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Package Base: couchpotato-git
Description: Automatic Movie Downloading via NZBs & Torrent
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Licenses: GPL3
Conflicts: couchpotato
Provides: couchpotato
Submitter: Revelation60
Maintainer: Revelation60
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First Submitted: 2011-02-15 15:27
Last Updated: 2016-05-05 18:48

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bcc commented on 2016-12-05 18:35

i had to install python2-pyopenssl

plonqor commented on 2016-05-05 10:50

Similar to couchpotato, this needs python2-lxml as a dependency.

Evils commented on 2016-04-11 03:30

> Can you please add in 'conflicts=couchpotato' and provides=couchpotato as per the vcs PKGBUILD guidelines. Thanks

bump! Please add!!

thisischrys commented on 2015-11-25 15:35

Couchpotato user shows up on login screens, please fix


getent group ${CP_GROUP} &> /dev/null || groupadd -r ${CP_GROUP} &> /dev/null
getent passwd ${CP_USER} &> /dev/null || useradd -r -g ${CP_GROUP} -d ${CP_HOME} -s /usr/bin/nologin ${CP_USER} &> /dev/null

rallyemax commented on 2015-10-10 04:18

Looks like we're back to the python/python2/python3 shebang hell. This package, as is, will not run correctly when invoked with systemctl because it has a bare /usr/bin/env python shebang, which defaults to python3. Changing the shebang to python2 works. Is this just an artifact on my system? (I have left the default /usr/lib/python symlink to python3 alone, but my user and root PATHs include a priority directory where python links to python2...systemd doesn't pick either of these PATHs up, so it defaults to python==python3).

apowell656 commented on 2015-01-07 01:01

[If this is for ArchLinuxArm]
I had to downgrade to the Version 1fb031ff (10/12/2014, 10:41:56 AM) after running into some issues with renaming and moving files. Unfortunately, I lost the logs, but figured that I would let you know.

jonkristian commented on 2014-07-30 17:33

If you get this error: {"success": false, "error": "Failed returning results"}

1. Head on over to /opt/couchpotato/
2. Type: find . -type f -name "*.pyc" -exec rm -f {} \;
3. git reset --hard

brando56894 commented on 2014-04-28 18:49

/opt/couchpotato/.git/config needed to have the "url" line under the [remote "origin"] section changed to this:

instead of the build directory. Mine was set to /tmp and every time Couchpotato tried to update it would fail.

brando56894 commented on 2014-04-28 18:42

Whenever Couchpotato tries to update I get this error:

fatal: '/tmp/yaourt-tmp-bran/aur-couchpotato-git/CouchPotatoServer' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

Maybe it should be placed in a permanent directory, such as in /var or /opt?

Anonymous comment on 2014-04-28 15:30

It would be nice to add to the service file, in the [Service] section:

Changing the kill signal will cause "systemctl stop couchpotato" to not exit with fail status (1).
Adding the Restart directive will allow it to restart after an in-app update (or if user runs the restart command from inside CouchPotato).

justin8 commented on 2014-01-05 22:47

Can you please add in 'conflicts=couchpotato' and provides=couchpotato as per the vcs PKGBUILD guidelines. Thanks

Revelation60 commented on 2013-08-31 14:02

Thanks, I've changed it.

crabman commented on 2013-08-29 07:32

since the couchpotato git repo doesnt use tags, the current pkgver() doesnt make any sense. Please use "echo $(git rev-list --count HEAD).$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)" instead as described in the wiki:

Revelation60 commented on 2013-04-30 10:49

Here's a reasonably big update for the package. It is now adhering to the new makepkg standard, deprecated sysvinit files are removed and the configuration is now done in the service file itself.

I've also changed the arch to any and added a license.

bszmyd commented on 2013-04-29 22:30

Don't add arm, just set to 'any'.

tehsu commented on 2013-04-28 05:52

Please add arm to PKGBUILD

Anonymous comment on 2012-12-07 10:15

I added the sickbeard to my users group which has permissions in that folder but it still can't browse it which is weird as sabnzbd can and is the same group.

Gilrain commented on 2012-12-07 09:19

@morphjk: Not so quick answer since it depends on your specific environment.
You could allow browsing of the desired folders by setting an "x" bit for "other". To allow everyone access to your /home/media/usenet/, execute:
% find /home/media/usenet -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod o+x

Or you could make couchpotato (either as a user or as a group) own the folders by:
% chown -R yourusername:couchpotato /home/media/usenet

Or the couchpotato user could belong to a wider group used by other programs that also need access to these folders.

The possibilities are endless. Please refer to "man chmod", "man chown" and <> for further details.

Anonymous comment on 2012-12-07 00:01

Quick question. I want to set up the folder to check for movies to be /home/media/usenet/completed but I can't browse to it via the web interface. I get to /home/media but am told no other folders are there. How can fix it?

splippity commented on 2012-12-06 03:47

you still havent updated it
didnt know if maybe you forgot.

