Package Details: crosstool-ng 1.23.0-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: crosstool-ng
Description: Versatile (cross-)toolchain generator
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: None
Maintainer: bwalle
Last Packager: bwalle
Votes: 92
Popularity: 0.316624
First Submitted: 2009-01-18 10:45
Last Updated: 2017-05-02 15:19

Latest Comments

PyroDevil commented on 2017-03-02 08:15

No don't add flex, patch, make and bison to the makedepends. Please remove them. They are part of the base-devel group.

Also do you have any fix for this error?

DEP ''
CC ''
In file included from
zconf.hash.c:167:1: error: conflicting types for 'kconf_id_lookup'
kconf_id_lookup (register const char *str, register size_t len)
zconf.hash.c:34:31: note: previous declaration of 'kconf_id_lookup' was here
static const struct kconf_id *kconf_id_lookup(register const char *str, register unsigned int len);
make[2]: *** [Makefile:89:] Error 1
make[1]: *** [Makefile:167: build-lib-kconfig] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:127: build] Error 2

egore911 commented on 2017-02-26 19:50

Please also add flex and patch as makedepends

egore911 commented on 2017-02-26 15:50

Please add bison to makedepends.

checking for bison... no
configure: error: missing required tool: bison

dummys commented on 2016-05-14 06:42

New commit to fix gcc 6.0 bug:

BluePeril commented on 2015-07-27 16:11

Could you please add the checksums for version 1.21.0? Currently the checksums are for version 1.20.0

enunes commented on 2015-05-27 02:40

1.21.0 is out

Barthalion commented on 2014-11-14 14:32

Why do you ask me and not yaourt developers?

Anonymous comment on 2014-11-14 11:23

Why isn't this package showing up in the search results/yaourt?

Barthalion commented on 2014-09-10 09:56

Oops. I really need more coffee today. Fixed, thanks.

PyroDevil commented on 2014-09-10 09:31

Please replace:
install -Dm644 ct-ng.comp /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/ct-ng
install -Dm644 ct-ng.comp "${pkgdir}/usr/share/bash-completion/completions/ct-ng"

Otherwise makepkg fails.

sakishrist commented on 2014-08-29 16:03

I seem to not be able to access and so the build fails.

The workaround I had to use was to download from here:

Then I edited PKGBUILD -> source to be "crosstool-ng-1.19.0.tar.bz2" and I put the file in the build directory.

bendavis78 commented on 2014-08-13 04:52

Configure fails if libtool is not installed. libtool dependency should be added to the PKGBUILD.

hyperelastic commented on 2014-06-25 08:47

Bison dependency still not taken care of:
configure: error: missing required tool: bison

Barthalion commented on 2014-05-10 18:15

You are supposed to have base-devel installed before you build anything from AUR.

bwalle commented on 2014-05-10 18:07

'bison' dependency is missing.

ivanovp commented on 2013-10-08 16:58


stas commented on 2013-09-04 15:29

Why is this flagged out of date? As of today, according to, the latest version is 1.18.0 (released 31 Jan 2013) which is what this package builds and installs.

goodmen commented on 2013-08-05 02:52

Why not update to the latest version?

Barthalion commented on 2013-07-17 19:20

It's already in base-devel group, which should be installed if you want to use AUR.

N0NamedGuy commented on 2013-07-17 16:49

Please add the following line:


It seems this package depends on bison to build itself, so it would be good to add bison as a build dependency.


Barthalion commented on 2013-06-20 10:21

You're entirely right, there are some files architecture-dependent. Thanks.

dieghen89 commented on 2013-04-18 07:23

I think that:
should be:
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
because once compiled and packaged it doesn't run in other archs.

Barthalion commented on 2013-04-06 11:27

No problem. Maybe send a patch to aur-dev, it shouldn't be a big problem. :p

graysky commented on 2013-04-04 18:46

Dammit, sorry about that. Flagged-out-of-date by mistake... we should really put that link at the bottom of the stack, not right under 'download tarball'!

Cilyan commented on 2012-08-30 20:27

The -j 1 option should go to make install

Sorry for the mistake. I don't really know why my first tests were successful with the first PKGBUILD...

Cilyan commented on 2012-08-29 18:16


- Updated to 1.16.0
- Added -j 1 to make to prevent compilation failures
- Removed ./bootstrap

Anonymous comment on 2012-08-29 07:19

Hi,Barthalion crosstool-ng current version is 1.16.0,please update if you have time,thanks!

Barthalion commented on 2012-07-25 19:48

No problem. ;) If it's not an big issue, it will stay to the next release.

gabx commented on 2012-07-25 19:45

Sorry, but I think the ./bootstrap command is wrong. I first build crosstool from csv source (Mercurial), so I needed to run this command before I run configure. I tried your AUR package WITHOUT ./bootstrap, and it builds and install fine.
Sorry if I have mistaken you.

Barthalion commented on 2012-07-25 12:31

@filand: Install base-devel instead of trolling
@gabx: Added, thanks!

gabx commented on 2012-07-25 12:26

-A new patch has been added to 1.15.3 with many new Kernels up from 3.2.2
-need to run ./bootstrap before configure.

filand commented on 2012-07-23 15:54

Version 1.15.3 is out.
Please add dependencies 'flex' 'bison' 'automake' 'autoconf'

net147 commented on 2012-07-22 14:29

Using parallel make breaks the PKGBUILD.
Please add "options=(!makeflags)" to the PKGBUILD to fix this.

Barthalion commented on 2012-06-26 13:45

Nothing is missing.

Anonymous comment on 2012-06-26 13:43

Missing depends on at least bison, flex, patch, libtool >= 1.5.26, and automake >= 1.10.

Anonymous comment on 2011-10-08 19:01

Here's an updated PKGBUILD:

Anonymous comment on 2011-09-25 15:56

1.12.3 has been released since.

niqingliang2003 commented on 2011-05-04 05:18


Anonymous comment on 2011-02-09 09:48

A PKGBUILD for crosstool-ng 1.10.0:

niqingliang2003 commented on 2010-12-30 09:14

need update, thanks!