Package Details: gentoo 0.20.7-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: gentoo
Description: A lightweight file manager for GTK
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: Snowman
Maintainer: ghostlovescore
Last Packager: ghostlovescore
Votes: 48
Popularity: 0.409020
First Submitted: 2007-11-27 03:33
Last Updated: 2016-08-31 10:25

Latest Comments

ghostlovescore commented on 2015-10-14 21:15

Hi Rasi,

I updated PKGBUILD. Thanks for help.

Rasi commented on 2015-10-13 21:58

this needs an update. PKGBUILD is 2 major releases behind and doesnt build against latest gtk3.
here a working one:

# Maintainer: gls < ghostlovescorebg at gmail dot com >

pkgdesc="A lightweight file manager for GTK"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
depends=('gtk3' 'gamin')

build() {
cd ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
ln -s ${pkgname}-${pkgver}/mkinstalldirs ..

package() {
cd ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}
make prefix=${pkgdir}/usr sysconfdir=${pkgdir}/etc install

ghostlovescore commented on 2014-05-06 13:40

Uploaded new PKGBUILD.
Thanks for help.

bidulock commented on 2014-05-05 21:57

Here is a PKGBUILD that works:

Rasi commented on 2014-05-05 18:10

the proposed solution works fine here...
those are 2 lines, just like bunder said..

ghostlovescore commented on 2014-02-16 12:20


Adding 'sed -i -e '/GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED/s/^/# /' and autoconf > configure' to PKGBUILD doesn't fix building problem.
Still seeking for solution.

bunder commented on 2014-01-27 16:19

Add following code just before `configure` invocation:

sed -i -e '/GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED/s/^/# /'
autoconf > configure

ghostlovescore commented on 2014-01-06 08:37


I am still searching a solution for mentioned error.

bidulock commented on 2014-01-04 15:57

0.20.4 has the same error

bidulock commented on 2014-01-04 15:54

no longer builds.

cfg_buttons.c: In function ‘init_bdef’:
cfg_buttons.c:718:2: warning: ‘gtk_image_new_from_stock’ is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/gtk-3.0/gtk/gtkimage.h:123): Use 'gtk_image_new_from_icon_name' instead [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
img = gtk_image_new_from_stock(GTK_STOCK_CLEAR, GTK_ICON_SIZE_MENU);
cfg_buttons.c:718:33: error: ‘GTK_STOCK_CLEAR’ undeclared (first use in this function)
img = gtk_image_new_from_stock(GTK_STOCK_CLEAR, GTK_ICON_SIZE_MENU);
cfg_buttons.c:718:33: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in
cfg_buttons.c: In function ‘cbt_init’:
cfg_buttons.c:832:50: error: ‘GTK_STOCK_GO_UP’ undeclared (first use in this function)
page->rcmd[i] = gui_stock_button_new(i == 2 ? GTK_STOCK_GO_UP : GTK_STOCK_GO_DOWN);
cfg_buttons.c:832:68: error: ‘GTK_STOCK_GO_DOWN’ undeclared (first use in this function)
page->rcmd[i] = gui_stock_button_new(i == 2 ? GTK_STOCK_GO_UP : GTK_STOCK_GO_DOWN);

ghostlovescore commented on 2013-09-11 08:43

Sorry for late reply. I tried to reproduce this error but gentoo builds without problems.
Can you try to install it manualy using makepkg?

cgenogo commented on 2013-09-09 13:25

Hi, I get an error.

/tmp/pacaurtmp-nogo/gentoo/PKGBUILD: line 16: cd: /tmp/pacaurtmp-nogo/gentoo/src/gentoo-0.20.1: No such file or directory
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

ghostlovescore commented on 2013-07-16 12:42

Bump to version 0.20.1. Sorry for delay.

Anonymous comment on 2012-06-11 00:10

@dhaines, @Barthalion
FYI, I've just successfully build gentoo 0.19.13 from the AUR package.
Here is the log:

Barthalion commented on 2011-05-08 08:34

Upstream is informed about it. Check gentoo[1] and debian [2] bugtracker.

[1] -
[2] -

dhaines commented on 2011-05-05 22:11

I'm getting an error in building this. Anyone else?

td123 commented on 2010-12-10 02:36

orphaning because ghost1227 is inactive

linux-ka commented on 2010-11-17 08:15

Please update the pkg to current version 0.19.5!

Anonymous comment on 2010-11-06 18:56

Please update the PKGBUILD to: or I can maintain this package

Anonymous comment on 2010-07-18 06:21

There is a known build error with gentoo, thanks to rZn for submitting an upstream bug report.