Package Details: facter2 2.4.6-2

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Package Base: facter2
Description: Collect and display system facts
Upstream URL:
Licenses: Apache
Conflicts: facter
Provides: facter
Submitter: jsteel
Maintainer: sulaweyo
Last Packager: jsteel
Votes: 52
Popularity: 0.004109
First Submitted: 2015-07-02 13:36
Last Updated: 2016-04-07 14:03

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bastelfreak commented on 2016-04-07 14:55


jsteel commented on 2016-04-07 14:05

The man page seems to get created anyway, but OK; added to clear that error. Thanks.

bastelfreak commented on 2016-04-07 13:53

Hi jsteel,

I build facter in a clean arch nspawn (just with base-devel preinstalled). facter requests which is available in community/python-docutils. Could you add that as a makedepends?

complete build output:

supermario commented on 2016-03-30 02:38

@jsteel merge request filed

jsteel commented on 2016-03-29 11:56

Well version 3 turned into cfacter, now facter (written in C not ruby) in [community].

supermario commented on 2016-03-29 11:51

@jsteel you know, I'm not sure actually. They are definitely the same package, but there is a 3.x branch of facter tagged on github, but not yet available on I think I may refactor this package to build the gem.

jsteel commented on 2016-03-29 10:55

Should I merge this into facter2? Or is this any different?

joschi commented on 2014-04-02 22:07

@zjagannatha Please check your Ruby and Rubygems setup and make sure that something like rbenv or rvm doesn't interfere.

zjagannatha commented on 2014-04-02 18:36

makepkg complains about a missing /usr/bin folder within the package root:

ERROR: While executing gem ... (Errno::ENOENT)
No such file or directory @ dir_s_mkdir - /home/xxx/Downloads/ruby-facter/pkg/ruby-facter/usr/bin
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().

I modified the PKGBUILD to mkdir on "$pkgdir/usr/bin" before the gem install and it worked correctly:

package() {
cd "$srcdir"
# _gemdir is defined inside package() because if ruby[gems] is not installed on
# the system, makepkg will exit with an error when sourcing the PKGBUILD.
local _gemdir="$(ruby -rubygems -e'puts Gem.default_dir')"
mkdir -p "$pkgdir/usr/bin"

gem install --no-user-install --ignore-dependencies -i "$pkgdir$_gemdir" \
-n "$pkgdir/usr/bin" "$_gemname-$pkgver.gem"

aboe commented on 2013-09-10 21:24


Facter 1.7.3 Available
md5sum facter-1.7.3.gem : 4b41586e074b56aa34f04d2ca48986ce

Gwmngilfen commented on 2013-09-07 23:25

My old facter package has been merged into this since it supercedes my package - so if you see some strange comments in the history, that's why :)

Gwmngilfen commented on 2013-08-16 00:02

This has been superceded by Joschi's ruby-facter, I need to mark it for deletetion...

webmeister commented on 2013-08-15 23:49

The upstream URL has changed. It may be either or

EtiennePerot commented on 2013-08-02 20:17 is deprecated (and down now). Please use

aboe commented on 2013-07-12 04:45

facter 1.7.2 has been released.!topic/puppet-dev/cnc08WdZ3-4

aboe commented on 2013-07-12 04:43

facter 1.7.2 has been released.!topic/puppet-dev/cnc08WdZ3-4

joschi commented on 2013-06-13 20:58

@wych: Please make sure that you're not using something like rvm or rbenv and that `gem` points to to system installation of Ruby.

wych commented on 2013-06-13 04:17

I got an error like this:
ERROR: While executing gem ... (Errno::ENOENT)
No such file or directory - /tmp/yaourt-tmp-wych/aur-ruby-facter/pkg/ruby-facter/usr/bin
what can I do ?

aboe commented on 2013-05-14 14:43

new package has been released: facter 1.7.1!topic/puppet-users/pwo1YgHeqEA

No hurry only windows fix..but maybe a good idea to stay up to date

aboe commented on 2013-04-15 20:11

Ow, maybe a pkbuild updated to 1.7.0 to make life easier...

aboe commented on 2013-04-15 19:34

Ow, maybe a pkbuild updated to 1.7.0 to make life easier...

aboe commented on 2013-04-15 19:33

facter 1.7.0 has been released:!topic/puppet-users/_Z4BdOCUSC4

A lot of improvements..

aboe commented on 2013-03-15 06:23


aboe commented on 2013-03-14 17:54

facter has been updated to 1.6.18

the md5sum: 20ca9c06349731dceaa1d06a9dfab39f

can you pleas update?

