Package Details: dahdi 3.1.0-2

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Package Base: dahdi
Description: DAHDI drivers for Asterisk
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Licenses: GPL2
Conflicts: zaptel
Submitter: net147
Maintainer: alerque
Last Packager: alerque
Votes: 23
Popularity: 0.000000
First Submitted: 2008-10-17 02:43 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2021-12-27 11:11 (UTC)

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captaincoder commented on 2022-05-04 10:52 (UTC) (edited on 2022-05-04 10:55 (UTC) by captaincoder)

@alerque I get the following error when building the package:

CC [M]  /home/me/local/dahdi/src/dahdi-linux-complete-3.1.0+3.1.0/linux/drivers/dahdi/wct4xxp/base.o
/home/me/local/dahdi/src/dahdi-linux-complete-3.1.0+3.1.0/linux/drivers/dahdi/wct4xxp/base.c:45:10: fatal error: stdbool.h: No such file or directory
45 | #include <stdbool.h>
   |          ^~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

I tried several machines, same error. I had a go at debugging the make process, but this is far outside my comfort zone. As far as I could tell the compiler is invoked with -nostdinc. This seems problematic to me when the source includes stdbool. But i failed to determine why this option is generated or how to disable it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

asiplas commented on 2019-01-06 19:25 (UTC) (edited on 2019-01-06 19:27 (UTC) by asiplas)

@atomopawn it seems some of this has been fixed in 3.0.0

diff -r dahdi-linux-complete-2.11.1+2.11.1/linux/drivers/dahdi/dahdi_dynamic.c dahdi-linux-complete-3.0.0+3.0.0/linux/drivers/dahdi/dahdi_dynamic.c
<       if (atomic_read(&d->kref.refcount) > 2) {
>       if (refcount_read(&d->kref.refcount) > 2) {
diff -r dahdi-linux-complete-2.11.1+2.11.1/linux/drivers/dahdi/wcaxx-base.c dahdi-linux-complete-3.0.0+3.0.0/linux/drivers/dahdi/wcaxx-base.c
> #include <linux/sched/signal.h>
> #endif /* 4.11.0 */

atomopawn commented on 2017-06-04 23:20 (UTC)

Kernel v4 made two changes that now break this module: 1. atomic_read no longer works on variables that have become refcount_t types. Instead, use refcount_read. 2. To access signal_pending, you can't just include <linux/sched.h> anymore. You now have to include <linux/sched/signal.h>.

hitn commented on 2017-04-22 23:10 (UTC)

Yep, right. Build fails. I patched the patch. Maybe the maintainer could include it? --- Makefile.orig 2013-06-07 21:29:37.000000000 +0200 +++ Makefile 2017-04-23 00:00:00.000000000 +0200 @@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ all: $(MAKE) -C linux all - (cd tools && [ -f config.status ] || ./configure --with-dahdi=../linux) + (cd tools && [ -f config.status ] || ./configure --with-dahdi=$(dir $(abspath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST))))linux --sbindir=/usr/bin) $(MAKE) -C tools all clean:

Enverex commented on 2016-05-19 13:21 (UTC)

Build failing for me... CC dahdi_la-dahdi.lo dahdi.c:46:24: fatal error: dahdi/user.h: No such file or directory #include <dahdi/user.h>

mbroemme commented on 2015-02-10 19:28 (UTC)

@magicrhesus: I like the package a lot but it doesn't include all drivers (only those from Digium). I've created two new packages: They include all drivers from Digium, OpenVox, Allo and Yeastar for their PCI(e) cards and their FXS/FXO modules. Also I've splitted it in two packages as recommended by Digium and kernel modules are installed in extramodules directory so that recompile is not needed on minor kernel upgrades. I will maintain the patches and packages as I own some of the cards and use them with your Asterisk package.

mbroemme commented on 2015-02-09 23:22 (UTC)

@magicrhesus: It looks like it is not possible to install the package anymore on latest Arch Linux. It fails with: error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files) dahdi: /lib exists in filesystem dahdi: /usr/sbin exists in filesystem Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded. The 'Makefile.patch' is not enough anymore, I've changed the PKGBUILD a bit. I've removed Makefile.patch completely and added in build() section before make the following: sed 's,./configure --with-dahdi=../linux,./configure --with-dahdi=../linux --sbindir=/usr/bin,' -i Makefile sed 's,$(prefix)/sbin,$(prefix)/bin,' -i tools/xpp/Makefile In package() section I've added at the end: mv "${pkgdir}/lib/firmware" "${pkgdir}/usr/lib" mv "${pkgdir}/lib/modules" "${pkgdir}/usr/lib" rmdir "${pkgdir}/lib" PS: What is the reason for keeping 'dahdi.service' as it is not packaged anymore?

itsjapie commented on 2013-04-05 12:29 (UTC)

