Package Details: flowblade 1.10-2

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: flowblade
Description: a multitrack non-linear video editor for Linux
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: sxe
Maintainer: oberon2007
Last Packager: oberon2007
Votes: 58
Popularity: 8.969041
First Submitted: 2012-06-09 09:20
Last Updated: 2017-01-27 16:23

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oberon2007 commented on 2017-01-27 16:26

Thanks @spsf64. I removed python2-rsvg which is deprecated. librsvg (a depends of gtk3 anyway) seems to be enough. Compiling and launching fine now for me.

spsf64 commented on 2017-01-27 15:22

1.10-1 does not compile, requires python2-rsvg (not found)

oberon2007 commented on 2016-12-13 14:02

update to 1.10. Dependencies sox and movit added.

oberon2007 commented on 2016-12-07 14:28

package fixed and updataed to v1.8

gavsiu commented on 2016-06-20 16:40

[1] 4413 segmentation fault (core dumped) flowblade

Elrondo46 commented on 2016-05-02 17:23

Your package is broken with a certain dependency like flowblade-git

Launch script dir: /usr/sbin
Running from filesystem...
MLT found, version: 6.2.0
Failed to import module to launch Flowblade!
ERROR: No module named app
Installation was assumed to be at: /usr/sbin/Flowblade

sxe commented on 2016-03-04 09:06

I agree. Done

thirtythreeforty commented on 2016-03-04 01:58

As of v1.6.0, I think there should be an optional dependency on the gmic package, because the Tools > G'MIC Effects menu complains about the lack of /usr/bin/gmic.

dizzy commented on 2015-10-27 05:40

OK, I'm probably missing something here but:
1. this package doesn't work at all for me, I get this error at startup (after I edit "flowblade" to actually display the backtrace instead of hiding it and displaying only the text error)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./flowblade", line 65, in <module>
import app
File "/usr/share/pyshared/Flowblade/", line 42, in <module>
import audiowaveform
File "/usr/share/pyshared/Flowblade/", line 41, in <module>
import updater
File "/usr/share/pyshared/Flowblade/", line 29, in <module>
import clipeffectseditor
File "/usr/share/pyshared/Flowblade/", line 30, in <module>
import dnd
File "/usr/share/pyshared/Flowblade/", line 43, in <module>
MEDIA_FILES_DND_TARGET ='media_file', Gtk.TargetFlags.SAME_APP, 0)
AttributeError: type object 'TargetEntry' has no attribute 'new'

2. I don't really understand what's up with the custom download link. I changed the PKGBUILD file (in an effort to make sure that I'm running the right version here trying to fix error #1) in 5 minutes to use the official repository location for downloading the code:
diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 06a5e5e..120bfbd 100644
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
# Maintainer: sxe <>

pkgdesc="a multitrack non-linear video editor for Linux"
@@ -13,12 +13,12 @@ provides=('flowblade')


package() {
#cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver/$pkgname-trunk
- cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver
+ cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver/flowblade-trunk
python2 install --root=$pkgdir/ --install-lib=/usr/share/pyshared --optimize=1


NOTE: that changes the package version from 1.2.0 to 1.2, which makes sense because there is no flowblade 1.2.0, there is only a 1.2 (i.e. the flowblade releases do not use a x.y.z format but a x.y one)

Anyway... any idea about my error at #1? Googling a bit it seems that "" is GTK+3 API and as far as I can tell I only have GTK+2 on this system and this package dependecies doesn't seem to require GTK+3. Then again, the FlowBlade official changelog says that the move to GTK+3 happened after 1.2 (a big point of the upcoming 1.4 release) so no idea what's going on here.

Thanks for any help!

sxe commented on 2015-07-22 09:37

ok, updated again, back to dropbox.

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