aboe commented on 2013-02-10 19:32


facter 1.7 will fix bug 18765. just tested it.
facterversion => 2.0.0-rc4
interfaces => lo,enp6s0,enp5s0
ipaddress_enp5s0 =>
operatingsystem => Archlinux
operatingsystemrelease => 3.7.6-1-ARCH
osfamily => Archlinux

sorry had to blank the IP adress (hope you understand)
and it will give us osfamily fact too

Gwmngilfen commented on 2013-02-04 16:52

As discussed on the puppet comment, I won't maintain patches - it confuses the issue of where to submit bugs. Facter is known to be flaky with ifconfig output - I'm waiting for them to support 'ip' properly :)

Meantime, you can distribute custom facts that work with pluginsync - or patch the file manually, if you really want to get hacky :)

BeepDog commented on 2013-02-04 02:00

Facter 1.6.17 has a bug :(

I've submitted a pull request, and maybe a patch could be built for this so that ipaddress_$iface facts can be used again.

Gwmngilfen commented on 2013-01-11 19:36

Sorry for the long delay. I can only blame the holiday season :)

1.6.17 now good to go, thanks again to @aboe for his work.

Gwmngilfen commented on 2012-11-08 21:33

1.6.14 uploaded. Thank @aboe!

Gwmngilfen commented on 2012-09-16 19:11

Facter2 package for testing available at
Puppet3 package for testing available at

Let me know how it goes :)

Gwmngilfen commented on 2012-09-14 19:34

1.6.12 uploaded. I'll be tackling facter2 and puppet3 tomorrrow ;)

Gwmngilfen commented on 2012-09-01 11:05

1.6.11 is the latest stable release according to the Puppetlabs Download page ( - unflagging out of date.

I plan to put up a Facter2 package for testing soon, but life is crazy just now. Next week looks good though ;)

Synthead commented on 2012-09-01 06:46

Facter 2.0.0rc4:

Anonymous comment on 2012-08-17 01:54

Thanks for the quick reaction time @Gwmngilfen!

Gwmngilfen commented on 2012-08-16 19:17

1.6.11 uploaded, a quick test seems good on my boxes. @alexbhr, there's not much I can do until Puppetlabs merge the 'ip addr' changes for Facter - I'm not patching the sources unless it breaks entirely :)

Anonymous comment on 2012-08-15 22:37

Facter 1.6.11 is out, please update the package.

Also, @aboe makes a good point here:

Gwmngilfen commented on 2012-04-27 17:07

1.6.8 uploaded

Gwmngilfen commented on 2012-04-05 16:58

1.6.7 uploaded

Gwmngilfen commented on 2012-03-07 21:10

No idea how that slipped off my ToDo list - 1.6. uploaded.

Gwmngilfen commented on 2012-01-26 21:29

Facter 1.6.5 uploaded - about the best thing in this release for Arch is the move to RbConfig. That's one less error message :)

Gwmngilfen commented on 2011-12-09 21:56

1.6.4 uploaded for your pleasure. I've included net-tools as a dependancy since Facter still uses `ifconfig -a` for device enumeration. Hopefully they'll stop soon... :)

Gwmngilfen commented on 2011-11-16 14:29

Hi all, I'm the new maintainer :) I'm aware 1.6.3 is out, so I'll be working on that in the next few days

thatch45 commented on 2011-11-07 16:36

I am not using Puppet and facter anymore, I am using Salt for all of my configuration management needs and it has been much better to work with. If anyone wants to take over facter and puppet please let me know, otherwise, I am going to recommend Salt over puppet:

Anonymous comment on 2011-10-26 08:45


As described on the Puppet package page (, Facter can't retrieve anymore the 'hostname' value.

This is due (I guess) to the removal of the 'hostname' command from net-tools to inetutils.
Installing this last one seems to fix the problem.

fauno commented on 2011-08-03 23:36

Hi, facter and puppet changed licensing to Apache license ;)

Anyway thanks for the packages. I'm putting them on Parabola's [social] repo.

thatch45 commented on 2011-08-02 04:51

Thanks to Dave Simons for helping with this update!
Facter 1.6 now uses ruby 1.9 and in my basic tests is running 4 times faster!

thatch45 commented on 2011-05-21 16:24

facter 1.5.9
This version of facter works on ruby 1.9! BUT I am no going to change the stack to use ruby 1.9 until puppet is also using ruby 1.9

thatch45 commented on 2011-01-07 01:00

Updated facter to use ruby 1.8

miah commented on 2010-09-16 15:25

Package is updated, but we're still running into some Ruby 1.9 issues.

miah commented on 2010-09-07 22:17

We're running into similar 1.9 issues as Puppet here. For the most part, Facter seems to work, but it does spew out many Ruby errors. I have the packages updated locally but haven't solved the Ruby 1.9 issues at this point.