Package Details: ethereum-git

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: ethereum-git
Description: The Cpp-Ethereum platform (C++ toolkit, cpp-ethereum including ethminer and eth, latest unstable git version)
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL
Groups: ethereum
Conflicts: cpp-ethereum, ethereum
Provides: bench, eth, ethkey, ethminer, ethvm, rlp
Submitter: atweiden
Maintainer: 5chdn
Last Packager: 5chdn
Votes: 18
Popularity: 1.893356
First Submitted: 2014-02-02 09:25
Last Updated: 2017-07-25 10:20

Latest Comments

5chdn commented on 2017-07-25 11:04

Thanks, fixed the PKGBUILD

deadbeef commented on 2017-07-06 22:07


Helped me to edit PKGBUILD like this

msg 'Building...'
mkdir -p build && pushd build
sed -i s/-Werror/-Wno-error/ ./cmake/EthCompilerSettings.cmake

raneon commented on 2017-06-05 21:44

Did you try to use ethereum-genoil-git? I had the same issue, but ethereum-genoil-git works well on my AMDGPU.

chrys87 commented on 2017-06-03 14:37


i get an compiling issue with yaourt.

any ideas how to fix? (sorry the trace is in german)

In file included from /tmp/yaourt-tmp-chrys/aur-ethereum-git/src/ethereum/libdevcrypto/Common.h:29:0,
from /tmp/yaourt-tmp-chrys/aur-ethereum-git/src/ethereum/libdevcrypto/Common.cpp:24:
/tmp/yaourt-tmp-chrys/aur-ethereum-git/src/ethereum/libdevcrypto/../libdevcore/FixedHash.h: In Instanziierung von »dev::SecureFixedHash<T> dev::SecureFixedHash<T>::operator~() const [with unsigned int T = 32]«:
/tmp/yaourt-tmp-chrys/aur-ethereum-git/src/ethereum/libdevcrypto/Common.cpp:350:15: von hier erfordert
/tmp/yaourt-tmp-chrys/aur-ethereum-git/src/ethereum/libdevcrypto/../libdevcore/FixedHash.h:293:133: Fehler: Dereferenzierung eines Type-Pun-Zeigers verletzt strict-aliasing-Regeln [-Werror=strict-aliasing]
SecureFixedHash operator~() const { auto r = ~static_cast<FixedHash<T> const&>(*this); return static_cast<SecureFixedHash const&>(r); }
cc1plus: Alle Warnungen werden als Fehler behandelt
make[2]: *** [libdevcrypto/CMakeFiles/devcrypto.dir/build.make:87: libdevcrypto/CMakeFiles/devcrypto.dir/Common.cpp.o] Fehler 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:440: libdevcrypto/CMakeFiles/devcrypto.dir/all] Fehler 2
make: *** [Makefile:141: all] Fehler 2

5chdn commented on 2016-08-11 09:02

So for now, solidity is available here:

5chdn commented on 2016-08-09 09:15

Heads up, I will probably discontinue the ethereum* packages as

1) the name is misleading
2) the c++ project is no longer a full fledged production client (mix discontinued, eth only a developer client, solidity removed)
3) the c++ project is no longer a single repository

If you want solc, go ahead and submit new packages. Stop using this one in the long run. I might translate this package into an umbrella for a full package of mist+geth+solc wrapper. What do you think?

hack.augusto commented on 2016-08-08 18:32

@trekdev , solc is decoupled from the webthree-umbrella, it must be compiled from the solidity repo.

trekdev commented on 2016-08-08 13:33

Is solc still provided in the web3-umbrella repo? Just updated and solc is no longer found.

5chdn commented on 2016-04-13 18:41

Yes they renamed the binary upstream. Will fix this in a minute.

Niksko commented on 2016-04-13 15:23

The line

> mv $pkgdir/usr/bin/mix $pkgdir/usr/bin/mix-ide

in the pkgbuild seems to break the build for me. I get complaints that it can't find the 'mix' binary, which would make sense since this line is renaming it. Removing this line from the pkgbuild makes the build succeed.

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