Another user had a similar problem as you, and got the problem on both ubuntu and arch.
He registered a bug with canon, on ubuntu it was solved by installing ia32-libs package.
unfortuntately the ia32 package has more then 100 subpackages, and many of them don't even have a archlinux counterpart.
That user asked canon for help to find out which component was th eporblem, but as soon as canon support heard archlinux, the bug was closed, with reason : archlinux is not a supported distro.

I'm glad you got things to work with the *-bin pacakge, but for that other user the *-bin pacakge didn't solve the problem.

pngaudioguy commented on 2014-02-20 10:07

I have a Canon iR3225N printer that I use at work. This looked like the most suitable package for that printer with my Arch x86_64 system. When I attempted to build with 'makepkg -s', I had a fail on dependencies, because I didn't have multilib enabled. Uncommented the multilib lines then ran 'pacman -Syyu', and still failed on 'cndrvcups-common-lb' which of course isn't in any of the databases, because it has to be built from AUR. So I downloaded that package (which you also maintain), built and installed it first, then was finally able to build and install this package.

Upon installing my printer and selecting the UFR II ver.2.7 driver, the only thing the printer would output whether I tried test page or printing a file is "**** Unable to open the initial device, quitting."

I banged my head against it for awhile reading on google, finally ending up back in the AUR with a search for Canon, which led me to the version of Canon's drivers that repackage the Debian binary (cndrvcups-lb-bin). Removed these two packages, installed that one, modified the printer to point at the new driver file. Instant success.

I just installed Arch yesterday, so I don't have any "cruft" or extraneous packages installed on my system. Perhaps there's a dependency that fails silently in the build process somehow? There were no errors in the build output.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2014-01-08 22:34


I wasn't aware of the canon-ufr pacakge, the reason i use UFR II / LIPSLX in the description is that in earlier versions of the driver only UFR II was supported and the LIPSLX had it's own package.

If you check the upstream url, you'll see canon mentions lots of types, but no imageClass.

Also Aur package descritions are expected to use only 1 short line which means i can't put much detail in it.
Would it help if i spearated LBP iR & MF with spaces instead of / ?

Lone_Wolf commented on 2014-01-08 22:14


another user had problems with pstoufr2cpca filter on a iR ADV-C5235i .
He tracked the problem down to a possible issue between pstoufr2cpca and ghostscript.
Canon support stated they only support debian & ubuntu, unfortunately we found no way to port the solution for ubuntu to arch. i think he settled on connecting to the printer through an ubuntu VM.

pstoufr2cpca is binary code maintained by canon, we have no influence at all on it.

whereareyouall commented on 2014-01-08 21:57

I found this package extremely hard to find - I installed the (deprecated) canon-ufr first. Could you please add some device-classes to the description? Like "imageCLASS", or similar? Thanks a lot!

BTW: thanks for the package!

gjo commented on 2014-01-07 10:02

Is this driver working with cups 1.7 or 1.6 (x86_64)?
I tried to get a Canon MF8280Cw working for days now and i think that the pstoufr2cpca filter is not working right - tried with cups 1.6 and 1.7.
error_log only warns about already existing profiles: CreateProfile failed: org.freedesktop.ColorManager.AlreadyExists:profile...
The printer log shows me endcode 822 (Incorrect Data Format Received)

daniky commented on 2013-10-29 11:47

@Lone_Wolf: Thanks. The problem was on my side: I needed to enable multilib repositories.