Revelation60 commented on 2012-12-01 14:34

Oops :P Well, I based my couchpotato file on the sabnzbd one. Forgot to delete this, apparently!

robotanarchy commented on 2012-12-01 14:28

Thanks for making this package! I only wonder why you put

groupdel sabnzbd &> /dev/null || /bin/true

in post_remove in the couchpotato.install.

splippity commented on 2012-09-10 23:41

wow Im stupid thats why it didnt work. Thanks for the help. I very rarely use couchpotato but damn the new interface really looks nice.
Thanks for the help

Revelation60 commented on 2012-09-09 08:28

And you have changed the port in the configuration file of couchpotato itself (so not /etc/conf.d/couchpotato)? The default port is 5050. Maybe it appears there?

splippity commented on 2012-09-09 05:42

anyone else experiencing a problem launching this program with systemd?? I cant figure out what the deal is.
Im trying to run it on port 8086 and it wont launch on it.

Revelation60 commented on 2012-08-30 20:04

Sure, I think it's better if we have one up to date package. You're right that the port variable is deprecated. I'll remove it soon.

pearswj commented on 2012-08-30 19:56

Hey Revelation60, I just noticed that you've upgraded your package to use V2! I think I'll disown mine and leave you to it, if you're happy?

One note though, the port in the conf.d file, does that do anything? To reduce confusion could it be removed from the couchpotato.conf and also the note regarding the port in the couchpotato.install?

emphire commented on 2012-08-13 18:32

Thanks for your work on this package Revelation60.

If you move the config directory, you can leave most of the files as owned by root rather than the couchpotato user which should be a little safer.

Could you move the config file into its own directory (ie. /opt/couchpotato/config/config.ini rather than /opt/couchpotato/config.ini) and update conf.d/systemd files to use that config file:
ie: PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_HOME=/usr/lib/plexmediaserver

Then rather than setting couchpotato as the owner of the entire /opt/couchpotato/ directory, you can just make it the owner of /opt/couchpotato/data and /opt/couchpotato/config.

Revelation60 commented on 2012-08-12 10:39

All right, this is a major update. The old couchpotato mainline has been discontinued so we are going to the new official one. I have changed the configuration files accordingly and I have added support for systemd. Please note that the configuration of the port is now located in the config file of couchpotato itself and not in the rc.conf. I have tested the systemd service and it seems to be working, even without setting an explicit PID.

Revelation60 commented on 2012-08-12 08:42

I'll see if I can write one.

brotatos commented on 2012-08-12 01:18

Does anyone have a service file for systemd for this?

Anonymous comment on 2012-05-22 22:38

I agree with Enverex. The PKGBUILD needs to be altered so that it doesn't overwrite /etc/conf.d/couchpotato when updated. Also the file permissions should be set to 644, not 755. (The only changes are the addition of line 12 and the permissions change to 644 on line 41.)

Anonymous comment on 2012-04-16 15:24

hmmm, doesn't snatch movies for me, just like in here: anyone else got problems? using mysterbin, but all i can see from the logs is 'Searching for new downloads, for all movies.[...] Finished search.'

Enverex commented on 2012-03-28 09:28

"/etc/conf.d/couchpotato" is overwritten on every update which is far from desirable especially when I'm trying to use a non-standard port.

emphire commented on 2012-02-06 18:51

A few notes:
- I think /var/run/daemons/ should be /run/daemons/ now (archlinux moved this directory a while ago)
- If you create directories /opt/couchpotato/config and /opt/couchpotato/data, you can chown those directories to be owned by the couchpotato user and leave all the other files/directories under /opt/couchpotato/ as owned by root. I suspect this would be a bit more secure.

Thanks for the great package!

Revelation60 commented on 2012-02-02 15:41

I've updated the package. Thanks for all the contributions!

shadylog commented on 2012-02-02 15:21

Revelation, can you update the package with monty's modifications please?

mrohnstock commented on 2012-01-23 14:00

Updated this package with modifications by pezz:

Anonymous comment on 2012-01-07 00:43

How do you guys update this application? :(

pezz commented on 2012-01-04 12:16

It doesn't need to be split, just needs some added smarts to the rc.d script.

Updated rc.d script that sources a conf.d file for settings, also forces the stop section to accept return code 52 from curl on shutdown:

An /etc/conf.d/couchpotato file where locations, user etc can be tweaked:

Even though I've used /opt/couchpotato as a default for the paths here, you can make it so all the writeable data is outside the package installation dir, which is how it should be.

kylef commented on 2011-12-20 12:48

This package could be split so that it is installed to /opt like it currently is, but the data can be stored in /var/lib/couchpotato. This means that /opt/couchpotato can have the correct permissions and the variable data is in /var like it should be.

The rc.d would have to be changed to pass `--datadir /var/lib/couchpotato` to couchpotato.

Anonymous comment on 2011-12-11 01:10

i amended the rc.d script

stat_busy "Stopping CouchPotato"

curl -f http://localhost:5000/config/exit/ &> /dev/null
sleep 1
if [ $? -gt 0 ]; then
rm_daemon couchpotato

nicoulaj commented on 2011-11-29 17:02

The "stop" operation of the init script fails for me... The "curl -f http://localhost:5000/config/exit/" command takes a long time and returns 1 ("curl: (52) Empty reply from server"), which causes /var/run/daemons/couchpotato to not be removed... Am I the only one ?

OrionFyre commented on 2011-04-22 19:37

"ImportError: No module named urlparse"

Anyone know what this is about?