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Description: Gnat components collection.
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Licenses: GPL
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Provides: gnatcoll
Submitter: charlie5
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First Submitted: 2015-11-07 12:54
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charlie5 commented on 2017-06-09 02:53


I think I have found the problem. Any existing git repo (in ~/.cache/pacaur/libgpr) was not being updated, so an old version was being used.

I've added a 'git pull' as part of prepare(), which I hope will fix the problem. I'm testing it, atm.

charlie5 commented on 2017-06-08 12:23


The prob is not yet fixed, sorry. Working on it, atm.

charlie5 commented on 2017-06-08 09:35

Hi Aphirst,

There was a mixup with git repos for gprbuild & libgpr. If you reinstall, libgpr i believe the prob is now fixed.

aphirst commented on 2017-06-07 06:44

When trying to build (following up from my issues with building libadalang), I get the following error:

gnatcoll-projects.adb:2392:10: "Is_Ada_Predefined_Unit" is undefined
gnatcoll-projects.adb:2935:22: "Attribute_Registered" not declared in "Attr"

compilation of gnatcoll-xref.adb failed

gprbuild: *** compilation phase failed
make: *** [Makefile:51: build_library_type/relocatable] Error 4
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build gnatcoll.

charlie5 commented on 2016-07-15 05:52

Howdy Armag67,

I can't duplicate prob here, atm :/ .

Perhaps you might try deleting that file by hand and try reinstalling ?

Armag67 commented on 2016-07-14 18:31

Hello charlie5,

libgrp build and install fine, but gnatcoll compile and fail at install with the error message (in french) :

erreur : la validation de la transaction a échoué (conflit de fichiers)
gnatcoll : /usr/bin/gnatinspect est déjà présent dans le système de fichiers

It seems that /usr/bin/gnatinspect can't be overwritten...

charlie5 commented on 2016-07-14 09:32

Hi again Armag67,

Seems I was using latest git version for libgrp builds, rather than a fixed version which was 'stable' wrt to other ada pkgs.

I've now set it to a fixed/stable version, so perhaps you might try it again ?


Armag67 commented on 2016-07-13 18:40

Hello charlie5,

I think have latest aur libgpr 1-1 installed. Without gnatcoll i can't compile and upgrade gnat-gps...

Reinstall aur libgpr fail with message :

gpr-conf.adb:1011:24: "Is_Owner_Writable_File" is undefined
gprbuild: *** compilation phase failed
make: *** [Makefile:140:] Error 4

Thanks for your answer.

charlie5 commented on 2016-07-13 07:18

Hi Armag67,

I'll try rebuilding this in a fresh archy install. I suspect it due to libgpr package not being up to date (a prob I have to look into).

In the meantime, you could try rebuilding the 'libgpr' package, then retrying gnatcoll, perhaps.

Armag67 commented on 2016-07-11 23:55

Compilation fail on i686 architecture with this message :

gnatcoll-projects-normalize.adb:2208:18: "N_Split" is undefined

compilation of gnatcoll-projects-normalize.adb failed

gprbuild: *** compilation phase failed
make: *** [Makefile:36: build_library_type/static] Error 4

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