Patch is available for compile error @;a=commitdiff;h=66a300f3387b0832a0c027b1e841630c5c4344e9 Save file as kernel.h.patch and use the following PKGBUILD (updated pkgver to 2.6.2-rc1) # Contributor: Jonathan Liu <> pkgname=dahdi pkgver=2.6.2_rc1 _realpkgver=${pkgver/_/-} pkgrel=1 pkgdesc="DAHDI drivers for Asterisk" arch=('i686' 'x86_64') url="" license=('GPL2') depends=('kernel26' 'libusb' 'perl') makedepends=('kernel26-headers') conflicts=('zaptel') install="${pkgname}.install" source=("${_realpkgver}.tar.gz" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "oslec-20110706.patch" "Makefile.patch" "kernel.h.patch") md5sums=('2e33ebc48bf6f4a0f2fc7fde44184e9f' '88db9b7a07d8392736171b1b3e6bcc66' 'c1f1a18d3e20d283f42c71e580a64b5a' '4b3b763fc89f81d569a42da7c9ef0eee' '2ea860bb8a9d8ede2858b9557b74ee3c' '07b389e2a4f2a2513240187f1c295626' 'a7f3886942bb3e9fed349a41b3390c9f' '2c7d5b17c23c34624158ee640818043b' '19a660c2073749641072ca644e983cbc' 'cd9546cbdcb273a0d82f96dc07a8b33e' '5f27b1a1005d41bd74ba9bdfe88223bb' '3c0b6fc8c74f45164a6165d5abf582e3') build() { cd "${srcdir}/dahdi-linux-${_realpkgver}/include/dahdi" patch -i "${srcdir}/kernel.h.patch" cd "${srcdir}" [ -d linux-stable-61d62b0 ] || patch -Np1 -i "${srcdir}/oslec-20110706.patch" cd "${srcdir}/dahdi-linux-${_realpkgver}" mkdir -p drivers/staging cp -a "${srcdir}/linux-stable-61d62b0" drivers/staging/echo ln -sf "${srcdir}"/dahdi-fw*.tar.gz "drivers/dahdi/firmware/" mv "${srcdir}"/dahdi-fw*.bin "drivers/dahdi/firmware/" patch -Np1 -i "${srcdir}/Makefile.patch" make DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" modules } package() { cd "${srcdir}/dahdi-linux-${_realpkgver}" make DYNFS=1 DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" install } # vim:set ts=2 sw=2 et:

ymyasoedov commented on 2013-03-19 14:05 (UTC)

Can't build with the latest kernel 3.8.3 See CC [M] /tmp/yaourt-tmp-root/aur-dahdi/src/dahdi-linux-2.6.1/drivers/dahdi/wctdm.o /tmp/yaourt-tmp-root/aur-dahdi/src/dahdi-linux-2.6.1/drivers/dahdi/wctdm.c:2604:22: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before ‘wctdm_init_one’ ... cc1: some warnings being treated as errors make[2]: *** [/tmp/yaourt-tmp-root/aur-dahdi/src/dahdi-linux-2.6.1/drivers/dahdi/wctdm.o] Ошибка 1 make[1]: *** [_module_/tmp/yaourt-tmp-root/aur-dahdi/src/dahdi-linux-2.6.1/drivers/dahdi] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-3.8.3-2-ARCH' make: *** [modules] Error 2

gdamjan commented on 2012-11-27 15:51 (UTC)

I'm getting this error while trying to build dahdi with aurget patching file linux-stable-61d62b0/oslec.h patching file linux-stable-61d62b0/TODO patching file Makefile Hunk #1 succeeded at 132 (offset 4 lines). Hunk #2 succeeded at 149 (offset -24 lines). Hunk #3 succeeded at 164 (offset -24 lines). make: *** /.config: Is a directory. Stop. ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting...

net147 commented on 2012-05-17 10:30 (UTC)

Updated to 2.6.1.

net147 commented on 2012-05-17 10:30 (UTC)

Updated to 2.6.1 and fixed oslec md5sum.

commented on 2012-03-16 15:16 (UTC)

your link to oslec-20110706.tar.gz is broken , i've downloaded it manually , changed the md5sum , also changed kernel26 to linux-lts and linux-lts-headers , it compiled and installed flawlessly on kernel 3.0.23-1-lts x86_64 , oslec also works very well .

markc commented on 2011-10-09 02:41 (UTC)

Seemed to build the source okay for me but failed at the package build stage, using linux-vserver 3.0.4, the error seemed to be here... ==> Starting package()... make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/packerbuild-1000/dahdi-tools/dahdi-tools/src/dahdi-tools-2.5.0' /bin/install -c -d -m 755 /tmp/packerbuild-1000/dahdi-tools/dahdi-tools/pkg//usr/lib /bin/install -c -m 755 libtonezone.a /tmp/packerbuild-1000/dahdi-tools/dahdi-tools/pkg/usr/lib/ mv: cannot stat `version.c.tmp': No such file or directory make[1]: *** [version.c] Error 1 make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... /bin/install -c -m 755 /tmp/packerbuild-1000/dahdi-tools/dahdi-tools/pkg/usr/lib/ rm -f /tmp/packerbuild-1000/dahdi-tools/dahdi-tools/pkg/usr/lib/ /bin/ln -sf \ /tmp/packerbuild-1000/dahdi-tools/dahdi-tools/pkg/usr/lib/ /bin/ln -sf \ /tmp/packerbuild-1000/dahdi-tools/dahdi-tools/pkg/usr/lib/ # Overwrite the 1.0 links out there. dahdi-tools 2.0.0 installed # 1.0 links but dahdi-tools changed them to 2.0 in order to explicitly # break applications linked with zaptel. But, this also meant that # applications linked with broke when dahdi-tools # 2.1.0 was installed. /bin/ln -sf \ /tmp/packerbuild-1000/dahdi-tools/dahdi-tools/pkg/usr/lib/ /bin/ln -sf \ /tmp/packerbuild-1000/dahdi-tools/dahdi-tools/pkg/usr/lib/

commented on 2011-02-18 06:44 (UTC)

dahdi needs this patch to compile on kernel 2.6.37:

net147 commented on 2010-08-30 09:41 (UTC)

Updated for 2.6.35.

commented on 2010-08-30 08:24 (UTC)

This needs a patch to work with 2.6.35.

net147 commented on 2010-04-18 01:11 (UTC)

Fixed by upstream 2.3.0 release.

kekeseb commented on 2010-04-17 22:20 (UTC)

The build fails with linux-2.6.33-ARCH :-(