Package Details: eaglemode 0.92.0-1

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Package Base: eaglemode
Description: Visit almost everything in your PC simply by zooming in
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Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: Dragonlord
Maintainer: Dragonlord
Last Packager: Dragonlord
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Popularity: 0.392191
First Submitted: 2008-04-16 16:01
Last Updated: 2017-01-06 19:14

Latest Comments

Zeniff commented on 2016-04-14 12:46

I finally got version 0.90.0 to work for me! :)

Version 0.87.0 compiled and worked fine for me a long time ago, but not on the same Arch system if it's updated (same "lcairo" errs for emPDF etc*). So I tried compiling the current version 0.90.0 on an old live cd of Arch, and copied and installed the binary to the newer updated system. PDFs and everything else work fine after that. :)

* Using an "updated" Arch, I got the same compile errors for missing "lcairo" for emPDF, emSVG, and I think emFont2em, but zero errors by compiling on an old live cd. I tested this with versions 0.87.0, 0.89.2, and 0.90.0, which all compiled and work that way.

(Is using an old system to compile a bad idea? It seems to work very well.. o.o)

SanskritFritz commented on 2016-04-11 08:23

Confirmed. I think we should report this upstream.

Francesco commented on 2016-04-11 08:15

It builds successfully but it cannot read PDFs ("/opt/eaglemode/lib/emPdf/emPdfServerProc" is missing).
During compile I get this:

gcc -Llib obj/emPdfServerProc.o -lgtk-x11-2.0 -lgdk-x11-2.0 -lpangocairo-1.0 -latk-1.0 -lgdk_pixbuf-2.0 -lpangoft2-1.0 -lpango-1.0 -lfontconfig -lfreetype -lpoppler-glib -lgio-2.0 -lgobject-2.0 -lglib-2.0 -lcairo
-lm -o lib/emPdf/emPdfServerProc
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcairo
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

jpkotta commented on 2013-12-19 18:09

Build should be:

build() {
cd ${srcdir}/$pkgname-$pkgver

perl build continue=yes

ivanovp commented on 2013-12-16 05:46

Permission problem still exists:
install: cannot create directory '/tmp/yaourt-tmp-ivanovp/aur-eaglemode/pkg': Permission denied

If I solve this, I got linker error:
emAvServerProc_xine.c:(.text.startup+0x7a1): undefined reference to `_x_vo_new_port'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

PTBM133A4X commented on 2013-09-24 21:02

farseerfc thanks for your comment. I was stuck there for a while with the permission problem. Fixed now! Thanks

farseerfc commented on 2013-07-31 05:41

This line in build()
install -d ${pkgdir}/opt
should be put in package(), or else I got a permission error.

SanskritFritz commented on 2012-07-16 21:18

I don't have xine installed, and movies don't play, because of this.

SanskritFritz commented on 2012-07-16 21:17

I get this during compile:

### emAv ###
gcc -Llib obj/emAvServerProc_xine.o -lxine -lpthread -lm -o lib/emAv/emAvServerProc_xine
obj/emAvServerProc_xine.o: In function `main':
emAvServerProc_xine.c:(.text.startup+0x7c3): undefined reference to `_x_vo_new_port'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Building emAv failed, but that project is not so essential.
So if you don't know how to solve the problem, then you could
continue the overall building now, and live without the features
the project provides. Continue? [y(es)/n(o)/a(lways)]:

Answering yes continues and builds successfully, program seems to run well.

stilvoid commented on 2012-06-22 23:02

Please disown this package if you don't intend to keep it up-to-date. I will happily maintain it if so :)

stilvoid commented on 2012-06-10 18:49

The sourceforge download currently 404s.

The version has been updated to 0.84.0 :)

Zeniff commented on 2012-03-20 02:40

If anybody has problems in Eagle Mode version 0.83:
* audio/video plugin will only work with xine-lib 1.1.19 or older.
* pdf plugin will only work with freetype2 2.4.8 or older.
Eagle Mode will still compile and work without those, though, and I think the developer is already aware of both issues.

Hopefully it'll be fixed soon, but it's still a great program even without those features! :D

Anonymous comment on 2011-12-09 08:56

I've tweaked the PKGBUILD for 0.83.0 on 09/12/2011

Anonymous comment on 2011-11-16 11:02

Version 0.82.0 gives a 404. The current version is 0.83.0